Video: How To Peel, Cut & Roast Butternut Squash (It’s Easy!)

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Fall is in the air and it’s the perfect time to incorporate yummy (and healthy!) fall flavors into our recipes.

One of my favorites is butternut squash for its smooth texture and perfectly sweet flavor. It’s high in fiber, vitamin A (giving it that beautiful orange hue), potassium and many other vitamins, minerals & antioxidants making it equally nutrient-dense and delicious.

How To Peel, Cut & Roast Butternut Squash

Squash can be a little intimidating to bring into your kitchen, but I promise it’s actually quite easy to work with. Click play on the video above to learn how to peel, cut and roast a butternut squash. This method works with most other types of squash, too.

My thought is that if I’m going to go through the process to prepare it, I’m going to make a lot! Grab a large one from the store so you have extra for snacks and other meals later in the week. I’ll post of few of my favorite butternut squash recipes here over the next few weeks – sign up for my email list below to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

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How To Peel, Cut & Roast Butternut Squash (It's Easy_)

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  1. Jessica Lebowitz says:

    I use this exact method all the time! Perfect for salads, pasta dishes and more. I like to add fresh herbs as well, thyme works nice. What would be a good strategy for freezing these cubes? I’ve found they go bad sooner than I would like…

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