Top 10 Reasons You Should Become a Health Coach

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Become a Health Coach

Are you excited to wake up Monday morning and start your week?

Or, do you have a knot in your stomach as the weekend winds down to a close? Maybe it’s butterflies, heart palpitations, or a lump of dread smack dab in your gut.

If you identify more with the knot in your stomach than feeling fulfilled, you’re not alone. Trust me—you’re so not alone! I want you to know this: It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can spend your days (and your life) doing something that you absolutely love. Something that gets you excited to jump out of bed each morning and start your day. Something that fills you with joy and fulfillment.

The thing I dislike most in the world is seeing people suffer through unfulfilling jobs, not knowing that there are new and better options out there. Because let’s face it—most of us spend a good chunk of our life at work.

Now, picture this: You are beaming with passion and gratitude over a life well-lived, doing something that fulfills your heart and soul. If you’re passionate about health, wellness, spirituality, nutrition, food, and the like, then you’re going to want to listen up!

I know what it’s like. I used to dread the end of the weekend, the start of another work week. I’d get cranky, or anxious, or just plain down in the dumps. But when the opportunity to become a health coach came along, I jumped at it, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

If you feel called to make a shift, to learn more about your own health for personal reasons, or to make a career switch, then consider becoming a health coach.

When you become a health coach, you’ll get to…

1. Engage in something you’re passionate about every damn day.

Have you always loved health and wellness? Food and nutrition, spirituality or entrepreneurship? Then you’ll love spending your days learning about these things and doing something that excites you.

2. Help other people feel as good as you do.

How would it feel to help others achieve their goals, feel better, become healthier and happier and work towards their dreams? You could be a part of that. That is fulfilling in and of itself! And only serves to enhance the love for what you do.

3. Help make the world a more positive place.

The world needs this so badly right now. We need more health coaches!

Pretty epic, right? By helping others shift their priorities, make healthier changes, feel better, and become healthier, people start to show up in the world in a better way. Happier, healthier people means people who will behave nicely and treat others better, and that positive ripple just continues on from there.

Think of it like this: you walk up to a shop entrance, and the person in front of you holds the door open, smiles and compliments your shoes. It lights you up and puts you in a better mood, and then you’re able to go on and make someone else’s day brighter too. Compare that to being stuck in traffic and instead of someone letting you in to the next lane, they block you off, and honk at you when you try to get over. Now you’re annoyed and less likely to be nice to the next person trying to do the same thing. The ripples of our actions can go in either direction—positive or negative. So let’s make it the former!

4. Study from wherever you want. 

Hellooo location freedom!

You can even set up your business in such a way that you can also work from wherever you want! Sipping a matcha latte in a cafe in Bali? Yes, please!

Grab your Health Coach Starter Kit here.

5. Have more work-life balance and flexibility.

Life as a health coach centers around you being the best and brightest version of yourself—so that you can help light other people up and help lift them to their highest selves. If that means you need to get outside every morning because it brightens your day, then that becomes a priority! Or maybe it’s a nature walk every afternoon, and even a siesta after lunch. Basically, you get to live in such a way where you prioritize what’s important to you. It’s not all work and no play. It’s adequate play and work, which ensures a healthier, happier you.

6. Live a life you love (one that you’re excited about!).

This is pretty self-explanatory, but no less important as the rest. When you get to prioritize your health and happiness, AND do something you love, this makes for a pretty amazing life! You’ll likely be excited to get out of bed every morning and start your day.

7. Meet and get to know amazing people all over the world.

One of the coolest parts is all the people you’ll meet along the way. Before I became a health coach, I had a lot of friends and good social connections. But after studying as a health coach, I now have friends in almost every major city in the world and have connected with countless people at live events and online. My healthy online family keeps growing every day.

If you love health, wellness, nutrition and the like, how fun would it be to meet other like-minded people on the same journey as you?

8. Become the healthiest version of yourself.

The first person who you’ll likely implement this new information on, is you! You’ll start to eat better, feel better, align more closely with your true values, shift priorities, and maybe even resolve some lingering health symptoms along the way.

9. Beyond health & wellness, learn about entrepreneurship, personal growth, happiness and more.

If you love all of these topics, you’d probably be thrilled to learn all about them. If you feel like you have a huge thirst for knowledge on health and wellness, you’ll likely feel quenched with all you’ll learn in your training.

10. Elevate the health of your family and loved ones with all your newfound knowledge and information.

I bet you have family, friends, and even kids who you’d love to help too. Life is just better when your loved ones are around! So you can help keep them healthy too with your newfound knowledge.

Looking for more ideas? Here are 50 ways you can do with your health coach certification.

Now, it’s your turn:

If any of the above sounds like what you want in your life, then download your Health Coach Starter Kit by clicking the button below.

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To your success!

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    Very informative.. Do you have a blogger or recommend one that is not very expensive. On health coaching. Very impress with you

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