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This is the third post in my Epstein-Barr (EBV) series. You’ll learn the treatments and daily lifestyle habits I use to help manage (and recover from) reactivated Epstein-Barr.

Liz Rider Epstein Barr Treatment

If you missed the first two posts in this series, you may want to read them first:

Here in this third post, I want to share what I do to suppress—and hopefully reduce—the Epstein-Barr Virus in my system.

Epstein-Barr Natural Treatment Protocol & Diet

At first, I was hesitant to share my protocol because every person is different. However, nothing here can harm you either way. If anything, these things will probably make you healthier overall anyway. As always though, check for possible contraindications before taking anything, and discuss your plan with your healthcare provider if you have a specific medical condition.

Remember that there is no one specific prescribed protocol for healing. I’m sharing what I do below in hopes that it helps you in some way.

The goal of these natural Epstein-Barr virus treatments:

  1. Suppress and try to eliminate the virus from your body.
  2. Create an environment in your body where the virus can’t thrive.

You’ll notice that everything on this list is a natural treatment. There are no known prescribed treatments for Epstein-Barr, so my main goal has been to work with my practitioners on natural antiviral treatments that we hope will suppress the virus.

Since EBV is a member of the herpes class of viruses, some practitioners use antiviral medication (acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir) off-label to try to suppress the virus. After speaking with both my naturopath and functional medicine doctor, both agreed that the possible side effects outweighed the possible treatment for this in my case, so we decided against it.

On one hand, I was willing to try anything to suppress the virus. On the other, I’m grateful they both decided against it because the side effects can create an entirely new set of issues.

Since modern medicine does not have any know treatments to fully treat EBV, the only way to know if this stuff works for you is to try it and see how you feel. We all wish there was a magic silver bullet or pill to fix us, but it doesn’t exist. However, there are things you can do to feel better and take steps to regain your energy and suppress the virus.

You can request the EBV test that indicates titer numbers (my 4th test seen here) to see if the numbers have gone down, but even then, there isn’t any scientific evidence that shows that just because the numbers are more or less that the virus is gone. I’ve come to rely less on the lab numbers more on how I feel in daily life.

You have to experiment and see how you feel over time.

You will regain your energy. I believe in you—you can do it!

Another quick note: I buy almost everything else on Amazon, but I never buy supplements on Amazon because many of them are (unfortunately) counterfeit. Containers are emptied, filled with lesser-quality products, then resealed and sold. Those plastic sealing machines are cheap and easy to find. So, if it can be emptied and refilled, I only buy from the manufacturer or a trusted source, like the doctor’s office or a verified distributor. Even if it says “sold by” the company on Amazon, it could still be a shady third party.

And finally, I’m still on Synthroid for my low-thyroid condition and work closely with my naturopath to monitor my thyroid levels and adjust when needed. I’d love to be off of it completely, but I still need it and I’m ok with that. It’s not on the list here because it’s not a treatment for EBV, but I wanted to mention that I take it as I’ve been talking about my low thyroid issues in this series.

With that, here is my natural Epstein-Barr Virus treatment protocol:

Blood Ozone Treatments

1. Major Autohemotherapy (aka blood ozone treatments)

This treatment has the longest write-up on this post because it’s by far the one treatment that has helped me feel the best.

Blood ozone treatments, called major autohemotherapy, are an immune-boosting therapy that’s performed in a medical setting. It’s extremely safe and effective. The cost will vary by location. I’ve seen it run anywhere between $120–$250/session, which is relatively inexpensive given the power of the treatment.

Remember, I’m not a doctor or scientist, so it’s best to do your own research and discuss this with your health practitioner. They will usually require a full exam or a referring doctor to schedule the treatment (more on that below).

During major autohemotherapy, a licensed practitioner (usually a registered nurse or doctor) uses a special medical-grade ozone machine to extract medical-grade ozone gas into a syringe or special bag. They then extract some of your blood and mix it with the ozone gas. Ozone cannot be directly injected into your bloodstream as it’s a volatile gas. However, when your blood mixes with it in a safe environment, it purifies the blood on contact and kills any viruses, bacteria, or fungi that are present.

It also hyper-oxygenates the blood because it turns free radicals into oxygen (science is fun!). In super layman’s terms, if we think back to science class, the chemical formula for the ozone molecule is O3 (three oxygen atoms), and the chemical formula for oxygen is O2 (two oxygen atoms). A free radical is an unpaired electron looking for a home. One of the three oxygen atoms in the ozone matches up with a free radical in your blood, and together they create O2 (more oxygen). This is actually a form of oxidation, which we’re generally told is only bad. However, not all oxidation is bad. Some oxidative stress can actually be healing for the body—exercise creates another form of this (and we all know exercise is good for us!).

After the blood is mixed with the ozone for a few minutes, it’s passed through a UV filter, then put back into your system. The UV filter is generally just an extra bonus add-on to kill any (potential) additional viruses or bacteria.

This hyper-oxygenated blood from major autohemotherapy has three benefits:

  1. The process of mixing your blood with ozone kills viruses in the mixed blood on contact, potentially decreasing the amount of the virus in your system.
  2. The process of major autohemotherapy creates naturally formed hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a healthy amount in your blood (which—fun fact—H2O2 is already naturally present in your blood) and further purifies it.
  3. The treated blood almost acts as a natural vaccine of sorts to boost your immune system as it recirculates through your body. Scientists aren’t exactly sure how this works (and this is way above my blogger pay-grade ;)), but the fresh dose of this blood benefits your entire system as it recirculates, potentially killing more of the virus and giving tissues a fresh dose of oxygen.

The oxidation that occurs during major autohemotherapy is one of the reasons that treatments need to be spaced out, and high-doses of antioxidants (like a vitamin C IV drip) aren’t given on the same day because antioxidants combat oxidation. You still need your antioxidants, just not on the same day as major autohemotherapy. This is why it’s important that a practitioner who understands the treatment indicates the frequency of your treatment plan. I’ve had about 10 treatments over the last few years—some just a few days apart—and plan to continue with one treatment every few months for the foreseeable future.

You might be thinking, “Well, if this is so great, then why isn’t it more available?” Yeah. I feel the same way. It’s because major autohemotherapy is not indicated by the FDA in the U.S. to treat EBV, or anything for that matter, and it’s still an emerging in the U.S. It’s a very simple, effective technique that is safe when administered correctly and has been used in Europe and other parts of the world for decades. Since it doesn’t involve a drug, there is very little money in it, so it’s not approved as a medical treatment. Therefore, practitioners are very careful about how they talk about it and list it on their websites.

In the US, you will most likely only find ozone treatments at a naturopathic clinic or functional medicine clinic. These treatments have been used for decades in Europe and around the world, but since they’re not pharmaceutical, most conventional medicine practitioners won’t use them (for insurance reasons, and pharma lobbies), which is part of the backward way of our current healthcare system (another post for another time!). I lament this fact because again, a series of 4 to 6 treatments spaced a week apart every year or two has by far been the thing that’s helped me regain my energy the most.

I started having this treatment at Sanoviv Medical Institute a few years ago, and I’ve only found one place where I live in Seattle that does it. Even then, the description is not listed on their website. I currently go to the Holistique Naturopathic Clinic in Bellevue for ozone treatments.

