Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs [The Trick!]

Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Elizabeth Rider Blog

This post covers the best way to make easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs when boiling them on the stovetop. You can make hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot if you prefer; learn how to make Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs here.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out the secret to making the shells fall right off of hard-boiled eggs. No more tiny shell pieces or hard-to-peel eggs!

Let me be the first to tell you… we’ve all been led astray on how to boil eggs.

Who else has been told to put the eggs in a pot, cover with an inch of cold water, then bring them to a boil? Yeah, me too. But that’s where we’ve been doing it wrong.

Follow this process on how to boil eggs (you can also read or print it in the recipe card below) and I guarantee you will have the easiest to peel hard-boiled eggs you’ve ever made.

#1: Easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs are the result of a boiling hot start.

No joke. I think this “cold start” egg myth came from the fact that potatoes actually do need a cold start. When you give potatoes a cold start—meaning that you put the chopped potatoes in a pot, cover by an inch with cold water, then boil—you wind up with a better texture and a more even cook. (Tuck that away for the next time you make mashed potatoes!)

Because this cooking method is tried and true for potatoes, people have assumed the same with eggs. But that’s not the case!

#2: Making easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs requires shocking them in cold water.

After 13 minutes at a simmer (not a boil—see full method below & read the tips to prevent cracking), immediately put the eggs in ice water. Shocking them in ice-cold water stops the cooking process.

This not only yields more tender whites and a perfectly cooked yolk (no weird dark lines here), it immediately cools the eggs which makes them easier to peel.

My friends over at one of my favorite blogs, Serious Eats, go into the science of it, but you can just trust me that it’s true.

You don’t even have to use a second bowl, see how I shock them right in the pan with ice water in the tutorial video on this page.

#3: Easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs require a specific cooking time.

You don’t want to boil the eggs for the full 13 minutes or they will be over-cooked. The best method is to bring the water to a full boil, carefully lower the eggs in (a fine mesh strainer or spider-skimmer works well), then let them boil for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, turn the burner to low and allow them to very gently simmer. Trust me, this is essential.

None of these tips really take much effort—and trust me—it’s worth it for shells that practically fall right off the eggs.

A boiling start for 30 seconds to a very gentle simmer for 13 minutes, then an ice bath at the end makes perfect, easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs.

BUT, there are still a few mistakes that will mess up your easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs.

What about making a tiny hole at the top of the egg?

In my experience, making that tiny hole in the shell with a thumbtack actually does help—but only a little. If you don’t have a thumbtack handy, you don’t need to drive to the store to get one just to make easy-to-peel eggs.

However, if you already have one, use a thumbtack to make a tiny hole at the top of the big end of the egg before boiling (gently press and it will go right through the shell). The shells will be that much easier to peel.

There are other methods out there that call for salt or vinegar in the water. I tried both (multiple times!) and didn’t find that either trick made a difference. So, save your salt and vinegar for other recipes.

After boiling, let the eggs sit in the ice bath for at least 15 minutes, then peel them or refrigerate them (unpeeled) for up to seven days. To peel, gently tap the egg at the big end first, then the small end, then all around.

I prefer not to roll them because it’s easy to break the white. Just gently tap all around to crack the shells everywhere and they will peel with ease.

Need to learn how to make deviled eggs? You can do that right here with my deviled eggs tutorial.

easy to peel eggs

Tips to Prevent Cracking

Post update: Since publishing this blog post last year, it’s quickly become a top Google search result. And, while an overwhelming majority of you have commented that this method works perfectly, a few of you have commented below that your eggs cracked.

This can be for two reasons:

Mistake #1: The pan is crowded.

Be sure to not over-crowd the pan. Your eggs need a little room to groove. They should not touch or be on top of each other. There needs to be enough room to allow a single layer of eggs in your pan while they cook.

If they crack while cooking, it may be because they were too crowded.

Mistake #2: Super fresh eggs crack more easily.

And finally, don’t use super fresh eggs for your hard-boiled eggs.

This is probably the only time in the kitchen that day-of-fresh isn’t best. Shells like to really stick to just-laid eggs. If you have your own chickens or buy directly from a farmer, use those eggs for a glorious scramble or poach ’em up.

If you buy your eggs at the grocery store, they’re already a few weeks old so they’ll work great. In the US, eggs are refrigerated because they are power-washed before packing.

No need to bring them to room temp; you can use this method with eggs straight out of the refrigerator.

