The Truth About Getting Enough Protein and Calcium (Podcast Interview)

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The Truth About Getting Enough Protein, Calcium, B-Vitamins & Nutrients (Podcast Interview)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being one of the guest teachers & speaker in the Food Matters 10-Day Plant-Based Challenge, and I’m excited to tell you that Food Matters just made the interview public on their new podcast!

While I’m not 100% vegan and don’t label my eating habits, if you’ve spent any time on my blog you know that I love vegan recipes and believe that we can all benefit from more plant-based food.

James & I cover a TON of information in this episode, ranging from the truths about getting enough protein & calcium, to the best sources of other vitamins and minerals, to whether or not you need to count micro- and macronutrients. We also dispell common nutrition myths, discuss how our genealogy can affect how we assimilate food, and how to enjoy more plant-based foods.

In this interview with James & Elizabeth you will discover:

  • Importance of calcium, protein, B12, iron, folate – and the foods rich in them
  • High-quality supplements and where to find them
  • How eating real food keeps the vitamins working together in our bodies
  • How eating real food gives your body all that it needs
  • How to make better choices when buying pre-made food
  • Elizabeth’s take on whether or not soy is healthy
  • Genealogy and how that affects our individual diets
  • Myth Busters and how ads from large corporations have told us what to believe
  • How to set up your kitchen well and budget conscious to eat more whole foods
  • Making plant-based, fun recipes, and her go-to recipes
Elizabeth Rider Food Matters Podcast

How to Listen—It’s Free:
Click play above to listen right here, or listen on iTunes or on your podcast app (look for Episode 11: The Truth About Getting Enough Protein and Calcium with Elizabeth Rider) or listen over on Food Matters.

From Food Matters: Elizabeth is a certified health coach, popular international food blogger, and plant-based expert. She loves making healthy delicious and easy. She has studied at Cornell University’s plant-based nutrition program and at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, working to better understand just what it is our bodies need to truly be healthy and thriving. In this exclusive podcast interview, join Food Matters founder James Colquhoun as he chats with Elizabeth Rider about where to get protein, calcium, and other major nutrients when going plant-based.

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Big thanks to James and the entire Food Matters team for having me on the podcast!

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