Spring Detox Series: 6 Ways To Detox Your Body

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Continuing with the theme of Spring detoxing, here are 6 easy ways to detox your body. You can also check out the 7 Ways To Detox Your Diet if you haven’t already.

Detox Your Body

1. Ditch the antiperspirant. Sweating is one of your body’s main ways of releasing toxins. Especially under your arms where lymph nodes live. Antiperspirant locks the toxins in, and that’s bad news. Find a natural deodorant that doesn’t have any antiperspirant or aluminum in it. I like the Lavender Enzyme Stick by Kiss My Face.

2. Steam and soak it out. 10-20 minutes in a sauna or Healthy Body Detoxing Bath will do wonders for your health.

3. Ditch any personal care products (i.e. everything you use to get pretty) that list parabens or phthalates on the labels. You can read more about this in my Free WholeLivingGuide. Click here to download it if you haven’t already.

4. Sweat it out. Sweating during any type of exercise is key to getting toxins out of your body.

5. Get your yoga on. Many yoga poses – especially ones with twists – release toxins from your organs for you to eliminate. Once they’re released, water, fiber, and sweating will help eliminate them from your body. End your yoga session with lots of pure water and have a yummy greens-rich salad when you get home for extra detoxing power.

6. Focus your mind. The meditative aspect of yoga will calm and declutter your mind and reduce stress. Less stress means lower levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your body, which will allow for a better detox.

Have more ways to detox your diet? Share with others by leaving a comment below.


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