How to Use Your Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Elizabeth Rider

Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

  • Author: Elizabeth Rider
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: varies


This easy-to-peel hard-boiled egg post is a #1 Google search result for a reason–it works! Read the recipe notes below to prevent your eggs from cracking. If you love this recipe, give it a 5-star rating in the comments below to help other readers.

One reader recently commented, “I deployed your method just yesterday and the results were stunning! Not only did the shells just “slide” away – the eggs were gorgeous.” 


  • Eggs (obviously!)
    (Super fresh eggs crack easily, so try to use “older” but not bad eggs. Read the notes below.)


  1. Bring a pot of water to a full boil. Use an appropriate-sized pot that will fit your eggs. I use a 2.5-quart pot for six eggs.
  2. If using, use a thumbtack to make a tiny hole at the top of the big end of the eggs. (See note.)
  3. Gently lower the eggs into boiling water. A fine mesh strainer or spider-skimmer work well for this.
    • (Tip from a reader comment: “I took my boiling water off the burner and let it settle a moment and then gently lowered my eggs. Worked great! I had several broken eggs on my first batch when I put the eggs in while the water was at a rolling boil. Hope this helps someone because this recipe is a game-changer!”)
  4. Boil on high for 30 seconds, then turn the burner to the lowest setting for a very gentle (not rolling) simmer. Cover the pan with a lid and wait 13 minutes. (It’s ok if the water doesn’t come back up to a rolling boil for the 30 seconds.)
  5. Put the eggs in an ice bath. You can do this by filling a separate bowl with water and ice, and transfer the eggs, or, gently pour the water out of the pan without cracking the eggs, then fill the pan with cold water and ice. The first way, with the bowl, is easiest to prevent accidentally cracking your eggs while they are hot.
  6. Leave the eggs in the ice bath for 15 minutes.
  7. Peel, or store in the refrigerator unpeeled for up to three days.
  8. To peel, gently tap the egg at the big end first, then the small end, then tap all around to gently crack the shell. Be amazed at how easy they peel.


Tips to prevent cracking:

  • Tip to prevent cracking #1: Be sure to not crowd the pan. Your eggs need a little room to groove. They should not touch or be on top of each other. There needs to be enough room to allow a single layer of eggs in your pan while they cook. If they crack while cooking, it may be because they were too crowded.
  • Tip to prevent cracking #2: Don’t use super fresh eggs for your hard-boiled eggs. This is probably the only time in the kitchen that day-of fresh isn’t best. Shells like to really stick to just-laid eggs. If you have your own chickens or buy directly from a farmer, use those eggs for a glorious scramble or poach ’em up. If you buy your eggs at the grocery store, they’re already a few weeks old so they’ll work great. In the US eggs are refrigerated because they are power-washed before packing. No need to bring them to room temp, you can use this method with eggs straight out of the refrigerator.
  • Make sure you have a single layer of eggs in the pan. If you try to stack eggs or stuff more in the pan that fit, the water won’t be hot enough to cook the eggs. I use a 2.5 quart pot for six eggs, which is about 6.5 inches in diameter.

– In my experience, making that tiny hole in the shell with a thumbtack actually does help—a little. If you don’t have a thumbtack handy, you don’t need to drive to the store to get one just to make easy-to-peel eggs. But, if you do have one, use a thumbtack to make a tiny whole at the top of the big end of the egg before boiling (gently press and it will go right through the shell). The shells will be that much easier to peel.

– Unpeeled eggs can be stored in the refrigerator up to 7 days. I suggest storing them in an airtight container to prevent odor in your refrigerator.

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Looking to use your beautifully peeled eggs? Try my Secretly Healthy Deviled Eggs

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Healthy Deviled Eggs Elizabeth Rider

What do you think? Have you tried this method or others? Let us know how they turn out in the comments below.

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  1. Christine Michels says:

    I have been struggling lately with peeling hard boiled eggs and was actually starting the eggs in the cold water when I decided to look up what can you do to make it easier to peel hard boiled eggs. I took those eggs out of the water, tried this method, and what a relief! Those shells came right off.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    First time ever did I have eggs that peeled! We have chickens, so our eggs are really fresh. I followed the instructions and still got perfect eggs! I have tried everything to get my eggs to peel and this is the only thing that actually worked. Really enjoyed my egg salad sandwich.

  3. Jane M Kiser says:


  4. meg says:

    I followed to a T but it did not work for me. The yolks were like jelly and they were impossible to peel.

