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1. Birkenstock Slippers // 2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance Discovery Set // 3. Letter Charm Necklace // 4. Affordable Hoop Earrings// 5. The Joy of Cooking (Updated Book) // 6. Apple Airpods Pro // 7. ThriveMarket Gift Box // 8. Earthing Mat // 9. Scalp Oil with Scalp Brush // 10. Cozy Earth Towels // 11. OXO Cookie Press

My 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

I’m a big believer in not having or buying stuff that doesn’t get used, so here’s my list of stuff that I’ve loved this year, plus a few special things that I’m hoping to receive as a gift this year.

Before we get started, I just revisited my past two gift guides, here and here, and honestly, I’d still give every single thing listed on both of them! Check them out for even more ideas. And now, here’s what I’m loving this year:

1. Birkenstock Slippers


For everyone.

I received these for Christmas from M’s family last year and they are absolutely amazing.

Birkenstocks have been around forever and they’re known for being comfortable. The slippers are no exception! I can’t live without them now—they really make a difference walking around on a wood floor all day. I wear them so much around the house that M got jealous and bought his own pair.

Get them here >

2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance Discovery Set

For the person who loves luxury. This is the most expensive thing on the list, so keep reading if that’s not for you 😉

fancy perfume set in box

This luxury fragrance set is for the person who loves extra special, fancy things. I asked M for this one this year because I want to try out the ultra-exclusive Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum before committing to the full bottle, and trying the other scents over the next year sounds fun, too.

Get it here >

3. Letter Charm Necklace

For the girls.

Letter Charm Necklace

I love this affordable letter necklace for anyone who likes little charms. We got this for one of our pre-teens this year and know it’s going to be a hit.

Get one here >

4. Affordable Hoop Earrings

For people who like earrings.

hoop earings

We’re living in our rental right now and I can’t find my jewelry box. I wanted to find some affordable hoops to get me through until we move back in and I LOVE these. I’ll continue to wear them!

Get them here >

5. The Joy of Cooking (Updated Book)

For people who love food.

Joy of Cooking Book

The Joy of Cooking is a staple in my home. I use it to develop recipes for this blog, and to reference cooking tips often. It’s been updated many times over the years and I love this new version!

Grab it here >

6. Apple Airpods Pro

For everyone, especially people who travel.

Airpods Pro

I generally try to use my wired earbuds to avoid the EMFs from wireless earbuds. However, I make an exception on planes. There are already high EMFs and radiation exposure on a plane (close to the sun), and the noise can drown out audio. I was gifted these and didn’t think I’d love them, but WOW, the noise-canceling function really makes a huge difference on a flight. I have some over-the-ear Beats headphones, but they take up a ton of room in my bag. I’m really loving these airpod pros on flights.

Get them here >

7. ThriveMarket Gift Box

For everyone!

Thrive Market Gift Box

I’m a huge fan of ThriveMarket in general and often send family members custom boxes (simply a custom order that I pick out and ship to people). They now have pre-set gift boxes. A ThriveMarket membership for you or a loved one always makes a great gift, too.

Here’s my partner link to get 40% off your first order >

8. Earthing Mat

For wellness lovers.

Grounding Mat

Earthing mats, also called grounding mats, help your body discharge negative ions for better health. It’s the same way your body discharges negative ions to the earth when walking barefoot on grass or earth. This is a real thing!

The mat comes with a book that explains the science behind it. I’ve even tested my blood pressure before and after using it, and it’s always better after using it (I have normal blood pressure, this is simply an example).

If you know someone into health & wellness, they will love it.

Get one here >

9. Scalp Oil with Scalp Brush

For wellness and beauty lovers.

JVN Brand Hair Oil

I’m in LOVE with this JVN scalp oil. I do like castor oil for my scalp, but it can be heavy and hard to wash out. This one from JVN is fantastic and easy to wash out.

Once or twice a week, I put the oil all over my scalp with the dropper then use this scalp massager for 5-10 minutes. My hair and scalp have never been so healthy.

Get it here >

10. Cozy Earth Towels

For everyone who loves lux home goods.

grey Cozy Earth towels

I didn’t think I could love towels this much, but here I am along with Oprah—she named these towels on her favorite things list this year, too.

When Cozy Earth reached out for a brand deal, I said heck YES. My only extra requirement from them was a code for my email subscribers that’s better than what they give on their site, and they stepped up to give my community 40% off their entire site for the holidays.

You can use code ELIZABETHRIDER40 to get 40% off (their entire site!) through Dec 23rd.

We also love the bamboo comforter and buttery-soft jogger sets—M and I have had them for over 2 years with no pilling and they still look new out of the dryer.

11. OXO Cookie Press

For people who love to bake.

OXO brand cookie press

This is a fun kitchen gadget to make spritz cookies for any holiday. It’s affordable and one of the few specialty kitchen gadgets that I think is worth keeping around.

Grab it here >

P.S. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which help keep this blog running. All opinions are my own.

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