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Elizabeth Rider free ebook

Real health is about doing right by your body, soul and spirit—without betraying what you innately know is good for you. Things like wine can go on the list. You don’t have to magically transform into a yoga-loving, essential-oil toting hippie to be well (though, those things are kinda awesome). You can take what serves you, and leave the rest.

In case you’re new here, hi! I’m Elizabeth Rider.

I write about delicious healthy food, teach wellness without deprivation, and believe that you have the power to create exactly what you desire.

Transforming yourself into a healthy, vivacious, status-quo-can’t-keep-up-with-her kind of modern woman doesn’t have to mean giving up all the fun and resigning yourself to your new life as Sister Mary Eats Nothing Delicious. In fact, I’ve dedicated my entire body of work to making sure that isn’t the case.

It’s about being you, only better.

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