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The Qualitarian Way Elizabeth Rider

“How the Heck Should I Eat These Days?!”…

… asks everyone.

Sound familiar?

While there isn’t one right way to eat for everyone (you have to get that black and white thinking out of your head!), there is one commanding principle of how to eat that fits everyone. It’s what I call The Qualitarian Way.

To celebrate the release of my upcoming book, The Health Habit, I want to share this excerpt from Chapter 2 to get you started on the road to more health with less stress.

Excerpt from The Health Habit (New York: Hay House, 2019):

The Qualitarian Way

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you’ve probably heard that highly processed and packaged junk food is bad for you, and real food is good for you. Yet, I don’t think most of us actually understand the lengths to which processed-food companies go to craft chemical combinations that make us addicted to their products. And don’t think that this is just reserved for the big-bad wolf companies out there. Some products that are labeled as “healthy” and found in health food stores do the same thing.

Scientists get paid big bucks to formulate flavors and combinations that set off a chemical response in your brain, one that keeps you coming back for more.

Have you ever had a cheese puff and been satisfied with just one? Of course not. The flavor and texture of those things is carefully created to make you want more. On the flip side, have you ever wanted to eat more than one banana in a row? Not really. One usually does it (and that’s what nature intended).

We’ll get into diet labels (vegan, paleo, or keto, anyone?) in Chapter 3 and whether or not it’s a good idea to follow one, but in the context of real food, I want to introduce you to the concept of becoming a qualitarian.

“A qualitarian is someone who may or may not follow a specific dietary plan, but who always evaluates the quality of food before consuming it.”
~Elizabeth Rider, The Health Habit

A qualitarian asks questions like:

  • Where did this food come from?
  • Are the ingredients naturally sourced?
  • If it’s animal-based, was the animal treated well?
  • Is this high-quality food?

Different people may have different answers to those questions. The point is that—above all else—the quality of the food is the biggest factor in determining whether to consume it. The rest of [Chapter 2] will focus on becoming a qualitarian, regardless of what else you determine for yourself, and helping you navigate all the food options available to you.

(End excerpt.)

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm a strong believer that life is too short to settle for anything less than living your best life. 

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