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The Health Habit Elizabeth Rider

Holy organic cow friends!

My new (and first!) book, The Health Habit is finally here.

I wrote this book to get you out of the negative diet cycles of believing that you have to live with restriction and give up entire food groups to be happy and free.

Because that’s just not the case.

In my own personal experience, and from observing the thousands of women who have completed my online programs, I believe that working toward the feeling of freedom (the better of the F-words)—in all areas of life—is what leads to the highest levels of well-being.

Freedom from the guilt we feel around food choices, freedom from negative self-talk, and freedom from knowing we can feel better but not understanding how to make it happen.

The Health Habit Elizabeth Rider Blog

Grab The Health Habit now to learn:

  • a new way to look at setting goals (so you can actually reach them)
  • how to figure out the best way to eat for you
  • health numbers you should know (these can make or break your health!)
  • how to detox nasty chemicals out of your home
  • what you should do each morning to have more energy and happiness during the day
  • what you should do each evening to set yourself up for more restful sleep (hint: sleep is the best drug on the planet)
  • a flexible 28-day kickstart program
  • and 50 starter recipes
  • plus get free downloadable PDFs that include your Health Habit Tracker, Healthy Homemade Cleaners & Home Sprays Guide, and the Audible audiobook version of the Introduction + Chapter 1
  • See inside the book here

Customize Your Health Habit Workshop—Free This Week Only

To celebrate the release of the book, I’m hosting a live 2-hour health coaching workshop, and it’s free to you when you get your copy this week!

This workshop will be $197 after August 23, so secure your free seat now.

Customize Your Health Habit Action Plan Workshop

All orders (hardcopy, audiobook, e-book) from all retailers (online or in-person) are eligible to get a free seat in the workshop. Click here to see the online retailer options (most have it for 30% off!), or you can grab your copy off the Hot New Release table at Barnes & Noble or select local bookstores across the US.

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this book, and I look forward to “seeing” you at the workshop…

To your health!

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