What’s important to note about this treatment is that it’s nearly impossible to test the exact benefits of it. In my case, I feel amazing after each treatment. It’s hard to explain, but for me, it’s like feeling super clear, high in energy, and almost a little happy-tingly in the few days after I have it done. I told my doctor that and she was intrigued because it’s obviously doing something, but she’s not exactly sure what. Since there aren’t any negative side effects when it’s done correctly and we know it can kill the virus, she recommends that I continue occasional treatments of it.

On a side note, major autohemotherapy is also used in some cancer treatment protocols, as cancer cells cannot survive in oxygenated environments.

But back to Natural EBV treatments…

Natural Epstein-Barr Treatments Elizabeth Rider FB1

Natural Antivirals

2. Lauricidin

Lauricidin® is the brand name for monolaurin, a derivative of the lauric found in coconut oil. Scientifically, it’s pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate), a natural, plant-based medium-chain fat derived from lauric acid.

Lauricidin is a natural antiviral and helps promote a healthy gut environment, too. I love this product because it not only can help clear any virus you may pick up, but naturally benefits your gut and we all need more of that.

I take one scoop in the morning and one in the evening. It is safe and effective for long-term use. Read the directions and information on their website before taking it. I am not affiliated with this company.

Generic monolaurin capsules are not the same as the original monolaurin. According to the Lauricidin website, “The usual 300 mg capsule contains in addition to 300 mg monolaurin, a base of inosine 7.5 mg and calcium-phosphate 106 mg with inert ingredients: dicalcium-phosphate, cellulose-powder and silicon-dioxide. Lauricidin, on the other hand, is the purest monolaurin commercially attainable and is without any fillers or allergens.”

If you’re wondering if you can just eat coconut oil instead of taking Lauricidin (and expect the same results), the answer is not really. Lauricidin is a high-potency extract derived from lauric acid, and the amount of coconut oil you would need to consume to get the same benefits would be unhealthy—and almost impossible to consume.

Again, I buy almost everything else on Amazon, but I never buy supplements on Amazon because many of them are (unfortunately) counterfeit. I buy this directly from my doctor, the Lauricidin website, or the Sanoviv Store (not an affiliate link, just sharing because I use it).

3. Echinacea & Lemon Balm Antiviral Tincture

Echinacea and lemon balm are both known natural antivirals that support the immune system. I prefer the liquid tincture forms, as I already take so many supplements—but also because the dose is usually higher in tincture form.

I found a USDA organic tincture that contains both echinacea & lemon balm at Whole Foods called Virus Attack, and I take two dropper fulls twice per day.

Always dilute echinacea tinctures in one to two ounces of water because they are so strong that they can burn your tongue (yikes!). Echinacea can make your tongue feel a little numb for a bit, but that’s normal. Dilute it with more water if it’s uncomfortable. Different areas and different stores will have a—you guessed it—different variety of products, so just work with the person in charge and do some research on the company to find a good one. Echinacea is over-the-counter, but as with everything, look up potential contraindications on WebMD or another trusted platform before taking it.

Food, Lifestyle & The Epstein-Barr Diet

The rest of the things on this list are what I consider important for your overall health. When healing from any chronic condition, your overall health is of the utmost importance. It’s important to create an environment in your body where your cells can heal. When I say “diet” here, I don’t mean going on a restrictive diet. Instead, I refer to diet as the way you eat. Focus on adding things in, not necessarily what you need to remove. Eat more fruits and vegetables! If you make the majority of your meals mostly fruits, veggies and other whole foods, you don’t need to worry too much about what you remove.

4. Fruits & Veggies

We all know that fruits and veggies are good for us. Eat more of them!

If you’ve heard that fruit has too much sugar, I think that’s bad health advice. The natural sugars in fruit come along with fiber, hydration, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can’t be found anywhere else. Fruit comes from the earth and is naturally very healing. Much of the nutrition community is also misguided here and recommends mass quantities of protein over fruit. But what they miss is that your body will turn excess protein into glucose, which can still spike your blood sugar. Don’t fear fruit. Five to six servings of veggies and two to three servings of whole fruit per day will do wonders for your health!

5. Limited Processed Foods

Processed foods require a lot of attention from your system to process—they over-task the energy in your body, and you need your energy to heal. Processed foods ruin your gut bacteria, bog down your liver, and don’t nourish your body. Consume as few processed foods as possible.

Check out my recipe archive for over 300 healthy recipes if you need some inspiration to cut back on highly processed foods, and grab your copy of The Health Habit if you don’t have it yet.

6. Supplements

Supplements are tricky because while they absolutely do not replace a healthy lifestyle or healthy eating habit, they can definitely fill in gaps and boost your nutrient intake.

Take extra care when choosing which brand of supplement to take. I know and love USANA and have been taking their supplements for years. Whatever you take, do your research and get to know the company. Many supplements are not standardized and are filled with rice powder (and maybe a little bit of something helpful). You get what you pay for, so only buy good ones so you’re not throwing your money away.

Along with the antivirals above, this is what I take:

Multivitamin: Start with a good multivitamin instead of taking a bunch of one-off doses of vitamin D, B vitamins, or C. If you’re going to take one thing, take a high-quality multi. You’ll get more bang for your buck, and it’s more balanced for your health. I take the Cellsentials by USANA every day (full disclosure, I’ve been an independent distributor for USANA for the last 10 years). But if I could only take one thing forever, this would be it.

Extra vitamin D: If necessary, take extra vitamin D. A simple blood test from your doctor will reveal your vitamin D levels, and this is one of the easiest deficiencies to fix with a high-quality vitamin D3 supplement. Functional medicine specialists will want your vitamin D levels to be between 50–100 nanograms/milliliter on your lab results. If it’s lower, take an extra vitamin D3 supplement. I take USANA’s 2000 IU vitamin D. I usually skip this from May to August since I’m outside more, but then I go back to taking one from September through April or so.

Probiotic: A healthy gut is necessary for a healthy immune system. I eat fermented foods as much as I can and also take a probiotic with breakfast every morning. Rotate your probiotic every month or so to mix up the kinds of good bacteria you plant in you gut. I take the USANA probiotic and one from The Garden of Life that I get at the natural foods store.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, meaning your cells can adapt its use to your needs. The Medical Medium book mentions ashwagandha as beneficial for people with high levels of EBV, and my doctor recommended it to help prevent adrenal fatigue. I take it right before bed because it seems to make me sleepy (Zzzz :)). I take Adrenal Response by Innate. I believe you can also get this one at the Sanoviv Store (not an affiliate link, just sharing because I use it).

Others: I also take one BiOmega fish oil per day for omega-3’s, one CoEnzymeQ10 (AKA CoQ10) capsule per day for cellular energy and skin health, and a reishi mushroom immune supplement (2/day) called Proglucamue to regulate my immune system.

To order any or all of the USANA recommendations above, click here to create your own free account to get 10% off retail. You can edit your cart as needed and still get the same discount using my distributor link. Again, don’t order any brand of supplements on Amazon. Only get them from authorized distributors.


Check-in with yourself often, and stay mindful of creating a healthy internal and external environment for your body to thrive.

7. Better-Quality Sleep

One of the strangest things about not feeling well is the phenomenon of feeling fatigued and tired, but not being able to sleep (the worst, amirite?!).

