Low Energy? It Could Be Adrenal Fatigue

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If you often feel tired, have low energy and no matter what you try you can’t lose weight, weakened adrenal glands might be to blame.

Your adrenal glands are the triangle-shaped endocrine glands that sit just above the kidneys. They’re chiefly responsible for producing the hormones required to manage both physical and emotional stress.

Fatigued or overtasked adrenal glands can cause a whole host of problems in your body and can be the culprit for your lack of energy or inability to lose weight. Take a look at the list below – if you have 2 or more of these symptoms, it might be adrenal fatigue.

Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

(a.k.a. Adrenal Exhaustion or Adrenal Burnout)

  • Excessive sweating or perspiration from little activity
  • Lower back pain and/or knee weakness or pain, especially on the side
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle twitches
  • Low blood sugar
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sensitivity to light, or difficulty seeing at night
  • A craving for salt
  • Low stamina for stress, easily irritated
  • Excessive mood responses after eating carbohydrates such as pasta, breads and sugar
  • Chronic infections
  • Low blood pressure
  • Light-headedness on standing up
  • Tired but wired feeling, poor sleep
  • Cravings for sweets and carbs, intolerance to alcohol
  • Premature aging
  • Dry, unhealthy skin with excess pigmentation
  • Lack of libido
  • Cystic breasts
  • Tendency to startle easily
  • Negative response to thyroid hormone

If you suspect your adrenals are overtasked address it right away with your healthcare provider. Healthy adrenal glands are extremely important to a healthy immune system and are necessary for proper thyroid function.

5 Natural Ways to Support Your Adrenals

1. Get some sleep.

You must rest if you are going to help your adrenals get stronger. That means going to bed every night by 10 p.m. Make this a priority and stick with it. Your adrenals need their beauty sleep!

2. Eliminate sugar and processed carbohydrates from your diet.

Sugar and processed carbohydrates (junk!) put stress on the adrenals and wear them out. Additionally, hormones produced from your adrenal glands help regulate your blood sugar levels. If they’re worn out, they won’t be able to help regulate your blood sugar, which is key to maintaining a healthy weight, energy levels, and immune system.

3. Eat organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, beans and grains.

Pesticides and insecticides found in conventional foods can fatigue your adrenal glands, so look for organic whenever possible. Washing your produce thoroughly will also help. If you consume animal protein, make sure it’s clean & lean.

4. Quit your caffeine habit.

Too much caffeine can task your adrenals, so ease up on it. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll have more energy in the longrun if you give up the short term kick you get from caffeine. Replace your caffeinated beverages with purified water with lemon, herbal teas or coconut water. Some people can handle a little caffeine just fine and some can’t handle even a cup; know your body and eliminate all caffeine if needed.

5. Drink plenty of purified water every day.

Purified water will flush toxins out of your body and help keep healthy adrenals on track.

Cheers to your health!


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  1. Cindy_Lu457 says:

    My Adrenals were almost non-existent because I was on Prednisone at a fairly high dose for a long time. Long story short… I was supposed to die from Systemic Lupus. I no longer have the disease, was completely healed in 2000, but for seven years I did everything I could to turn around the prognosis given to me by my doctors in Boston. This was pretty bleak, I was told I was going to die but God has other plans for me, He was not done with me on this earth yet! 

    Adrenal Fatigue is very difficult to overcome, but I did it… In addition to your wonderful advice, I took Bee Alive Royal Jelly, an amino acid purchased at my health food store, and a few other vitamins. Just the first two did AMAZING things for me the very first day. I was suffering from sever depression which is common with Adrenal Fatigue. I was in such a black hole I completely understood how people commit suicide when they are depressed. It was really that bad but suicide was not an option for me. 

    I also had the chronic lower back pain which felt like a toothache in the small of your back and it is there 24/7 . I finally went for a massage – a Hot Rocks Massage. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The pain went away and has not come back and it has been several years.

    There is some controversy over whether or not you can rebuild your Adrenals… I guess you can say I am proof that you definitely can!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Cindy, thank you for the great comment! Your experience can really help others, and I’m glad to know it sounds like you are doing better. Cheers! 

  2. Brilliant advice worth trying.  Thanks!

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