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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I know many of us are thinking about what we want to do for the special moms in our life. Whether you’re celebrating your mother, grandmother, or a dear friend, this gift guide is perfect for moms everywhere!

Elizabeth and Mom

me with my mama last night. sans makeup, just the way she likes it.

Of course, material gifts are not necessary to celebrate the moms or mother figures in your life. BUT, spoiling people with stuff they normally wouldn’t get for themselves is also fun, so if you want to wow a mom in your life this year, here is my go-to list of amazing gifts you can spoil a mom with that she will love.

Or, if you’re a mom and want to drop a major hint to someone, forward this email to them with a “#3 looks really fun!” or “#1 would make my day!” note and let them take it from there. 😉

I realize that Mother’s Day can be complicated for some people; it’s not all rosy for everyone. If you fall into this group, please know that I’m thinking about you, too.

And hey, make some of the bath salts (below) or treat ‘yo self to something else on this list! The only meaning anything has in life is the meaning we assign to it. You have permission to reassign the meaning of any holiday if needed. ❤️

Now, onto the list:

Great Gifts for Mom (or Anyone, Really)

In no particular order…

#1 Cozy Earth Set

cozy earth coupon code

OK, I received this 100% bamboo long-sleeve jogger set from Cozy Earth last Christmas and I’m in LOVE. So much so that I often wash it midweek so I can wear it again.

I wanted to wait a bit to recommend it because it’s a bit on the pricy side and I wanted to see how it would hold up, but I can say it’s SO worth it! It washes well and always looks nice, and bamboo is 100% natural.

It’s warm yet breathable. It’s somehow never too warm or never too cool. It looks good enough to run errands in—I even wear the top with jeans sometimes.

I have the black set and M has the navy men’s set—we both think they run true to size. I plan to get the shorts and tank next. And we’re seriously thinking about getting the sheets, too. The material is just that incredible.

If the mom in your life loves to be cozy and stylish, she will be obsessed with a set from Cozy Earth. They also have easy exchanges and returns if she needs to adjust.

Get $50 off your first order of $250 here >

#2 Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes (APLs)

APL coupon code

I’ve always been a Nike or Adidas girl, so trying APLs was a little out of my comfort zone. But I’m SO glad I did! These are the comfiest, most stylish shoes I own. Need to dress up a plain T and jeans? These shoes do it!

Want to wear comfy shoes with a dress? These work for that, too. I get compliments every time I wear them. I have the ones in the image above and these ones—they go with everything, from jeans to shorts to a maxi dress.

APLs are so well-made and worth the investment. I’m eyeing a third pair (I really want the slides!) and don’t think I can ever go back to department store tennies again.

If your mom is constantly on the go and loves a stylish find, she will love a pair of APLs.

Get $20 off your first pair of APLs > (click the link then give it a moment and your special code will pop up)

#3 Dry Farm Wines

dryfarm wine discount

Does mom love a glass of wine and is also into health? ME. TOO.

Most wines sold today are mass-produced and include excessively high levels of sugar, extra added alcohol, and 76 FDA-approved additives—yikes! Pure natural wine is rare and Dry Farm Wines has nailed it.

Dry Farm Wines is pretty much the only wine I can drink these days. Some people even call it the “no hangover” wine because it’s so low in sugar.

When they reached out a few months ago to ask if I wanted to be a partner, I was honestly a little skeptical (Would it taste ok? Can they really lab-test all of the wine?).

Every bottle is:

  • Organic/Biodynamic
  • Vegan
  • Lower Alcohol (less than 12.5%)
  • Sugar-Free (<1g/L) (less than 1 gram of sugar per bottle!!!)
  • Friendly to Keto & Paleo
  • Free of Toxic Additives Lower Sulfites (less than 75ppm) (sulfites are never added, they are naturally occurring and very low)

A few months in, I can honestly say that Dry Farm is WORTH the hype! I only take on a few partnerships every year and this is one of them. Go to this link and you can get an extra bottle for a penny when you get one of their packs.

The penny bottle isn’t available on their website—it’s just a special thing they do for partner communities.

Their customer service is also fantastic and they really eliminate the risk of not liking it. If for any reason you don’t like a bottle, they send you a new one no questions asked.

I’ve loved all but one bottle, and when I emailed in to tell them a new bottle arrived at my door a few days later. (I mean, when has that ever happened? That you buy a bottle of wine and don’t love it and the store just gives you a new one?? It’s rare, and Dry Farm does it.)

Go to to get the penny bottle with your pack >

#4 Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts

Want to make mom’s gift this year? Homemade bath salts are my go-to for anyone who loves to soak and relax. They’re affordable and easy! Plus, such a fun gift to both give and receive.

This homemade bath salts recipe blog post has become a #1 Google search over the past year because people love them so much.

A quick warning: Do NOT put homemade bath salts in an airtight container—they can build pressure and explode in glass (rare, but it can happen). Poke holes in the lid or opt for plastic baggies to store your bath salts.

Learn how to make them here >

#5 Thrive Market Membership

It’s hard to count the ways that I love Thrive Market, my go-to affordable online healthy grocer.

  • Save money? Check!
  • High-quality affordable food? Check!
  • Get all of my ingredients and staples in one place? Check!
  • Commitment to taking care of the earth? Check!
  • Helping families in need? Check!
  • Giant selection? Check!

I get almost all of my nuts, flours, baking ingredients, and condiments from Thrive Market, and their namesake extra virgin olive oil is a staple in my kitchen.

I also buy my girls the applesauce cups and even get our Wild Planet tuna there. The Acure sheet masks are a really good price on Thrive, too.

Membership is $50 and allows mom to shop there all year long and save big. Plus, for every paid membership, they donate a membership to a family in need as part of their mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.

I generally do one big order each month and sometimes two.

Thrive Market keeps a tally of “lifetime savings” by shopping there, and I’ve already saved $2,949.89 over the past 4 years! What’s really cool, too, is that if you haven’t saved at least $50 in the year they credit you the difference to shop with.

If mom likes to cook, bake, or eat good food, a Thrive Market Membership is a MUST (and really, for you, too.)

I have this link for you to get $25% off your first order (first-time customers only) and think a great gift would be to send mom her first box using that code and include a membership with it.

I would add the Thrive Market extra virgin olive oil, a jar of olives, nuts, fig spread, perhaps an Acure sheet mask, and maybe some chocolate (or shop around and include what you know the mom in your life would love.)

I put it together in my cart so you can get some ideas and see the savings:

thrive market discount thrive market discount

Get 25% off your 1st order (and free shipping over $50) >

Here’s another fun shot from the time I went on a speaking tour in Australia & New Zealand and mom joined along. I feel so lucky to be so close to my amazing mama.

Wishing you and the moms and mother figures in your life a wonderful week ahead,


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