My natural inclination is that of a night owl, but I can wholeheartedly feel the difference in my energy and mood when I make a conscious effort to fall asleep early. I have to diligently stick to my nighttime routine in order to fall asleep, which includes finishing dinner by 6 pm (7 pm at the absolute latest)—as eating too close to bedtime tends to keep you up—1 mg of melatonin at 8 pm (I take USANA Pure Rest), a hot Epsom salt bath (unless it’s hot out), dim lights, and reading for five minutes to chill out. I have to make a conscious effort to follow this, but it makes a huge difference in my quality of sleep and quality of health when I do.

Along with that, be gentle to yourself if you’re feeling tired and need a little more sleep. Schedule a day of self-care at home instead of saying yes to every single thing on your social agenda.

8. Gentle Exercise

Exercising when you feel fatigued a lot can be tricky. Movement is important not just for your physical health, but even more so for your mental health. Even if it’s just a 20-minute walk, I make sure to get something in at least five days per week. I used to get really down on myself if every workout wasn’t all-out intense, but I’ve learned that even some gentle yoga and stretching has massive benefits. Even if you feel fatigued, try to go for a walk at the time of day when you have the most energy (work WITH your body, not against it!).


The potential for self-diagnosis via books is a tricky thing. On one hand, you have to advocate for your own health. You are the only one who lives in your body 24/7 and the only one who knows how you feel. Don’t allow “mystery symptoms” to be written off just because a test result or doctor doesn’t have an answer.

On the other hand, be mindful to not create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you keep telling yourself that you’re sick and won’t ever heal, then guess what, you’ll stay sick and you won’t heal. Work with a practitioner to test and explore the root causes of your symptoms.

Read books and educate yourself, and stay open to healing. I spoke about my curiosity and initial hesitation towards The Medical Medium, but I find it a useful tool and recommend reading it. No person or book is the end-all-be-all, so take what you need from each book and don’t feel like you have to do every little thing they say.

My first book The Health Habit, will help you design a healthy lifestyle you love—without restrictive dieting. It’s filled with everything you need to know to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Grab your copy here if you don’t have it yet!

Health Habit Elizabeth Rider


These four books have helped me:

  1. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
  2. The Medical Medium by Anthony William (again, not scientifically proven, but an interesting read about what the virus can do)
    If you have thyroid issues:
  3. Medical Medium Thyroid Healing by Anthony William
  4. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz PharmD

How to Take Action:

1. Read the 1st and 2nd posts in this series for more information.

Post #1: Is It Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation?
Post #2: How to Get Tested for Reactivated Epstein-Barr (EBV)
NEW! Post #4: Update: Healing from Reactivated Epstein-Barr

2. If you feel they will help you, get any of the natural antivirals or supplements that I listed above. Also, read The Health Habit or the other books I mentioned above if you want to learn more about natural healing.

3. Find a naturopath or functional medicine specialist in your area for specific treatment options.

4. Share your story with us in the comments below to help other people who are dealing with this. Have you tried any of these treatments? What helps you the most?

5. Stay on my email list for future updates, real food recipes, and healthy living inspiration. I share weekly-ish recipes, tips, and notes with my VIP email community. You can grab your free starter recipe ebook and get the insider VIP updates by subscribing in the box at the bottom of this post. And finally, stay positive, and be kind to yourself. Healing is rarely linear. Life and health tend to come in cycles and seasons. Keep your thoughts positive and continue working towards feeling good.



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  1. HEather rains says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, I have read it several times and have had a similar journey. I had mono in high school was a drill team dancer took me months to get over and for the last 25 years have not felt good. Went to many Drs and no one could figure it out. I finally hit a wall last March 2019 and ended up in the hospital with severe vertigo and brain swelling. Drs didn’t do anything but give me pain meds so I choose to leave the hospital. Long story short every specialist I saw cardiologist, neurologist, infectious disease had no answers. So I kept searching and found a Functional Medicine Doctor and the journey began. Found out I had 5 viruses in my body at the time I was in the hospital and so sick. After I came home from the hospital I was bed ridden for months. I couldn’t sleep, my central nervous system was on fire, my brain was on fire. I literally didn’t sleep for 3 months. I couldn’t lay down my head hurt so bad from the inflammation. One practitioner said I had viral meningitis. No meds helped me, they would have the adverse affect. Valium, sleeping meds all reved me up. I have progressed in my health journey through several alternative health practitioners and am making progress. My body hit a toxic load too I think. I had severe toxicity and lymphatic system wasn’t working. I had 13 amalgam fillings at the time and spent the summer removing all of those. I instantly felt the body burden lessen after that. I am still battling chronic strep, chronic active ebv, but still don’t know what still sets my body off every month around my cycle. Jesus and His hand on me has been the only one who has gotten me through! I am so much better, you are right it is two steps forward, one step back. I keep trying to get back into my old life and I don’t think I am suppose to. I feel like I am learning a new normal for myself and my family which is much slower and much more present! So thankful you are doing good!! For those out there struggling, don’t give up!! Keep advocating for your health!

    • Hey I’m so sorry for what your going thru…i feel your pain I haven’t slept for a month and a half either ….and my nervous system is on fire too!!! Ur not alone …its hard but we will heal with the help of God!

    • Nicole says:


      Around the time of a women’s cycle, 80% of her immune system goes to support that process. That could be why you start to feel worse around that time. More immunity is going to your cycle and less to keep you healthy.

  2. Celeste says:

    Hello, I suffer from chronic EBV for a couple years now. My levels are getting very higher and continue to every month. Last month it was 247 now it’s 663. How high is considered too high before it starts effecting other organs? I’m actually very scared of this awful virus considering I wake up very sick every day. I have seen multiple doctors who have flat out said they can’t help me or have no answers or even they don’t know what EBV is. I was perceived acyclovir for a year but I’m not sure if it’s helping. My integrative medicine doctor diagnosed me and perscribed this medicine but just recently went out of practice and now I’m completely lost. I eat very clean and take a numerous supplements. Garlic, elderberry, vitamin c, multivitamin, and magnesium. I eat all organic and I don’t drink caffeine. I am going to try some of your suggestions in your introduction tomorrow maybe I can get on the right path then. Again this virus has really takin control of my life and have had very little answers or help. Doctors giving up and I’m trying not to with this stupid virus. If you can offer some help it is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time. Be well 🙂

  3. puru Ntuli says:

    I was diagnosed in with MS, at 51, in 2017 and have been treated with Copaxone, Tysarbri, back to Copaxone, Ocreveus . I had relapses while on Copaxone. Ocreveus did not help me. I learnt about Akanni Herbal Centre  ( www. akanniherbalcentre .com) and their effective MS Formula treatment after i tried other medications with no luck ..i followed up with their MS herbal formula which after i completed  the treatment, symptoms were gone, and the MS Herbal treatment relieved my symptoms totally and tremors gradually stopped, Thank you Akanni Herbal Centre for giving those of us with Multiple sclerosis  hope.

  4. Wendy says:

    Thanks for Your kindness in writing this article to share what has worked for you. I will try this same protocol since I’ve also been reading medical medium and started feeling better.

