50 Ways to Use Your Health Coach Certification

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If becoming a health coach intrigues you, but you’re not quite sure what you would do with your certification yet, then this post is for you!

You probably know the option of creating your own business and working with clients, but maybe the sound of that just doesn’t give you a concrete idea. Or maybe you’re just curious about what else you could do with your certification.

The good news is, the options are basically  e n d l e s s  when it comes to engaging, interesting and rewarding ways to use your health coaching certification.

Before I became a health coach, I had no idea that it was even a career! Fast-forward to eight years later, and I’ve met hundreds—if not thousands—of thriving health coaches all around the world while speaking at events and getting to know new communities.

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To get the ball rolling for you, I’ve listed 50 ways to use your health certification below.. But think of this as just a starter list to get you going. If you don’t see anything on here that suits your fancy, then keep thinking and creating your perfect role! One of the coolest things about becoming a health coach is that you get to make it work for you. You can create your own future.

Elizabeth Rider 50 Ways to Use My Health Coach Certification

Ways you can use your health coach certification to make money and a career:

  1. Start your own health coaching practice and work with clients one-on-one in your local area.
  2. Create a healthy lifestyle website and offer one-on-one health coaching sessions via Skype or web-conferencing.
  3. Work with clients in group settings or support groups in your local area.
  4. Host online group programs using pre-recorded video content.
  5. Use your health coaching knowledge to educate and thus generate more sales for your network marketing company (I’m looking at you, supplements and essential oils!)
  6. Join another established health coaching practice.
  7. Become the resident health coach at your local integrative-minded doctor or chiropractor’s office.
  8. Host paid health talks or events at your local gym or fitness studios.
  9. Become a wellness consultant for high-end spas.
  10. Be the go-to health coach for a yoga studio.
  11. Partner with a local gym or yoga studio for wellness packages.
  12. Become a natural foods personal chef.
  13. Create a healthy catering company or join an existing one.
  14. Host paid cooking classes or demos at a natural grocery food store.
  15. Write articles on health, wellness or nutrition for magazines, websites and other media outlets.
  16. Start a health-focused podcast and find sponsors who love your content.
  17. Write and self-publish cookbooks or healthy lifestyle books.
  18. Offer corporate wellness coaching and health programs.
  19. Become a professional health blogger to share your journey and story.
  20. Become a professional travel blogger finding healthy spots all around the world.
  21. Start a health-focused monthly membership site (mine is called The Mint Wellness Circle®!)
  22. Develop healthy skincare or make-up products.
  23. Turn your favorite, well-loved recipe into the next greatest product.
  24. Work in health advocacy.
  25. Become a motivational speaker and speak on stages around the world.
  26. Start a healthy meal planning service to help people plan their weekly meals.
  27. Start a healthy meal delivery service in your local area where you deliver healthy meals for a subscription price.
  28. Open a health-focused restaurant or health food store, or become an advisor to one.
  29. Become a school health adviser to help make school-aged children make healthier choices.
  30. Work with local organizations to help your community become more healthy.
  31. Become a natural chef and sell your creations at your local farmer’s market.
  32. If you love business, become a business strategist for health coaches.
  33. Become a social media manager for a health organization.
  34. Teach other health coaches how to build online businesses.
  35. Become the expert guest or editor-at-large for a health-focused publication.
  36. Build a following on YouTube doing video blogging (vlogging) on health topics and monetize the videos.

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Beyond making health coaching a full-time career, you can also:

  1. Learn more about your own health to heal your own condition from the inside out.
  2. Help improve your family’s health while you learn about your own health.
  3. Start a community garden.
  4. Volunteer at your local school helping to make healthier lunches.
  5. Become the go-to health source among your friends and family.
  6. Get involved in a local farmer’s market.
  7. Volunteer to teach families in your community how to create healthy meals and meal plans.
  8. Manage community food projects to help get more healthy local food available.
  9. Take people on farm tours talking about healthy agricultural and farming practices.
  10. Host a healthy/active/outdoor meet-up group of like-minded people in your community.
  11. Speak at health conferences or events to network and build your brand.
  12. Work on community building in your area using different health-related topics.
  13. Host a book club where you discuss the latest health topics and perspectives.
  14. Offer pro-bono or sliding scale health coaching services to under-served communities or populations in need.

Did I miss anything?! Share with us in the comments below about what you’ve done or plan to do with your health coach certification.

Still wondering why you should become a health coach? Check out this post on 10 reasons why it’s probably for you.

Now, it’s your turn:

If any of the above sounds like what you want in your life, then download your Health Coach Starter Kit if you haven’t already by clicking the button below.

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To your health & success!


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  1. Hey Elizabeth your article is amazing i am also a fitness coach really I see your efforts in this article.
    Thanks, Elizabethrider (:

  2. Michelle says:

    Great ideas. I will bookmark this and follow it through! Thanks for sharing.

  3. OCHC says:

    This is very informative! I am just getting started with my podcast but I will also follow your other tips. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Em says:

    Download your health coach starter kit link is not working, it takes me to wordpress, but says that it needs debugging
    Can you email me a copy of that?

  5. Peggy Heaton says:

    I am already a health coach. I work with autism families helping them eliminate sugar and build healthier eating habits so they can thrive and grow in a more healthier direction. Looking for new ideas.
    All the best, Peggy

  6. Brigitte says:

    Was wondering what the best health coach certification course is?
    I don’t see the list posted in the comments!!

    • Hi Brigitte! Click on Become a Health Coach in the footer here, I recommend Integrative Nutrition on that page and you can signup to get my discount! 🙂 I don’t allow links in my comments or I’d link it for you. Just scroll to the footer to click on my menu at the top. ~E

      • Toni says:

        I’ve been following you a while now (love the emails!) but didn’t realize you also were an IIN fan! I just completed the HCTP there in ‘21 and their CIP class in December, hoping to sit for the National Board Exam this summer. Love your list here! And 🥳🥳to Integrative Nutrition! 💕👍

  7. Tiffany says:

    I have a created a program on everyday nutrition through gardening called Growing Your Own Groceries where I teach nutritious eating and cooking in your own backyard or in containers. I will continue to offer one on one and group coaching while creating my holistic lifestyle & gardening blog.

  8. Michelle Miller says:

    Hi, I am trying to find a great on line health coach program to get my certification. Which one is your favorite? Which one did you use for your certification? Thanks, Michelle

  9. mel says:

    Thanks for the fulfillment.

  10. Hannah says:

    Very useful list, thank you very much! You have inspired me & I’ve only been on your website about 10 minutes so far! 🙂

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