  5. Kathy Cicciarelli says:

    This was an epic fail. When I very carefully lowered the eggs into the boiling water, every single one of them cracked IMMEDIATELY. Common sense now tells me that the eggs MUST be at room temp. Cold eggs Hot water=cracked eggs.

    • Tony Wormer says:

      This the correct way to hard boil eggs (13 minutes max)and not only get them to peel easily but also get beautiful yellow golden firm yokes without a dark ring around them. if your eggs are cracking as bad as you experienced get better eggs or not fresh eggs and don’t boil your water as if it is an erupting volcano! Out of a dozen eggs I get at most two cracked, most of the time none. I landed on this method by lots of trial and error before I read Elizabeth’s method and I heartily endorse her method.

  6. GG says:

    LIES, LIES, LIES!!! It is Christmas Day, No stores are open to buy more eggs. I am in charge of two dishes today and I have 7 acceptable eggs out of 16 for my deviled eggs. I had bought these a week ago to have older eggs. I didn’t salt my water because you said it’s no use. I usually hard boil them for 25 minutes and usually only have a couple unusable ones. Don’t trust the internet, people. No Fail – Failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Blaine C says:

    Wow! So perfect, after years of mutilated egg whites and embarrassing deviled eggs, what an easy method to perfect peeling and beautiful showing of my deviled eggs. Thank you so much!

  8. Patricia Weis says:

    Finally, after years of trying other methods, I discovered your fool proof way of getting hard cooked eggs to peel! Thank you!

  9. Unbelievable!!! Just two eggs into peeling and WOW!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  10. Joan says:

    I am looking for the eggs shelling video, “see how I shock them right in the pan with ice water in the tutorial video on this page,” but cannot find it.

  11. Leland says:

    Sadly to say didn’t work for me . I followed the directions but left the gas on for about a minute because it didn’t get to a rolling boil .
    A bit under done for my taste but , they did peel easier . Maybe a little higher on the simmer may be the key .

  12. Debbie Gorth says:

    I have been cooking hard boiled eggs for 50 years and have recently been buying already cooked and peeled eggs because mine were always a “crap shoot” as to whether or not I could use them for deviled eggs. I made my own hard boiled eggs using your recipe this morning and it is FABULOUS!!! I used a steamer basket to lower the eggs into the boiling water and an egg piercer instead of a thumbtack. TRULY FABULOUS!!! THANK YOU!!!

  13. Karen says:

    A question please, while I wait 15 minutes to peel:
    When I dropped my still-cool-from-the-fridge eggs in the boiling water it stopped boiling (doh!) So am I supposed to bring them to a rolling boil and wait 30 seconds after rolling boil starts, before covering and simmering? There were some bubbles coming up from the bottom but it was not a rolling boil before I covered them. 🤷🏻

  14. Jose says:

    I nailed it thanks to your instructions.

  15. I was craving an egg salad sandwich so took 6 farm fresh eggs and did them my old way,covered them in water ,put on high,give them 6-7 min boiling and then cool in water. Well, i had more like an egg yolk sandwich as it was a disaster peeling so got on internet and found your site. Took 3 eggs from same carton and followed your instructions, including the pin hole. I have 3 beautiful peeled eggs in the fridge. Thanks for the tips. xo

  16. Hatari somewhere on Ventura Highway says:

    Best method I have found, golden !

  17. Amy Levan says:

    What a wonderful recipe! I am the deviled egg maker in our family & i am gonna crush Easter in 2022! Thank u for this much better, foolproof way of cooking hard boiled eggs! Have a safe & fun 4th !🇺🇸

  18. Joseph says:

    Came out perfectly.only question if I cover the pot it comes to a rolling boil so I took the cover off.still turned out perfect.

  19. James Thaxton sr. says:

    Your recipe is great . i have been boiling my eggs to long with no simmer time at all, so it worked out swell. Thank you for your boilling tips.

  20. Ann-Marie says:

    Question … The ice bath will melt in the first few minutes when the hot eggs are placed, but you’re saying the eggs should be in an ice bath for 15 minutes. Do you add more ice, or just let them be in the melted ice/water bath?