  5. Gina says:

    Hello i was wandering how long before you start to see improvement after starting protocol????
    Its been since 11/28 since first symptoms and positive for ebv on 1/9/20. Please give some advice i feel so alone in all this. G

    • Lauren says:

      Hello and thank you for this uplifting article. I have suffered with reactivated Epstein-Barr 4/3 years now, originally to the point of being completely bed-bound and not able to think, having to write post-its all over the house, not able to work at all… Completely debilitating. regular doctors knew nothing, specialists were a joke. Found a wonderful natural path in Kirkland Washington, dr. Teresa Richter, who saved my life. I have been doing play motion alpha One peptide injections every 3rd day that has made a huge difference, I have also done the IV ozone treatments you speak of… Alpine Integrative Medicine in Redmond does them as well for those on the Eastside. Thank you so much for this information, I have been in a slump again so I will add more of what you written about to my arsenal.

  6. Debbie Ishak says:

    I had mono at age 12 and was hospitalized for a week and sick for three months. Since then I have had strep throat about every year. In late 2017 I got reactivated epstein barr and have been battling it ever since! I have had every test and dr and taken every vitamin made but still do not feel well. My main problem is that my body feels off balance and dizzy and have tremendous brain fog. I just feel really not well. Have been to a neurologist but he blames it on EBV. I have had all ear tests, blood tests, brain scans, brain wave tests, carotid artery scan, lung xray and nothing is showing up. It is really hard because when this illness affects your brain, it is no fun!!

    • Jamie says:

      Do you exposed to mold? Sounds similar to my story. Being exposed to toxic mold at work reactivated my EVB. The mold actually caused the brain inflammation, ear issues, and equilibrium/vertigo symptoms. Hope this is helpful. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this!

  7. Ddd says:

    1. Support your liver: Selenium, Milk thistle, NAC, ALA, Gluthatione, SAMe. That’s one of the most important steps, especially if you want to overcome fatigue and brain fog.
    2. Do liver flushes. May take as many as 10-12 flushes to finally feel normal. It works, because these procedure removes sludge and excess bilirubin from the liver. But got to be patient with the process.
    3. Try colloidal silver (i prefer nano silver). Great antiviral!
    4. Grapefruit Seed Extract. Also very powerful antimicrobial and antiviral. (Make sure to use the real thing, there are many weak ones on the market).

  8. T says:

    Just diagnosed with Active EPV this week after months of tests and finally my Dr just saying I’m making to much of my symptoms. Not ready to give up, I went to an urgent care where they had a blood test done. It’s very frustrating how little the MDs know about this virus and honestly I’ve probably infected my whole family in some way or another since it’s been so long since the onset. So glad I saw this blog though, day 1 of clean eating started today. My symptoms are cough, swollen tonsils and fatigue. I was sick most of last year, so here’s to a healthier 2020.

  9. Osita Ada says:

    Happy New Year my model, I say Amen to all your wishes this year!

  10. María Camila says:

    I’m about to try the treatment Debbie Biggan describes above. Is there any way I can hear from her and her process? I would be grateful!

  11. Mz says:

    Real t,
    I am praying for you, that the Lord would give you hope as well as grant you healing. You are loved by God and your life has value to Him. He created you for a purpose. He has allowed trials in your life to grow you and prepare you to help others. Do not give up! Seek God & you will find peace!

  12. Real t says:

    Reading the comments make me sad. We all try so much weird shit that does not work. Yet we keep trying.

    I have been planning to take my own life. I’m 26 and my life was looking so bright prior to having mono at 21. I’m a shadow of my former self. I’m done with it. Doctors, nutritionists, bloggers (affiliates of supplement stores) – they’ll gladly take your money, but that’s it.

    • Hi Real t, I just saw your comment here. I see your pain and am sending you healing energy. Even though it can feel tough, you have a lot to live for! Don’t let life get you down. There are people all over the world who care about you. My advice is to seek support in your local area. Sending you love for continued healing. ~Elizabeth

    • Theresa says:

      Real T
      Please hang on, look into ozone i.v. i have been sick for eons and now am understanding what is wrong. I panic all the time and Im scared. Please dont give up.

    • Angel says:

      Real T, I hope you are okay. Please do not give up. I know how frustrating it can be having this invisible debilitating illness, but at least there is progress being made. I urge you to read medical
      Mediums book, follow him on social media, he shares a lot of useful information. Adding celery juice to my diet every morning has made a huge difference. You are not alone, please remember that. There are so many of us looking for answers, you cannot give up. Please reach out to your loved ones or a professional for help and support. Sending you healing and uplifting energy.

  13. Mar says:

    Try lemon juice (done at home), Apple vinegar a small quantity in a Glass of water (to swallow in the throath) and jenjibre infusions, or dandelion infussion is good for the liver. These are my secret and natural remedies yo EBV.
    Regards from Europe!

  14. Victoria Johnson says:

    Oh my. I’m near Seattle as well. I see a Naturopath who has me on an antiviral tincture. The valacyclovir made my heart weird. I have reactivated EBV, Cytomegalovirus, fibromyalgia, and myalgic encephalomyelitis. It SUCKS. I’m 67. It all started six years ago after a high speed crash-80mph, hit by street racing kids. Almost killed. Broke neck and both shoulders. A month later diagnoses started coming. I’m at the end of my rope. I take monolauren and the antivirals. I also have Hashimotos. Diagnosed 12 years ago. I’m thinking g about the blood therapy you talked about. I wonder is Bastyr knows anything about success numbers. Thank you for this blog. I will follow.

  15. Elise L says:

    Hey there! I just felt the need to share and bring some awareness to some of the things that EBV can cause that I don’t seem to find any attention given to. Long story short, (or attempt to be short ha) I was diagnosed with EBV in 2012. At the same time I had a friend that got diagnosed with Lymphoma with EBV. I was told that there was no treatment and my body has to fight it so I thought nothing of it. Fast forward to Sept 2019, I was hospitalized for a week with viral meningitis. They did a horrible 6 time spinal tap to test for meningitis which was positive and used the fluid to test for viruses to see which one caused it. Everything was negative. Prior to being hospitalized I went to the doctor (I saw 5 different doctors before someone called 911 because I couldn’t bend my chin into my chest. Other symptoms were severe dizziness, fever, rash that covered head to toe including palms of hands soles of feet, inability to eat, shaking, chills) so at the doctor they took blood and once again I was positive for EBV. It was a very long and hard hospital stay. Meningitis is basically an infection and inflammation of the meninges and membranes that surround and protect the brain and central nervous system so it has taken me about 10 weeks to actually feel “normal” again. I also follow medical mediums protocols which made me feel comfortable sharing my story with you. Celery juice, wild blueberries, adrenal snacks, gluten free, dairy free, egg free etc. Again, I just wanted to share my story to bring awareness that along with everything that is mentioned in Anthony’s books, your blogs and general information about all the things EBV can cause, meningitis is one of them. I wish everyone a lifetime of good health, and be cautious about hygiene (wash hands, dont share drinks, good diet). Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to this journey on how to kill EBV so I do not have to suffer anymore!

  16. LeeAnn says:

    I have Hashimotos. I have been fighting naturally for 3 years now. My worst symptom right now is every couple of week I get night chills and body aches. I’m sure it is coming from my lungs being filled with phlegm. When I lay down it’s worse. I cough up phlegm every morning and my chest feels heavy everyday. I believe it’s Epstein–Barr but no doctor will test me😒 I will keep searching! Does anyone else have lung issues? Maybe I have Lupus now as well? I have read Lupus can affect the lungs. Thanks for any input.

