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Banana, Oranges, Grapes, Halloween Fruit Ideas Elizabeth Rider

Let’s make some fun Halloween fruits!

Treats are everywhere this time of year, and while it’s totally ok to enjoy some Halloween candy, we all know it’s always a good idea to eat your fruits and veggies, too.

To be honest, I’m not great at drawing, but you don’t have to be! Read the tips below to make the face shapes. This fun Halloween fruit bowl makes it fun to enjoy the treats and the fruit, too.

Halloween Fruit Ideas Elizabeth Rider-3

Here are some fun Halloween fruit ideas that you can make with your kids. I found all of these on Pinterest and created a Healthy Halloween Pinterest Board for you to find more fun healthy Halloween ideas.

Halloween Fruit Ideas

  • Boonanas: The easiest of all, simply draw two long ovals for the eyes, a long oval for the mouth, and a few lines over the eyes for the eyebrows.
  • Orange-o’-lanterns: Draw jack-o’-lantern faces on navel oranges, clementines, or any oranges you have. See below for ideas for the jack-o’-lantern faces.
  • Googly grape eyes: The ones kids love the most, clean some green grapes and make sure they’re dry. Slice a mini marshmallow in half and use the inside part that’s sticky to stick it to the grape, then press the pointy side of a mini chocolate chip into the marshmallow.

Is it OK to write on fruit with a Sharpie? Yes, it’s totally fine as long as it’s the peel and directly on a part you eat.

Halloween Fruit Bowl Ideas

Ingredients & Supplies

  • A black sharpie (you can draw on outside peels with a sharpie, they don’t bleed through on the bananas or clementines, just make sure the kids know not to eat or lick that part)
  • Bananas
  • Mandarines or clementines such at Cuties (I bought a big bag at Costco for about $5)
  • Green grapes, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips

The bananas and oranges can stay out on the counter for the weeks leading up to Halloween. The grapes will usually keep for a few days at room temp.

Jack-o’-lantern Faces

Jack-o-lantern Faces
orange colored as a jack-o-lantern

I made this bowl with my nephews and the 3.5-year-old loved it, the 4.5-year-old told my sister, “Mommy, I don’t ever want my banana to be a ghost again.” Too cute. I guess it depends on the kiddo, but the 3.5yo loved it and can’t wait to take a piece of fruit each day from the Halloween Fruit Bowl. We called the ghost bananas “boo-nanas” and he thinks it’s hilarious.

Happy Halloween!

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