    • Hi Ann-Marie, no need to add more ice. Yes, it will melt, but as long as the water is cold it will cool the eggs. I usually add a few big cups of handfuls of ice and don’t need to add more. Just let the eggs sit in the cold / melty ice water. ~E

      • Charlotte Fraise says:

        I use old plastic butter tubs and it gets the water and doesn’t melt so fast.. I stir them around off and on while in the cold bath to make sure they all get cold..I love this recipe.. amazingly easy to peel

  21. Cris says:

    Thank you. I followed the recipe exactly, I have never had such perfect easy to peel eggs. I have been making deviled eggs for 40 years and this is the first time I haven’t had to waste eggs.

  22. Joel Boevink says:

    Horrible! Does the exact opposite and makes the shell stick like glue so I’m left with nothing but yoke, unless I spend 30 minutes on each egg.

  23. Mary Ellen Corrao says:

    I’ve been the deviled egg queen for years and knew that older eggs were best but I did try the boiling water this time and ALL 2 dozen eggs peeled without an issue ! I also use about 1/4 cup of baking soda in the water. And an ice shock. Thank you!

  24. Matt says:

    I followed this exactly and the efgs were not even cooked. 👎🏼

  25. Susan says:

    I have been trying for years to find the perfect method to easily peel eggs, and finally – today was the day I discovered your method! I was so excited that I was EASILY peeling my hard boiled eggs for the first time ever. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Judy F says:

    Perfect eggs🐣

  27. Jeanne Nowak says:

    Finally! I was getting used towasting a few eggs due to peeling! Every egg pelted in 3-4 pieces, really fast! Awesome!

  28. Tony Stephens says:

    This worked perfectly for me.
    Thank you

  29. Melissa says:

    I used your method and successfully cooked six beautiful hard boiled eggs. I bought them at my grocery store so they were fresh but not just lifted from the backyard nest. They peeled great and the yolk is perfectly yellow.

  30. Maureen Kelleher says:

    Wonderful recipe. Works like a charm. I’ve NEVER had such an easy time peeling hard boiled eggs. Thank you!

    • Virginia says:

      Seriously”Easy to Peel” eggs. I don’t understand any negative review. Followed to the T. Now I have perfect deviled eggs for Easter. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Anthony Ashdown says:

    Recipe was terrific. Thanks so much. Just an FYI.

    This website does not scale well on mobile devices and half the text is cut off. This seems to happen no matter which phone I am using (android or apple, I have one each for home and work). You might need to advise your web developer. You’re possibly missing hits on your site because readers can’t view it properly. Happy to send screen shots if you need them

    Thanks again for the great tips. 😍

    • Hi there, thanks for letting us know! We want to fix that right away. Just sent you an email if you can please send us a screenshot, we would be so grateful. (Or, send it to our contact form.) Again, thanks!

      • James Thaxton sr. says:

        I never did pin holes bu im making a dozen and i stuck 6 lightly to check it out should know in a few minutes

      • James Thaxton sr. says:

        I had no leakedge from pin holes but cause my eggs were so cold about 4 shells cracked bu its still looking good not much leaking.

      • James Thaxton sr. says:

        13 minutes and counting till the big ice down

    • I was skeptical of this recipe. So I followed the recipe and it works wonderfully! I am so glad I read this recipe. I’ve always had a hard time peeling the eggs. But not with this recipe period Thank you so much for sharing it!

  32. Jennifer Long says:

    Worked perfectly. I have my own chooks so none of the eggs are more than a week old and I have never been able to shell them successfully before. I have just done 10 perfectly peeled eggs so we are having devilled eggs with the Christmas salad. Thank you from New Zealand. where we are enjoying a hot summer Christmas.

  33. Evelyn Ford says:

    This was incredibly easy, I have been trying to make deviled eggs and out of 12 eggs I have to throw out 4 to 5 of them. Thank you for the great idea 🥚🙂👍

  34. Robin says:

    The boiled egg process was awesome and worked perfectly. THANK YOU. First time ever I didn’t have the white part all torn up.

  35. Johnny Umphress says:

    Do not punch a pinhole in the egg. You get an instant stream of egg white shooting out of the hole as soon as you lower them in the boiling water. The water was full of cooked strings of egg whites and there were large voids in the whites missing from the finished egg. Also, the voids of whites were full of water.

    • Kim Nunn says:

      Almost every egg has an air bubble in it. You can find the air bubble by shining a light on the egg and looking fo a shadow. If you gently poke a hole in the center of the shadow it shouldn’t leak the white as long as you don’t go too deep. The membrane that contains the wet part of the egg forms on the other side of bubble.