    • Lauren says:

      I was just diagnosed yesterday after 18 years suffering symptoms. I have had similar lung issues. I also have thyroid issues. Chronic Candida infections. The ear ringing and brain fog are the worst. Also have anemia and have had adrenal problems over the years. I was always just the person who is sick all of the time. I eat healthy but diet was not enough. I do get significant relief from 500mg of lysine twice a day. I can’t tell that grapefruit extract has done anything but I take it three times a day. I am going to try these other supplements as well.

  17. Andrea says:

    Hi, Elizabeth. I found your website today, and I’m so glad I did. I just ordered some Lauricidin and am excited to try that.

    I’ve had recurring EBV since having mono in my 20s (I’m in my mid-50s), but the last few years I’ve had far fewer episodes of it. I credit that to improved diet, quitting alcohol, quitting caffeine, daily Lysine (two 500 mg capsules), and mostly to lowering my stress levels through increased spiritual awareness. I highly recommend Ekhart Tolle’s teachings in particular for realizing that we can, to a great extent, choose to stop having negative (stressful) responses to life situations.

    When I do feel an EBV episode coming on (in my throat and left ear), it’s invariably when I’ve let myself get stressed out more than usual. At that point I start taking lots of Lysine (8 – 12 capsules/day), and that usually makes it go away in a few days. I also recommend Barlean’s Olive Leaf Complex throat spray. It’s very soothing on the throat and it tastes good, too.

    I do have a question, about low thyroid. Every time I have a thyroid test, it comes in near the bottom of the normal range — but since it’s still within the normal range, MDs have never given me anything for it. So I don’t know whether I should do anything about it or not. I’ve taken some kelp, but not religiously. I didn’t really notice anything different, when I took it. And I don’t seem to have any of the more obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism. Any suggestions for how to figure out if I should do something about it? Thanks!

    • Maria says:

      I have heard that normal test.. do not shows real thyroid problems…

    • Lauren says:

      Had same issue. Find a doctor who will let you try Armour Thyroid for two weeks at the lowest dose. This is a bio-identical hormone that also contains T3. You should know in two weeks if your energy improves. If it does, get on it regularly and go up to the dose that doesn’t give you side effects. Took me about 6 weeks to get rid of all of my low thyroid symptoms and I had 28 and regular levels as well. It saved my life!!!

  18. Daria Ratliff says:

    I always have hopes to find people who have or know someone with oral Lichen Planus that would help me out. Last year I went to the doctor and found out that I was in the convalescence phase of EBV, along with low thyroid function. Somehow my thyroid, after a couple of months, went back to normal levels and the worst symptoms of mono dissipated. Feel like never completely.

    At the same time I went to the dentist to check on my gums that were bothering me for actually months long. After biopsy they found that I have oral lichen planus, an autoimune skin disease that affects less than 1% of the world population. The lab biopsy also did not rule out Pemphigus vulgaris nor Lupus, asking for more sample to further diagnose. I refused. It was painful, took me several weeks to heal and because they said that there is no cure, so what’s the point of knowing? Does that make sense?

    Only alternative medicine has given me some alleviation. I got rid of junk, no dairy, completely cut down on carbs, except for a little of white rice for diner, and do not eat anything that will aggravate the symptoms in my mouth, like spicy foods, vinegar, etc. I has not grown, thank goodness, but it does not go away. Tried to go into vegetarian diet but lost so much weight and felt so much worst that I stopped. Sounds crazy, but it did not help me at all. I am now back on meat and egg diet and also seeing an acupuncturist who never heard of OLP but has tried to help me with supplements and diet. Recommended L-lysine and L-arginine, among others. Seems to help my overall wellbeing but not the Oral Lichen Planus.

    I am wondering if there is anyone out there that could help me out with any information in regards to this disease. I suspect of autoimmune liver, as the Medical Medium described on hi Liver Cure Book, but even not sure how to proceed.

    If you or anyone reading this post and know anything, any insight, please help. Going back years I realize that I’ve had oral lichen planus for years, but it was very bad during the time that I found out I had EBV. I feel depressed and hopeless when it coms to solving OLP. Please help 🙁

    Thank you.

  19. Jen Moon says:

    Hi all,
    There seem to be quite a few of us in Seattle! Thanks for posting where you go for autohemotherapy.
    Jennifer Baker: another friend and I get distinctive mouth sores, usually on the gums, when the EBV is kicking back up or I haven’t paved myself.
    Debbie highsmith Parris: I took “brain” drugs before my diagnosis so I went back on 3 of them; Cognitex, phenylpiracetam (there are other piracetams but I find this one most effective), and CDP choline aka citicoline. If I could only pick one, it’d be Cognitex (Buy from their site.) The days I take them, I do much better at work.
    I have a great Naturopath in Seattle if anyone is looking; she will pull in Western medicine if needed. For instance, I started on Valacyclovir pretty quickly because two of my lab results were incredibly high. We checked back and they’ve both dropped a lot.

    I’m at boydmoon at yahoo dot com if you’d like her name etc.

  20. Raquel says:

    Hi. Try MMS (Mineral Miracle Solution), see Andreas Kalcker “the forbidden cure” book. Orthomoleculars say high doses of intravenous ascorbic acid also cures it.

  21. Debbie Highsmith Parrish says:

    So glad to have found Elizabeth’s website and blog to learn of her personal experience and others sharing comments of their experience, thought I was alone with my symptoms. Recently learned of active EPV, doctor ordered additional blood test to determine DNA of virus. I’m still trying to understand the virus, testing results and its impact but truly greatfull for the diagnosis after 5+ years of “not-living” with undiagnosed symptoms, reduced quality of life to nearly non-existent. Diagnosed with relapsing MS 3 years ago but symptoms have lingered, at times becoming worse. The main issue effecting me the most, physically and mentally, is cognitive function. I’m unable to execute tasks, I can explain in detail process but can’t follow through myself, may attempt several times but become frustrated and give up plus have normal “brain fog” symptoms with memory by forgetting necessary functions like failing to make bank deposit or mail bill payments and also by constantly loosing critical items like cell phone, keys and debit cards. Does anyone else have these type brain fog or other cognitive function issues? Wish everyone the best.

  22. Arielle says:

    I enjoyed all theee posts, thank you! I have been on the Medical Medium protocol for 90+ days and most of my symptoms from EBV are 90% better. However, I still have swollen lymph nodes and even some new ones under my arm. The ones in my neck have been ultrasounded and checked out to be ‘normal’… is this a typical symptom of EBV (even after the initial swelling has gone down)? Is this a detox symptom from my protocol?

  23. Valerie Murphy says:

    Interested in ozone. I am wondering if it is just a temporary fix….in your experience have you had to continue doing indefinite treatments? How often do you do an infusion?

