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Until just a few years ago, the raw food diet was still so abstract that most people probably hadn’t heard about it.

Nowadays, the term “raw” is popping up everywhere. Have you ever wondered what it meant, and/or why people would want to eat that way?

The raw food diet consists of unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit and seaweed.

The diet includes foods in their unprocessed and uncooked state and omits most other foods. Most people include a limited amount of foods that have undergone some processing, as long as the processing does not involve heating the food over 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit. The most popular raw food diet is a raw vegan diet, but other forms include raw animal products and/or meat. Some people, like myself, aren’t fully raw vegan but try to incorporate raw recipes and dishes into their daily eating plan.

There are specific food preparation techniques used to make foods more digestible and add variety to the diet, these include, sprouting seeds, grains, and beans, juicing fruits and vegetables, soaking nuts and dried fruit, and dehydrating food. Incorporating plant-based raw proteins from nuts, hemp, greens and other sources are also critical to the raw food lifestyle.

A cornerstone of the raw food diet is that heating food above 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit can destroy enzymes in food that assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Raw foodists believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost a significant amount of their nutritional value and are harmful to the body, whereas uncooked foods provide living enzymes and proper nutrition. Benefits of the raw food diet include preventing degenerative diseases, slowing the effects of aging, providing enhanced energy, boosting emotional balance and improving overall health.

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So, is it true?

There’s still some debate, however, most health & wellness experts agree that adding more raw foods into your everyday eating plan is a must.

On a personal note – the people that I’ve personally met that adhere to a mostly raw way of eating have few health issues, never get ill, have tons of energy and look about 10-15 years younger than their actual age.

Raw Vegan Recipes

Check out the raw recipes section of my recipe archive for more raw food recipe inspirations.


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  1. Useful information! Thanks for your post

  2. Keitht johnson says:

    I think Almond and peanuts come in Raw Food. I love to Eat it alot but the saltish one, but when I eat alot of saltish Almond my blood pressure goes high, give me some tips.

  3. Rickey Jones says:

    Why onion is not mentioned over here? Onions are also one of gthe most important raw food for health and beauty which we can get easily everyday.

  4. Foods that are raw are mostly consist of vegetables and fruits but I am also incorporating nuts, beans and seaweeds in order to come up with a delicious and nutritious raw food recipe.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm a strong believer that life is too short to settle for anything less than living your best life. 

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