      There are exceptions to every rule, but if you are using store bought eggs they have been run through some fascinatingly high tech equipment that bring the chance of finding an exception to almost zero.

    • James Thaxton sr. says:

      I was wondering about that cause great grandma, grandma, all my aunties,, mommy never poked no holes in the egg. Plus if one cracks when you drop it in we all know theirs egg white bubbling all in the water.. Ive never poked a hole in egg for boiling and after all my family im 63 i stil dont poke a hole.

  36. Tracey Odom says:

    My eggs are perfect most of the time.
    I may have to refer to this if I don’t plan ahead. . .
    I’ve always just aged the eggs for a week in the fridge, then set them out to reach room temperature. I lower them into a 6 qt pot of cool tap water, and put them on the stove on med-high. When the water rolls, I set a timer for 8 minutes. Once time has elapsed, I cool the eggs immediately under cold running water, dry, then finish chilling in the fridge.

  37. Hi Elizabeth,
    I love hard boiled eggs, and deviled eggs. I hate peeling them – I used to say! I made this today for the first time and the eggs were perfect and peeled like a dream!!! Thank you!!!!

  38. Hi Elizabeth. I am a 77 years young man and have been trying for all those years to boil an egg that would not have the greenish/grey look around the yolk and MOST importantly how to peel the shell off the egg without demolishing the egg. I want to give you my greatest appreciation for sharing your method to accomplish these goals. I have tried other folks methods and none seem to work for me, but your method worked the first time I tried it. I am super happy with the results I got. I just wish I could have found you sooner than 77 years. Thank you so much. Dale

  39. Michelle says:

    I have tried so many recipes for perfect eggs, that I’ve lose count, so I didn’t have high hopes for the recipe. Oh my goodness! All twelve eggs came out PERFECTLY! I’ve never been this excited about making deviled eggs before. Using this recipe forever from now on! Thank you!

  40. Susan Williams says:

    This works! I’m 60 years old and have never boiled an easy to peel egg. I have avoided recipes with boiled eggs. I did have to make potato salad for my daughter for Labor Day so I sucked it up, Googled for “Easy to peel eggs”, found this method and followed it exactly; with the pin hole on top of the egg. I got so excited when the shell came off beautifully. Thank you ,thank you, thank you!

  41. Joyce Domingez says:

    This method really works! So glad I went on line to solve the problem of peeling hardboiled eggs. Boiled 12 eggs for egg salad and EVERY SINGLE egg peeled beautifully!

  42. Kevin says:


    My former girl showed me her method that worked great, I have forgotten it.

    I used your plan, well close, they peeled better than any eggs I have ever made. Thank you.

  43. Kati G says:

    Your video says keep in ice bath for 30 minutes but your directions say 15. Which is it?

  44. It worked! The eggs peeled beautifully and easily—thank you!

  45. Maria says:

    This method works PERFECTLY. I honestly don’t understand some of the negative comments from other reviewers. I used a large mesh spoon (like the kind used in Asian cooking) to GENTLY lower my eggs (3 at a time) into the boiling water. Eggs are very fragile, so if you’re not careful, you WILL crack them. After I got all my eggs into the water, I set my phone’s timer to 13 minutes. When done, I fished the eggs out of the pot with the same large mesh spoon and placed them in a large bowl filled with ice and water. I let them sit there for at least 15 minutes and then was able to gently tap them on the counter and peel them easily. I can’t wait to make deviled eggs now that I’ve finally figured out how to make perfectly flawless hardboiled eggs.

  46. Jeanie Morgan says:

    Did not work for me the minute I put the eggs in the boiling water 2 cracked have not gotten to the remove the shell yet… Jeanie Morgan

  47. Rosy WilSon says:

    This was fabulous! You are my new hero!!

  48. Marie says:

    So easy and it works every time 😀

  49. M says:

    Printable recipe has different timing for boiling and for the water bath than shown in video.

  50. Amanda says:

    While this method works perfectly, I would like to note that I read these exact instructions on The Pioneer Woman’s website in 2015. Complete with the comment regarding the cold start method for potatoes. Only difference is she says to leave the eggs in the ice water bath for 5 minutes instead of 15. I came across your post by happenstance while looking at varying recipes for egg salad. I’m not sure who posted first as I could find no date on yours. And it does work.