    • Theresa Kaul says:

      Theresa says:
      September 28, 2020 at 6:47 pm
      Could you please tell me how often you had to do ozone i.v. initially? I am told once a week, & I can barely afford it. But Ive started. What if I can only do it 3x a month. Valwrie if you get an answer can you let me know

  24. Frustrated and fatigued says:

    I just stumbled across your website and I m intrigued. I have just been diagnosed with Reactivated EPV for the second time in 2 years . I’m almost 51 years and im always active. I first got mono at 14 and at that time diagnosed with Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism. Im so frustrated as I cant go through another bout of this extreme fatigue and need to help . I am Gluten ,Dairy and meat free

  25. Annie Knight says:


    I have been working with a Naturopath for 5 weeks. And have my next appointment in 3 weeks. How long did it take for you to start feeling better ?

    Love your blog

  26. Jennifer Baker says:

    I ran across your blog after recently getting bloodwork showing reactivated EBV. I’ve had a host of medical issues for years. But without writing a book about all of it I will share the most recent symptoms. (I’m sure most people can relate that it’s just tiring sharing over and over again the long list of symptoms with no answers to the root of them.)
    Since May of 2018(it’s now Feb of 2019) I have had no stop mouth sores covering the inside of my cheeks, lips etc… except for a few brief periods that I had to break down and do a few weeks of steroids, that is the ONLY thing that has given any relief in them. I’ve had 3 biopsies of the tissue in my mouth, skin allergy testing, countless blood tests. I also get these sores/blisters on my body. Right now there are probably almost a dozen on my back and here and there other places. They are itchy and sore. The EBV is the only test that has finally pointed a possible answer but I don’t find many other people sharing these same symptoms! Is there ANY ONE out there who struggles with CONSTANT sores/blisters in your mouth???? Would not wish this on anyone and don’t want the “company” in these symptoms but would LOVE to hear if anyone has found a resolution to this type of problem! Thanks for your long detailed post. Will be trying a few things to see if they work any better then the things I’ve already tried and had no relief from.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m so sorry! That sounds awful and so uncomfortable. I can’t offer you any advice, I just wanted you to know that somebody read this. I hope you’re able to find answers!

    • Jenny says:

      YES, I have had a huge increase in mouth sores in the last 6 months and was just told I have reactivated EBV. Reading your post was like… “Yes, but wouldn’t put those two things together.”. I’m using herbs and homeopathy to try to heal this round which has been going on for many, many years!

    • Meghan Monokian says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I feel you! 10 years of constant battles with fatigue, swollen glands, lymph nodes, eczema psoriasis (within the past 2 years), developed a gluten and dairy intolerance. My hands get sores they actually looked like burns the last time and one on top of my lip.

      Figured why not throw a possibility out there for you, I don’t test for any allergies but I figured out after high school that peanuts and cashews are a main trigger. As soon as I stopped eating them I stopped getting bumps all over the sides of my cheeks inside my mouth. Do you eat nuts?

      • Amanda says:

        Yes, I stopped eating nuts, almonds, etc and started taking lysine and it totally helped with the mouth sores. I can’t seem to get rid of the sore in my left nostril. 🤔

        • Josie S. says:

          Reading all these comments, I can relate and it’s so difficult to go through for years on end with no real relief. I’ve seen every doctor, specialist and gotten all the allergy tests, scans etc, except for EBV. I came to this conclusion after years of reading about health and it just clicked one day, I had chicken pox as around 11 and was never the same healthwise. Allergy testing just confirmed what I had already figured out, that I was severely allergic to any and all fragrance, but also very sensitive to any form of salicylic acid (also in fragrance). Once I learned and eliminated what foods, body/health products had this in it, my nose and mouth sores went away. It used to be terrible, blisters, fissures, bleeding, for which I tried every cream and prescription available. I am now seeing and naturopath for the other symptoms and diagnosises I have, trying to heal and although I haven’t had any further testing done yet due to covid restrictions, we are looking at potential EBV and repeated cycling. My husband too has a lot of the same issues and he had mono at 6 years old, for which he was hospitalized. We are on a good regime of supplements the naturopath suggested and our diet and home was already chem-free & as organic as can be, including clothes made of natural fibres. Our health has greatly improved, but there’s still a ways to go. I wish everyone well.

    • Jill says:

      Hi there,
      Yes- about 4 years ago after a particularly strong bout of partying my EBV flared up in the form of horrible herpetic ulcers all down my throat and my entire mouth.
      It was so awful.. I was very ill for probably a month.. and beyond that.
      I have had to do a total lifestyle change but it’s a battle – this virus.

  27. Brenda Berner says:

    I found your site today and am anxious to incorporate some of the natural treatments. My grandson, 10 years old, became VERY ill last January and it took them two months to finally say it may have something to do with EBV. (I actually read the Medical Medium last year when this began and added his recommendations to our protocol) Since the initial event, he has had atleast one flareup but we have to monitor his activity closely as he will crash easily. I assume most of the folks reading your blog are adults dealing with this issue but it can happen in a child and it is very hard to get the doctors to go beyond ‘It is in his head’. Thanks for the post regarding the testing as well. Brenda

  28. Danielle Grant says:

    Thank goodness for the internet, and finding this website. I have been diagnosed today with EBV. It has taken too long to get here, and I have spent many visits to the GP explaining I am not well only to be told I am fine….grrrrr !
    Anyway thank you Elizabeth, your story has given me light bulb moments, and whilst I am at the eeeek, read EVERYTHING NOW stage it’s helpful to know others who are in the same position.
    Thank you, for helping me this evening, it has meant the world just to access information x

  29. Abigail says:

    What is the clinic in seattle you had the ozone treatment one in?
    Thanks. Love your blog!

    • Hi! The clinic is called Advanced Medical Therapies.

      • Tara M says:

        Excellent thank you! I’ve been doing tons of research cause I think my EBV may be reactivated (initially in my 30s) and I saw a great Naturopath! Anyway I read your story and I’m like wait that’s MY same story!! Eeeekkk to not be alone or feel crazy – I’m VERY interested in the Autohemotherapy treatments. First I’ve heard of them – so thank you!!! Along with all the other supplemental advice some I’ve heard to do others I’ve never heard of – again thank you for sharing your story! ❤️

  30. Zizi says:

    Thank you for the great explanation. I just have one inquiry, I have several autoimmune, will these supplements that help treat EBV will have adverse effects by activating and increasing my autoimmune? Please advise.

    • Hi Zizi, autoimmune issues are complex and every person is different so I can’t advise on this either way. My advice is to learn about the pros and cons of each supplement to determine if they are right for you and/or seek the assistance of a health care provider. In general, I think it’s beneficial for everyone to at least take a high-quality multivitamin like the USANA one linked above. ~E

  31. Abbie says:

    Can you share the location where you had the blood ozone therapy in Seattle? I just relocated here and am certain I’m dealing with EBV reactivation. Thank you!

    • Abbie, Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle – they are great! I’m not technically a patient as my MD is at Sanoviv Medical Institute, but they have a doctor referral program so my MD wrote my treatment protocol and they executed it. If I needed a doctor here I would start there. ~E

  32. Shannon says:

    Did you notice a spike in thyroid antibodies while on echinacea? My blood work did not include it but my TSH went up less than a point 1 month after using the lemon balm/echinacea and Lauricidin. Echinacea came up in one of my summer reading books as possibly a problem in autoimmune folks. I am weighing if it is worth seeing through for the end result of putting Epstein Barr virus to death vs. if it increases anti-body activity.

