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Let's Get You a 4200% Return on Your Investment*

*Yep, you read that right. Studies found that for every $1 spent, people make $42, which is a 4200% ROI. If you haven't built a clear email newsletter strategy with seamless signups and happy readers then this should be your #1 priority if you want a profitable business.

You Have the Power to Create a High-Revenue, High-Impact Email List

One that makes money year-round, even if you're not sure where to start.

The very first thing every successful digital entrepreneur says when someone asks, "what would you do if you had to start over" is say, "build an email list."

And I agree! At least 90% of the sales in my multi-6-figure business come from my email list every single year.

If your email strategy is inconsistent, disjointed, or not yet profitable, then this is for you. Or, if you've ghosted your list—or (yikes!) not even started it yet—then this course is definitely for you. 


of marketers use email as the primary channel for generating leads

4 Billion

number of people worldwide who read their email every day


number of steps you need to take to create a profitable newsletter & email list


of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months

did you know?

I'd Say, Hi! I'm Elizabeth. 
But You Already Know That.
You're on My Email List.

I'd Say, Hi! I'm Elizabeth. But You Already Know That. You're on My Email List.

Online business has changed more than ever in these post-pandemic times (the after-times, as we like to call them).

I created The Profitable Newsletter System when I realized that too many digital course creators, experts, and online teachers were struggling with creating predictable revenue and finding new students and clients. These awesome humans have a lot to share and would look for answers on blogs and podcasts or ask for feedback in Facebook groups, but they weren’t really getting the traction they needed.

I’ve had a profitable newsletter for over 10 years and I can tell you that it is critical to maintaining sustainable success online.

And, We All Start with 0 Subscribers...

Whether You're a Coach, Blogger, Influencer, Podcaster or Digital Content creator, you can create a profitable Newsletter 

With Your Loyal & Engaged Email List, You Can Finally:

Stop the endless cycle of hustling for sales and wondering where your next (or first?) students or customers will come from

End your social media frustration—NO, you don't have to dance around in videos online to have an online business (but cool if you want to!)

Create consistent revenue that isn't tied to you having to create & launch a course every few months

Have a deep sense of purpose being connected to readers, all while creating a positive ripple and more impact on the world


You Can Make Great Money Even if You Don't Have an Online Course or Product Yet

Truth time: I didn't create an online course or my own products until five years into running my newsletter and email list, and it was still profitable. I created a weekly newsletter that people loved, then recommended a friend's program. In that first year, in one month I made $10,000 simply emailing about another person's offer. And now? Thousands of students have joined my courses from my email list.

Whether you want to sell your Course, Promote your Podcast, get more sponsorships or make more money,
you can do this, too

The Profitable Newsletter System

Subscriber Success Path

Done-For-You Copy Pack


The step-by-step system that teaches you how to create a money-making newsletter and profitable email list in any industry, even if you're starting with zero subscribers or a small list.

Let's break it down

Here's What You'll Learn


Module one

Set Up for Profit

First things first, let's make sure you're set up correctly, even if you're not a "techie." You'll learn email list platform foundations without the fluff and set up your system to maximize results. (I use ConvertKit and have a discount code for you, but you can use any email service provider with this class.) We'll talk about outsourcing the tech stuff, too.


Module Two

The Subscriber Success Path

Here we'll get into the how people sign up for your email list. You'll learn the methodology & psychology of why people sign up. We'll also cover where to put your signup forms, and how get people excited to sign up, and what to give them in the crucial first 2 weeks of being a new subscriber.


Feature Three

Your "Secret Sauce" Newsletter Plan

This is the BIG thing that 98% of people trying to grow an email list miss. You'll learn the A-Z of a memorable newsletter and formulate your weekly newsletter that people can't wait to open and tell their friends about. You'll also brainstorm 52 weeks of ideas so you never run out of ideas, plus how to plan ahead to make life easy.


Module Four

Monetize with Heart

Now that you're set up properly with loyal newsletter subscribers that love hearing from you, you'll learn the top three heart-centered ways to monetize your email list. We'll cover selling your own products, services & courses, affiliate programs, and sponsorships. From here your options are endless! You'll be set up to make money for life, whether you're a course creator, influencer, teacher, podcaster or entrepreneur.