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for the note. I love Ree! She is amazing. I learned this method from my mom when I was a kid and didn’t know that Ree also has it on her site. Food preparations aren’t copyrighted (But images and the words we use (the copy) are copyrighted). Methods are not so no big deal that it’s on more than one site, similar to there being hundreds—if not thousands—of blog posts about how to make sourdough bread. Again, all images and the words in which we type are copyrighted – but general methods are not. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  51. Tom g. says:

    This is the one. Finally a truly ez peel recipe that works. Thank you.

  52. Howard Aikala says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the only recipe for easy peeling eggs I have found. Perfect peeling eggs every time. My mother made perfect peeling eggs but when I tried it her way, it never worked for me. I love boiled eggs but hate when I end up with what I call a slaughters egg. With this recipe, the shells just fell off the egg, I didn’t even prick the egg with a pin. Thank you very much.

  53. Debbie says:

    This is the best recipe The eggs turned out perfect they didn’t crack if you use the slotted spoon and gently put them in I didn’t cover them when they simmered but put them when I put them in the ice cold water I made sure to use the strainer to gently put them in they turned out so good.. I’m turning 67 and I am a baker and never sure how the eggs are going to turn out now I don’t have to worry

  54. Lydia says:

    Ok, I had to turn on my common sense and then this worked great. I took my boiling water off the burner and let it settle a moment and then gently lowered my eggs. Worked great!
    I had several broken eggs on my first batch when I put the eggs in while he water was at a rolling boil. Hope this helps someone because this recipe is a game changer!!!!

  55. Jesse Smith says:

    Ok, I boiled the water, slowly and gently added the eggs one at a time with a slotted plastic spoon, and as soon as the eggs touched the boiling hot water they cracked open. What am I doing wrong here. My eggs are 1 day from expiration so they are definitely old.

  56. Lex Smith says:

    I have never had eggs that peel so easily! I will never cook them any other way!

  57. Melissa Garcia says:

    This is the BEST “recipe” for perfectly easy to peel eggs. I was getting so frustrated boiling eggs and when peeling them the half of the whites would come off with the shells.
    However, this has changed my life…well my egg boiling life! 🙂 My daughter will only eat boiled eggs so this was definitely a lifesaver, thank you!!

  58. Sherri says:

    I was really hoping this method would work because peeling eggs is no fun! I followed the instructions to a T and to my dismay they peeled in 1 billion little pieces and the yolk in the egg was yellow and rubbery I ended up throwing the eggs away what a shame this didn’t work.

  59. Sean says:

    You are Brilliant Elizabeth Rider! I love hard boiled eggs, but I could never find a good method for an easy peel, so I just pretty much stopped… I deployed ur method just yesterday and the results were stunning! Not only did the shells just “slide” away – the eggs were gorgeous… If they do t end up on the cover of Bon Appetite; I’ll cancel my subscription… Thank you

  60. Jill says:

    I boiled 10 eggs using Elizabeth’s method. I planned to peel 2, and put the rest in the fridge until I was ready to use them. They were so easy to peel that I peeled all 10, in about the same amount of time it’s taken me to peel only 2 in the past. And the eggs came out looking smooth and perfect. This worked perfect!

  61. Thanks for the tips for the hard boiled eggs. I cooked my first batch using a different recipe and the peeling was a disaster. Cooked another dozen using your “tricks” including the pin hole in the end and peeling was a breeze. My wife will be happy when she prepares deviled eggs for our super bowl dinner tomorrow

  62. Ana Vuksanaj says:

    Your recipe is perfect! I used a pin to prick the eggs, and I wondered if eggs would crack when placed in boiling water and they did not. After 15 minute ice bath they peeled so easily.

    Thank you so much for this post!!!


  63. In one place above it says you can keep an unpeeled hard boiled egg in the refrigerator for three days and in another place unpeeled in the refrigerator for seven days.

  64. Gary Merrill says:

    Followed yourcdurections to a tee! Easy peel and a more creamy yoke, but not undercooked!
    Easiest peel I have ever had!! Didnt lose my temper this time!!🤣😂

  65. Vicki says:

    All 6 eggs cracked even though they were gently lowered into the hot water. 😩. This might work if the eggs were brought to room temp before placing into the water. Shame on me….everyone knows cold to extreme hot will make glass break… difference in a thin egg shell!

  66. Kathy Crowe says:

    Worked perfectly!!! Have been trying to do this for decades. Thank you SO much! How did you figure it out??

  67. Sarah says:

    I tried multiple “tricks” to cook hard boiled eggs in the past, but I ran into problems with peeling the shell. I followed the directions that Elizabeth provided on this page, and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to peel the shells without damaging the smoothness of the egg once peeled.