    • Shannon, I didn’t notice that but it’s an interesting observation. The body is complex! It’s all about finding what works for you. Thanks for sharing with us. ~E

    • Kate says:

      Hi Shannon, I have Hashimoto’s and ME/cfs (and deactivated EBV) so have been trying an anti-viral protocol for a bit (which led me here to Elizabeths blog). I also have been following the Medical Medium protocol. In the past when I have used a tincture of Echinacea I have found it brought on inflammation in my thyroid (aching thyroid) so I haven’t been using it. I don’t understand why? I’ve sometimes reacted to herbs in the past. I do use the lemon balm (as a whole herb capsule) but am going to look into using the tincture instead. Hope this helps?

  33. Alexi says:

    I agree with everything you said…up to a point. I have followed youe exact same path from chronic strep to active chronic EBV. I also became a health coach bc I was on such a journey to heal myself prior to my most recent diagnosis. ( after lupus, fibro? Chronic menegitis, hashi). Where you lost me was the protein comment. You’re very off there and a typical person could never consume enough protein at one sitting for glucogenisis to occur. Besides, it’s demand driven. I feel a low carb or Keto diet is good for EBV bc protein is the least inflammatory of all foods. I still have some veggies here or there, but will tell you when I up my carbs ( even with fruit or veggies) I feel way worse. Just something to think about.

    The research is out there on glucogenisis- u fortunately many people spread this misnomer that moderate amounts of protein will cause it. That’s not true in the least.

    Anyway- great blog!

  34. Jan says:

    Anthony Williams books are hands down the most comprehensive available for EBV and thyroid issues. I’ve even gotten my Naturapath reading them.

    I am wondering if anyone has any info or knowledge of essential oils for EBV and also red light therapy. I can’t find a lot on either.

  35. Itzi Camio says:

    Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for this really helpful blog. I was recently diagnosed with reactivated Epstein Barr and have also been doing the diet and supplements from the Medical Medium book and my biggest question at this point is this: I tried the raw fruit and vegetable cleanse for about a week but I already run cold and found that the raw diet made me even colder. I believe my Ayurvedic dosa is VATA, which recommends warm cooked spicy foods as my constitution is already slow, cold and sluggish. I’m curious if you know much about ayurveda because I don’t believe the Medical Medium books/diet recommendations follow the different ayurvedic constitutions. I do believe that our bodies are all different so it’s curious to me that the Medical Medium books have a one size fits all as it relates to the diet recommendations. Thanks for listening and interested to hear what anybody has to say about this!

    • Tracy says:

      I agree, Itzi! I am also Vata and have not done the Medical Medium cleanse for the reason you stated. And my body is telling me “warm and nourishing right now.”

    • Kate says:

      Hi Itzi Camio, I agree! I’m Kapha mostly, so too damp to try raw fruit and veg, esp in cold clines. My background is in Chinese medicine which has a lot of parallels to Ayurveda. The Hashimoto’s also lends towards the cold and low metabolism I find even with meds. I try to exist in the sweet spot of 22 deg C!! Not a mean feat! I do eat plenty of fruit and veg though. Often stewed fruit or a mix of stewed and fresh. Mostly steamed/roasted/sautéed veges. Even though celery is a bit cooling I would still have the juice first thing.

      I’m finding as long as I have a pretty ok diet, the herbs and supplements are making a real difference. Esp found going off eggs (I love eggs!!!) makes a huge difference.

  36. Becky says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Can you explain how the ozone treatment is done that you have had….specifically, is each treatment a single injection (and if so, where), or is the treatment done through an IV, and are you getting an additional treatment done as well such as UV light etc., or just that treatment alone with an IV? Thanks much.

    • Wesley says:

      I’m currently having it done. My practitioner draws blood from me via IV and mixes it with ozone in a bag, then reinfuses it back into me. There are other ways of doing it though I think.

      • Theresa Kaul says:

        Theresa says:
        September 28, 2020 at 6:47 pm
        Could you please tell me how often you had to do ozone i.v. initially? I am told once a week, & I can barely afford it. But Ive started. What if I can only do it 3x a month. can you let me know

  37. Kait says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks so much for this post! I’m wondering what you think of fish oil—I know the medical medium is against it, but notice you mention taking it. What are your thoughts?
    Thanks so much for all you share! <3

  38. Cheri says:

    Im interested in the Virus attack tincture that you mentioned. Is is by Herb Pharm and called Viru Attack? I’d love to know the company that produces it.
    Thanks so much,

  39. Nikita Ivanov says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the wonderful write-up. There are very few out there that are as detailed as this. I am in my early 20s and I too have chronic problems with EBV. I have recently begun following this protocol to a tee with the advice of a naturopath, and had a few questions I am hoping you can answer.

    1. How many ozone therapy sessions did it take for you to start feeling better? How frequently did you get them done?
    2. Overall, how long did it take for you to get back to feeling normal after realizing EBV was the culprit and starting to treat it?
    3. What has been the role of exercise in helping you recover? During your more severe periods of fatigue, did exercise help or make it worse? Is light exercise more advisable than strict bed-rest for recovery from acute reactivation?
    4. Have you ever incorporated any mindfulness or mental health strategies in your recovery?

    Thank you so much,

    • Courtney says:

      Hello, I was diagnosed with ebv reactivation 10 months ago. The virus is no longer active but i am still having a bunch of symptoms everyday and haven’t had one normal day at all. I’m wondering what your symptoms are and is normal to have symptoms even when your not in reactivation?I really hope to hear back. Thank you!

  40. Christine Tross says:

    Thank you…this has been helpful. I’ve suspected for sometime now that the (diagnosed) EPV that has probably now taken up residence in my liver, as I am now nauseous all the time, has been the cause of my constantly feeling unwell and bowel and digestive issues….but I’m not sure how accessible the ozone treatments are here in Australia. Which would be the best book to buy for information on this.

    • Linda says:

      Hi, thought i would mention that ozone therapy is available here in Australia in Sydney (Ozone Clinic)… as Christine was asking.
      I’m about to start my treatments next week. Fingers crossed!!

  41. Joyce Wagner says:

    Thank you for this. I recently was tested and learned that the virus had reactivated in my body. All my doctor could tell me was to rest and take vitamins. I want to do more to feel better.

  42. Amanda Henley says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with mono at age 16. And have had strep in my 20s. I’m now 46 and go to an hormone balancing doctor that has done lots of labwork on me. I have multiple nodules on my thyroid but all of my thyroid levels have been good. I get them checked annually. He did find thyroid antibodies in my blood, which he said indicates that I have Hashimotos but asymptomatic due to normal thyroid levels. I also have homozygous MTHFR gene mutation that he found. I do take methyl B12 for my elevated homocysteine levels and it has helped. I’m on bioidentical progesterone for low levels as well. It has helped relieve my symptoms of heart palpitations, anxiety, and insomnia. Take it at night. Vitamin D levels are low so I take 2000 IU daily. Take vitamin C, B complex, and E daily. E for fibrocystic breast disease. I’m also on Elderberry gummies for four season. I have decent energy levels but sluggish at times. I do have frequent muscle/joint aches. Not on any prescription drugs. Don’t take the flu shot. I usually exercise 3 days a week with cardio and weights, sometimes yoga. But I fractured my leg 10 weeks ago, so healing from that. I have a history of superficial basal cell skin cancer at for about 15+ years with multiple excisions all over my body. Also have rosacea, which has dramatically improved with Soolantra cream at bedtime and frankincense hydrosol spray. I also take a scoop of marine hydrolyzed collagen in my coffee daily for hair, skin, joints. Normal weight of 135 lbs and 5ft 6in. Size 4-6. Eat healthy for the most part. Occasional fast food. Love fruits and veggies. Any advice on healing? I would greatly appreciate it.