How Does This Sound?

After You Complete The 4 Steps, You'll:


Feel confident that your email list and system are set up to maximize results.


Fill your email list with subscribers who actually like hearing from you.


Have a deep understanding of how to run a profitable newsletter.


Make more money selling your courses or 3rd party offers via affiliate programs. 


Be able to make money now and in the future, any time you need it.

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How It Works

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Join anytime and learn at your own pace. You get access to the full course upon joining, and access never expires.

LEARN on-Demand

The program takes about 6 hours to complete (plus a few hours of implementation time). You will continue to use this education for life!

Create & Earn

Take your new skills to market and create your own profitable newsletter. You will create as you learn!

Study at your own pace

Take action with Clear Steps


Follow a proven System

The Profitable Newsletter System Includes:

The Full Profitable Newsletter System ($1,997)

Flash Sale Sequence Swipe File ($3,000)

Affiliate Launch Email Sequence Breakdown ($3,000+ Value)

Welcome Sequence Copy Pack ($400)

Media Kit + Email Pitch TEmplate ($2,000)


Now Included in Your All-Access Pass!

These Bonuses Will Accelerate Your Success:


Welcome Sequence Copy Pack

Bonus: Swipe My Emails

Banish Writer's Block with My Email Templates

You have a lot to say and even more you want to teach, but when you sit down to write it out your mind goes blank. I get it! We've all been there. You'll get my top-performing Welcome Sequence (the CRUCIAL 3 automated emails that every new subscriber gets) to edit as your own. This includes training on when to send and why to send + creating them from scratch, too.

($400 value)


5-Part Flash Sales Sequence Swipe File

Make More Money, Honey

Get My Top-Producing Flash Sale Swipe File

Available for a limited time, you will also get my 5-part "Flash Sale" Email Sequence to generate sales year round. This 5-email sequence can be used as a one-off campaign or as an automation to generate more sales any time of the year. Cha-Ching! 

($3,000 Value)


Media Kit + Email Pitch Template

Media Kit Bonus

Get Brands You Love to Sponsor Your Content

You'll get an editable copy of my Media Kit (i.e. the 5-page PDF that showcases who you are & why brands should work with you) with a video tutorial to learn how to edit it and what to put in it. A media kit is essential whether you're brand new or have an established brand. I've also included the exact email script I used to pitch my first $2,000 newsletter sponsorship.

($2,000+ value)


Affiliate Launch Email Breakdown

No Course Yet? No Problem

Get My Affiliate Launch Email Sequence Breakdown

See the exact email sequence that I used to generate over $120K in revenue in one month with the email sequence I wrote for an affiliate launch (my email list, another person's course.) I'll break down the how & why and you can modify this sequence to fit what you're recommending to your list.

($3,000 Value)

Are You Ready to LET

Where Do You Want to Go in 2024?

Decision Time:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a small list that I've ghosted, will this help me?

Yes, this course will help you feel confident emailing your list again with a step-by-step system to create a money-making newsletter and profitable email list.

I don't have an email list yet, should I join?

Yes this course will teach you how to create a money-making newsletter and profitable email list in five simple steps, even if you are starting with zero subscribers.

I have an email list but I need help selling to it, is this for me?

Yes, this course will teach you the 3 main heart-centered ways to monetize your email list. 

Is this a good price?

OMG yes! You can make thousands off of one email, so the cost of this course is quite low compared to the potential return on your investment.

How do I access the program?

You can access the program 24/7 via your student dashboard from anywhere in the world. 

Does my access expire?

The Profitable Newsletter System is included in your All-Access Pass. You have access as long as you're a member. 

Do I get 1:1 Time with Elizabeth?

This course doesn't include any one-on-one time.

Do I get any live coaching?

The Profitable Newsletter System is delivered via on-demand learning. There is no live coaching.

When will the BONUSES be released?

All bonuses & templates are available when you join.