  68. Jan says:

    Did not work and it was impossible to peel my eggs. They were week old eggs and I followed your instructions perfectly. I gave up and threw the eggs away. I am going back to salt and vinegar which works better than this terrible method.

  69. Betty Joy Bethune says:

    PERFECT!!! Thanks!!!

  70. Sterling says:

    Tried it exactly as instructed… it didn’t work. I don’t know if it was the non-stick pan I was using, which is all I have. Or if it’s the fact that the lowest setting on my stove is literally low or .5 when it goes all the way up to a 9.5.
    Either way my eggs turned out like one minute boiled eggs. ☹️

  71. AnnEbElLe CrOthers says:

    Sorry, but I wasted a dozen eggs on your method!! They were not done and runny and couldn’t even use them. I just go back to my boil with vintager and then out under cold water. Turned out much better then this did!!

  72. Liz Gorson says:

    I tried the cracking egg at one end and then the other end and the shells practically fell right off it’s the first time in my life I have ever had an egg pell like that and I’ve tried everything thank you so much!

  73. Glen says:

    I followed this recipe to the letter and wasted 18 eggs. They all turned out half cookedand the shells stuck worse than I’ve ever had. Would not recommend this technique.

  74. Dave says:

    Wow. Tried this and all of the eggs came out less than soft boiled. I’m an experienced cook, have made hundreds of deviled eggs, but I just ruined 18 eggs.

  75. Gina says:

    After years of trying numerous tricks to peel my eggs, I have finally found the only one that works like a charm every time!!!!

  76. Nancy bragg says:

    I just did hard boiled eggs according to your instructions and was so exited that they peeled just as easily as you said.. I have always had trouble peeling newer eggs. This is amazing and I thank you so much for your. Have a blessed thanksgiving. You just made my day.

  77. Carrera says:

    To the people saying their eggs are cracking as soon as you put into the boiling water. Eggs should always sit on the counter and let come to room temp before cooking. Even if you don’t leave them out that long, as least put them out for a few minutes so they can slightly warm up. I usually set out the ones I’m going to cook before I do anything else…preheating oven or getting other ingredients. Usually by the time I’m ready to cook them, the egg shells have quite a bit of condensation on the outside so I know they have warmed up from the fridge. The extreme temperature difference is what makes them crack.
    Good luck.

  78. Kathy Grimes says:

    THANK YOU Elizabeth!!! For years I’ve been struggling with peeling hard boiled eggs. I followed your instructions exactly, and it was like magic !!! I cooked 8 eggs and as I was peeling them, I kept waiting for the shells to stick and the eggs to destruct, but it never happened. Thank you again!

  79. Geo Andre says:

    Why does my eggs crack as soon as I place them in the boiling water

  80. RF Mezzy says:

    Good news and bad news. The good news is that the eggs peeled like a dream. The bad news is that they were not hardboiled after 13 minutes. I had to keep them in the heat for at least another 5 minutes. Maybe my simmer was too weak? But it was a real treat to have smooth eggs after peeling! Beautiful!

  81. For 60+ years (ok for 40+ years as an adult), I have been battling peeling hard boiled eggs, only to be disappointed with ugly, torn eggs. The method is so simple, and my eggs come out perfect every time. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

  82. Bob says:

    Haven’t tried it, but just a quick question. Is that boil 30 seconds after the pot come back up to a full rolling boil, or start timing the 30 seconds the instant the last egg is in?

  83. Mike Hoepfinger says:

    I love hard boiled eggs!! Sliced on salads and sandwich’s, mashed-up to make egg salad and eaten whole w/ salt as a snack. But, I have never had any kind of consistent luck in getting them properly cooked or in peeling them.
    UNTIL NOW!!! I followed your instructions precisely (very easy due to my German heritage)
    and they turned out PERFECTLY!!! Many thanks

  84. Gerald Knoll says:

    This method does a very poor job. The eggs Crack as a result of being lowered into boiling water. The water had egg white streams floating in it and some of the eggs were cracked open to the point of being unuesable.

  85. Leslie says:

    I am impressed! Worked great w/Trader Joe’s eggs. One cracked and some white came out but I just scraped it off after the ice bath and it was still perfectly usable. Thank you!