  43. Robyn Colon-Howlin says:

    Chronic ebv struggler here. I take so many supplements I gag! I tried looking up the Whole Foods tincture oF echinacea and lemon balm but didn’t find out. Can u put up a link plz?

  44. Lauren Mackaill says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your valuable knowledge on EBV and what treatments work for you best. Im a 34 year old woman who previous to falling ill to mono, was extremely active. I have been dealing with CFS as a result of the mono for 3.5 years now. It has completely changed my life and at times I was so low and hopeless I wondered what the point of living was if I was to feel like I couldn’t move every day:( I’m looking forward to trying out your recommendations!! Lots of love and thanks your way! ❤️✌🏽
    PS: question for you: what are your thoughts on caffeine? I don’t really drink alcohol anymore so Iced teas are
    my vice now ! Thanks again !

  45. Kimberly says:

    I have reactivated EBV and I can’t get rid of it. I wake up every day with a sore throat and have tried a lot of different vitamin treatments. Your blood ozone treatments intrigue me….I live in Seattle too. Can you share with me where you had those in the area? Thank you.

    • Hi Kimberly, I was referred to Advanced Medical Therapies by my physician. I’m not sure what their process is for scheduling without a referral but I’m sure they’ll tell you over the phone. Feel better! ~E

    • Reba says:

      Hi Kimberly. I’m in Seattle, too. Would be great to connect with others who have this thing as I kind of feel all alone in it. Send me an email if intersted. Thanks. Rebecca

  46. Watona RoBards, RN, ND says:

    Hi, Liz~~I just found your blog and love it! I have reactivated EBV and am trying to find the best treatment for me. I am currently doing UBI treatments. Is that the same treatment as you gave done—the Major Autohemotherapy Therapy? They sound similar, but there may be a big difference.

    Thank you and mant blessings to you and your work,

    Watona RoBards, RN, ND

  47. Lisa says:

    Great info! Thank you! Hoping to get down to Saniviv some time. As far as a natural thyroid supplement, ask your FMD about GTA-Forte-II, by Biotics Research. Dr. Kalish (my FMD) recommended it for my low Thyroid and it has helped me.

  48. Debbie Biggan says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey … my family and I are on the same path… so happy to hear you take monolaurin .. we have that as a staple … we have ordered supplements from the medical medium site Over amazon …hmmm hopefully they are ok ? I will check into it further for sure .. thank you for that advise ❤️❤️❤️ I use infrared sauna and pulsed electric magnetic therapy as well … just so thankful for medical medium as well as following your journey has been so helpful .. many thanks 🙏 take care

  49. Linda Blankenheim says:

    I also have low thyroid and EBV. I am using Medical Medium protocol. My doctor has me on NP thyroid, a natural thyroid medication. I read your post and thanks for sharing it! Monolaurin is also recommended by Anthony William (Medical Medium); a friend mentioned it. I didn’t see it the first time I read Medical Medium, but on further inspection, I found it on page 54 with a brief description. I also read somewhere that if you are following Medical Medium, do not take L-lysine and Vitamin C at the same time. It wasn’t in the book. Maybe on one of his blogs or the facebook page. My doctor said because my EBV numbers were so high, that it may take a year or more to heal. I think I have been doing this for about 2 years now. I do not follow it 100%. It has been very hard for me to get off meat products, and sometimes processed foods. I have this strange desire for wieners!! So I buy the healthiest wieners I can find. Then I allow myself only 2 a day when I really get a big yearning for them. Cheese has been another thing that it is hard to let go of, and it and dairy products) sneaks into foods that you least expect. I feel much better but haven’t been in to see the doctor in a while. I think he told me to wait at least 6 months or more. He doesn’t see the sense in continuing to test my thyroid and EBV levels when they aren’t changing much. If I feel the thyroid medicine needs to be lowered I am to call him and go in. So far I am feeling good! I am trying to eat more whole foods, and foods that come from the earth. I LOVE cooking and it is hard to let go of that. It is also difficult to eat out. Eating out is my one social activity, and I LOVE TO EAT! I recently found a really good, pretty healthy restaurant. They serve tacos with lots of raw slaw veggies. Of course I want the grilled fish and the sauce too! Not easy! Thanks to you, Elizabeth, and FMTV and a few other sites, I have managed fairly well to stay motivated. Your blog last week came at the perfect time when I felt like giving up! Sometimes I am glad to find out that I am not alone facing this (though I don’t want anyone else to suffer). Thank you so much for being brave and sharing with the rest of us! YOU are not alone in this anymore than I am! Together we can do this! Happy eating and thanks for all the recipes!! Sending you love and happiness!

  50. Christy @ says:

    Hi Elizabeth!

    I’m a Med Medium fan too and I’ve also been suffering with an EBV reactivation, possibly one of many that I’ve had since having Mono in HS, looking back at times I was so sick and never knew to get tested. Luckily my Nurse Practitioner valued my health enough to do the EBV panel!

    I was curious what you’re diet is like. I eat a lot of fruit & veg, but I was unable to follow Anthony’s full protocol. Too much fruit was making me worse & causing major stomach issues. I also couldn’t go without meat, but cut down a lot while I was suffering with the worst of my symptoms. I also cut out all the virus-feeding foods. After a couple months I’ve sporadically started eating eggs again. I know Anthony is very much against eating them, but I’ve read info from other Doctors and Naturopaths saying that they are good because they are nourishing.

    Now my hair has been falling out and thinning and I still get so exhausted. I’m starting to think the infection either never went dormant again, or I relapsed. I’m going to ask for another panel when I go in a couple weeks.

    I was just curious if you’re Paleo or AIP? Thanks!

    • Hi Christy! I’m really glad you asked this… it’s the premise of my book that’s coming out next year 🙂 (Hay House 2019). In general, I don’t think we need to label our way of eating. When you put a label on it (vegan, AIP, Paleo) it can be more confusing than just eating well. I get that it helps to have a plan, but you have to modify any plan to fit your needs to help you feel best. The best way to know if a food should be in your rotation is to eliminate it for 6 weeks then add it back in. If you feel better, keep eating it. If not, eliminate it. I did the same thing with eggs and do an elimination every year or so just to check in to make sure they are still agreeing with me. In general, I eat mostly vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free but there are always exceptions to it. I enjoy fish, eggs, chicken and turkey. I sometimes eat goat cheese or raw European cheese. I sometimes eat whole bran crackers. You have to do what makes you feel best in the season of the year and your season of life. Eating habits naturally evolve and change—it’s ok to not follow a protocol exactly. It’s also ok to follow a protocol exactly if it’s making you feel good. In general, eat as much whole, real food as possible and eat to feel good. It’s going to take an entire book to teach my entire way and philosophy around it, and the good news is that it’s coming soon 😉 Hope that helps! ~E

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