10 Reasons To Love Beets

“Beets. Love ’em or not love ’em? And why?”

I posted that question on my Facebook page today and you all had a LOT to say. Join in on the fun here if you haven’t already; I’d love to know you’re thoughts.

I personally used to think I didn’t care for beets, but then I learned I just don’t like pickled beets. I LOVE them roasted or juiced (raw in that case, of course.)

Some people have said they don’t like beets because they taste like dirt. I agree actually; they kind of do. But you can and should learn to love them for all of the reasons listed below.

My general rule for any new food is you have to try it at least three times (sometimes up to 10) before you start to love it. Trust me, it works. If you don’t care for beets, just try them prepared differently and on multiple occasions. They’ll grow on you.

benefits of beets

Here are my top 10 reasons to love beets:

  1. Beets are gorgeous in color. Afterall, we do eat with our eyes first.
  2. Beets are a natural aphrodisiac. Ooh la la!
  3. Beet juice purifies the blood.
  4. Beet juice can be used as a natural red food coloring and dye.
  5. Beets contain trytophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of calmness.
  6. Beets are delicious and can be prepared a variety of ways. Try them raw (shred them into salads), roasted, pickled, steamed, sautéed, boiled, juiced, or pureed.
  7. Beets are full of essentials vitamins and minerals to keep your cells functioning beautifully.
  8. Beets are high in fiber and have long been known for keeping the bowel healthy.
  9. Beets are widely available and relatively inexpensive; this is because they’re in-season most of the year (summer-fall-winter).
  10. Beet juice has been proven to enhance athletic performance and stamina.

Let me know in the comments below, do you love beets, too?



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