  86. Christine Good says:

    Just as a side note…when I put the eggs into the ice bath I like to crack the eggshells after a couple of minutes. It seems to allow water in between membrane and egg as they cool adding to the ease of peeling.

  87. Michelle says:

    This method of boiling eggs worked perfectly!
    Eggs turned out soft and beautiful, with no gray ring around the yolk. I might actually enjoy eating boiled eggs again!
    Thank you for the tips, (including poking the end of the eggs with a tack, which I had never tried before.)

  88. KAREN says:

    5 out of 12 eggs cracked as soon as they hit the water. But I only had 1 day old eggs and they peeled easily.

  89. Joe says:

    All the eggs cracked and leaked as soon as they hit the water. What a mess

    • Hi Joe, this is interesting. We have so many comments here on how well this works, so sorry to hear that! It’s important to use a slotted spoon or mesh basket to very gently lower the eggs into the water. Also, be sure not to crowd the pan—the eggs should have a little room (for example, 4 eggs in an 8-inch diameter pot). Hope that helps!

  90. Ciara says:

    I admit. I was very skeptical because I’ve tried other methods that didn’t work (adding Vinegar to the water). I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try your method. It worked perfectly the first time and I thought maybe it was a lucky try. I tried it again and now this will be my only method for boiling eggs. I’m still wondering how I never saw your method before!! Thank you!!!

  91. Barbara says:

    I’ve always done this exact method myself, but my housekeeper insists on doing it her way and the shell sticks to the egg and breaks up into a mosaic so then she insists the eggs are old. LOL Now I can print out your instructions so I can be a happy camper.

  92. EB says:

    Worked great…wow I’m thrilled….Thanks a million!!

  93. Shdb says:

    The eggs all cracked when placed ever so gently into the boiling water. Ugly eggs, sloppy peel. Doesn’t work.

  94. Velma says:

    Looking for the answer to this boiling question. Do I wait until the water starts boiling again to start my 30 second count or do I start when I lower eggs in even though the water has temporarily cease to boil?

    • Hi Velma! Start your 30 seconds from when you lower the eggs into the water. If you’re off by a few seconds it doesn’t matter, but you don’t need to wait for the water to come back up to a boil. Thanks! ~E

  95. Oh my goodness, I used eggs that are farm fresh, probably only 2 weeks old. Followed this method, poked the big end of each egg as directed. Eggs peeled perfectly and easily! Yes, it works!!

  96. Jeffrey mcnabb says:

    Nice egg tip. When I lower 12 eggs into boiling water, even if the eggs are near room temp, the water stops boiling for 60 to 90 secs. Are we to wait for the water to start boiling and then count 30 secs? Thank you

  97. Ann Scott says:

    Thank you for this post! My eggs peeled perfectly!

  98. CAROLYN Stevens says:

    I’m so happy. It worked perfectly. So easy too. Thank you so much!!!!

  99. Dwayne says:

    I’ve tried several ez peel egg recipes. Yours is the brst

  100. Richard says:

    I can’t believe it! This totally worked. I’m looking at 6 beautifully peeled hard boiled eggs. Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried others but this is the first to work for me.

  101. Cheryl Gallant says:

    Tried this on a couple of eggs – test run for doing 4-5 dozen eggs for an event. Worked WONDERFULLY! Only question – ‘boil for 30 seconds.’ When the eggs are immersed, the water stops boiling, when do you start the 30-second clock – when it returns to boiling or simply after the egg are immersed? Thank you.

  102. Heather says:

    What am I doing wrong? I followed these directions exactly, even poking the hole with the thumbtack, and the eggs were impossible to peel. I actually gave up and tossed them. 😔

  103. Thank you for this great idea! I’ve tried to do it and it really works!

  104. Jean Andersen says:

    Have you used an electric stovetop to employ this method? I always worry about the boiling water taking too long to reverse to a simmer, thereby overcooking the eggs in the process.

  105. Kris Luckett says:

    WORKS PERFECTLY!! I followed these instructions precisely and they peeled absolutely perfectly! Thanks so much!

  106. Jasmine says:

    The reason you start eggs in cold water is that they often crack if you put the cold eggs into hot water, same as if you pour hot water into a cold glass. I’ve never heard anything about starting cold making eggs cook better or taste better, it’s just to keep them intact.

  107. Tom says:

    This recipe and Google Maps — reasons alone for the internet. I can’t believe I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to peel hard-boiled eggs so unsuccessfully. This worked perfectly! Thank you, now and for the rest of my years..

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