Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte

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honey dripping into iced oat milk matcha latte

Vibrant, healthy, and flavorful, this Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte is the perfect way to start your day.

You can whip it up in just a few moments and is made simply with ceremonial-grade matcha, oat milk (or milk of your choice), honey, and water. If you prefer your morning beverages served hot, you can absolutely make this creamy drink a hot one, but I personally prefer it over ice.

I’ve tried all sorts of matcha lattes with different types of milk, and different sweeteners—the whole nine yards. Without a doubt, this version has to be my absolute favorite. The combination of sweet honey, creamy oat milk, and refreshing matcha is total perfection.

Matcha has gained a ton of popularity in recent years for its incredible health benefits. Like any other health food trend, matcha has gotten so popular that the price has skyrocketed at popular coffee shops and cafes across the country. You can spend $5-7 USD on a matcha latte at your local Starbucks or make it at home for a fraction of the price. It tastes just as delicious and you will save a ton of money in the long run.

iced oat milk matcha latte with honey dipper

Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte Ingredients

To make this delicious beverage, you will need 3 key ingredients along with water: 

  • Oat milk: Creamy, delicious, and packed with nutrients, oat milk is my favorite type of milk to pair with matcha. Feel free to swap it out for a different type of milk if you’d prefer. 
  • Matcha: I like to use ceremonial grade matcha because it’s the highest quality of matcha you can find. However, any type of matcha will work for this recipe.
  • Honey: This adds just the right amount of sweetness to our latte. For a vegan-friendly version, you can also swap it out for maple syrup or agave.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder made from processed green tea leaves.

While matcha originated in China, it’s widely believed that the Japanese perfected the cultivation process. The meditative act of drinking matcha is a critical aspect of the Japanese tea ceremony, a revered practice in Japan. Matcha is best known for its vibrant green color and abundance of health benefits. While green tea leaves are already highly nutritious, the powder form (matcha) offers a higher concentration of nutrients. 

Types of Matcha

Matcha is sold in two different grades: ceremonial grade and culinary grade. Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality of matcha. It’s made with carefully cultivated leaves and receives the most attention to detail during processing, yielding the freshest and most mild flavor. On the other hand, culinary grade matcha is more commonly found at stores, features a more robust flavor, and has a paler green color.

While ceremonial grade matcha is often enjoyed on its own because of its more desirable flavor, culinary grade matcha is more often mixed into lattes and cocktails to tame its strong and somewhat bitter flavor. All in all, either type of matcha will work well in this recipe. Ceremonial grade is higher quality, while culinary grade is more affordable. You can choose whichever works for you; both types of matcha are great for you!

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha has been a fixture in East Asian tea consumption for centuries, but it has recently gained tremendous popularity in the Western world for its many health benefits. Nowadays, you can find it in shops all over the United States in everything from lattes and teas to shots and even donuts. 

Some of the top health benefits of matcha include: 

  • Loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
  • Promotes a healthy liver
  • Enhances brain function
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Promotes heart health
  • Boosts the metabolism and aids in weight loss

How to Make Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte

This recipe is easy enough to make that even when I’m stumbling out of bed at 6AM and barely know what’s going on yet, I still have no issues making it. No matcha malfunctions here! This cool, creamy beverage takes just a few minutes to make, so what are you waiting for? Here’s how to make this Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte:

Step 1: Place oat milk and honey in a shaker with the lid sealed, then shake vigorously until the honey has dissolved into the oat milk. Pour into two glasses and add ice.

Step 2: Clean out the shaker, then add water and matcha. Shake vigorously until the matcha and water are completely blended. 

Step 3: Pour the matcha mixture over the oat milk in an even layer, then top with extra sifted matcha and more honey, if desired.

You can serve this matcha latte as an afternoon pick-me-up at work, an evening treat when you’re curled up on the couch, or as a morning beverage alongside your favorite breakfast foods. No matter when you drink it or what you pair it with. You’re going to love it!

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honey dripping into iced oat milk matcha latte

Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte

  • Author: Elizabeth Rider
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x
  • Category: Beverage
  • Method: Shake, pour
  • Cuisine: American


This Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte is vibrant, refreshing, and loaded with nutrients. It’s the perfect way to start the day!


  • 1 1/2 cups oat milk, or milk of choice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 3/4 cup cold water
  • 2 teaspoons ceremonial grade matcha
  • 1 1/2 cups ice


1. Place oat milk and honey in a shaker with the lid sealed, then shake vigorously until the honey has dissolved into the oat milk. Pour into two glasses and add ice.

2. Clean out the shaker, then add water and matcha. Shake vigorously until the matcha and water are completely blended.

3. Pour the matcha mixture over the oat milk in an even layer, then top with extra sifted matcha and more honey, if desired.

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Recipe Variations

Looking to switch it up? Here are some of my top recommendations for recipe variations: 

  • If you don’t have oat milk or want to try something else, any kind of milk will work. Some of the most common options include almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and dairy milk. 
  • If you’re new to the world of matcha, I would recommend cutting the amount of matcha powder in half and taste testing it first. If you find that it’s not strong enough for your liking, go ahead and add another teaspoon.
  • For an extra creamy latte, try using a milk frother. 
  • For a vegan-friendly version, you can swap out the honey for a different type of natural sweetener. Maple syrup and agave both make great choices. 
  • Try adding cinnamon for added nutrition and a delicious twist. 
  • To enhance the flavors, try adding in a little vanilla extract or a pinch of sea salt.
  • If you prefer a stronger latte, feel free to adjust the amount of matcha you use. I would recommend adjusting it a teaspoon at a time and tasting as you go.

What Type of Milk to Use in Matcha Lattes

For many people, dairy milk is simply not an option—especially first thing in the morning. Because of this, plant-based milk has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. We now have soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and even rice milk.

While you can use any type of milk to make matcha lattes, my favorite of all the variations I’ve tried has got to be oat milk. It’s dairy-free, nutrient-rich, froths up really well, and tastes absolutely delicious. 

Oat milk is made from steel-cut pre-soaked oats that are blended and then strained with a cheesecloth. While the pulp that gets removed contains the majority of the protein and fiber, the milk left behind contains most of the nutrients and macronutrients, so it’s still nutrient-rich. The result is a super creamy and super nutritious dairy-free milk. In short, I’ve found that of all the plant-based milks, oat milk works the best with matcha powder and creates the tastiest latte. 

What to Serve With Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte

This dairy-free matcha latte is a fantastic way to start the morning. You can be enjoy it either on its own or alongside a delicious healthy breakfast. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are some of my favorite dishes to serve with matcha lattes: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the answers to some of the internet’s most burning questions about this icy beverage: 

Is matcha good for you?

Yes! Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that boast a ton of health benefits. While it’s safe to consume every day, matcha contains caffeine and should therefore be consumed in moderationeven though it may be tempting to drink delicious matcha lattes all day long. 

What does matcha taste like?

Matcha has a grassy, herbal taste. The higher the quality, the fresher it will taste. Lower quality matcha powders often have a more bitter taste, so I try to stick to ceremonial grade matcha whenever possible.

What can I use instead of oat milk?

If you don’t have oat milk or want to try something else, you can use any other type of milk you like. Some of the best options include soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and dairy milk. 

What should I serve with matcha latte?

You can serve your matcha latte with anything you like. From breakfast classics like scrambled eggs and sweet potato hash to afternoon snacks like protein bites and roasted nuts, you can pair this refreshing beverage with just about anything.

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