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Thoughts on Hitting USANA’s Million Dollar Club

Something super cool happened last week!

I hit USANA’s Million Dollar Club, and I have a lot of thoughts about it.

USANA’s Million Dollar Club means that my business has accumulated over $1 million in commission checks over the lifetime of the business (not annually). It’s challenging to distill 10 years worth of business lessons into one post, but I woke up this morning and dedicated my morning meditation to what I would want other people to know about hitting such a monumental milestone.

This is one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever written, but stick with me! It’s worth it 😉

A little background: I started USANA as a business about 10 years ago after being a superfan customer for about a year. I dedicated about five years fulltime in the beginning and hardly made any money in the first few years (which is totally normal). Once I had a solid, stable income, I ventured out and about to other areas of online business and books. As you’ll read here, it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but I can whole-heartedly tell you that building a network marketing company is worth it if you take it on with the right perspective.

These days, I don’t spend a lot of time in my network marketing business. But I’m not sure if “retired” is the right word because new customers still buy products from me every single week and my team is still going strong! (Which is the ultimate goal of any network marketing business.) I also never go a day without taking my USANA vitamins. Perhaps “taking a writing sabbatical” is a better way to say it because my business is still very much active while I focus most of my time of writing—which is one of the reasons I got into network marketing in the first place.

After you read it, I would love to hear any of your takeaways in the comments below and if this helps you in any way. As always, the comments are for commentary and thoughts, not promoting teams or products.

9 Things I Want You to Know about Network Marketing & Achieving the Million Dollar Club

Elizabeth-Rider-USANA Million Dollar Club

1. Play the Long Game

This is actually one of my top tips for all success in life, but it’s worth reiterating here about network marketing.

I hit USANA’s Million Dollar Club because I built a solid business then let the business work. It took about 10 years for it to happen! I barely made any money in the first few years, which is normal because as a newbie you’re just getting to know the company, products, sales systems and figuring out how you’re going to make it work. Which leads me to #2…

2. Find Your Own Action-Oriented Way

This post is going to contain some unpopular advice with some people in network marketing but I’m ok with that. If you’re reading this I want you to hear from someone who’s actually done it, not someone who just talks about it.

The truth about success in network marketing is that you have to learn your company’s comp plan and sales plan, then put your own heart and logic into it to make it your own. Yes, you should know the information in the standard presentation and sales tools, and yes there will be a few—very few to be exact—who followed that one system exactly and hit it big. However, the majority of success will come from you trying different ways until you find a way that works for you. This is where you have to be willing to put your own secret sauce into the business, and you DO have a secret sauce to put into it. That’s where the personal transformation journey starts and why network marketing is sometimes called “a personal development course in disguise.” First and foremost, you have to believe in yourself, but we ALL struggle with this in the beginning (I did, too!) The good news is that you can work on your personal growth and transformation as you get into action in your business. That’s the key, you have to be in action while you grow. Doing one presentation is equal to about 20 personal development books. Yes, do the reading, but even more important, stay in action.

You will get a lot of “no’s” and that is normal. I’d say I got about 80%-90% no’s from people who inquired about my team over the years. The 10% of yes’s from figuring out how to deliver my team opportunity to the world got me to The Million Dollar Club today. I did a few in-person events and those never worked for me. Once the lightbulb went on that I could incorporate my product into an online program, and offer my team opportunity presentation via webinars, everything changed. At the time, that was me finding my way. Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to keep trying new things, innovate, and find a way that works for you.

3. Use Network Marketing as a Stepping Stone

I used networking marketing to build a solid foundation of income so I could go off and pursue other creative endeavors. That lead to a TV show, a book deal and dozens of other collaborations. I think this tip is more personality-based—so do what works for you. If you want to do just one thing for the rest of your life, then network marketing can be a great place to be (perhaps one of the best as it gives you the ultimate freedom).

But if you consider yourself a creative entrepreneur like me, then use network marketing as a stepping stone to build income (recurring income to boot), meet amazing people, and learn basic business principles that will serve you for life. Something absolutely incredible about a great networking marketing company like USANA is the level and quality of general business training you’ll have access to as a distributor. In my opinion, it’s worth it to join just to get the business training. Take advantage of it! I’ve also met some of my closest friends and confidants at USANA events, so again, there’s more to network marketing than just the money.

4. Don’t Live in a Network Marketing Bubble

Ooh! I’m hot on the unpopular opinions here that other network marketing leaders may not like, but this is also worth mentioning.

While yes you do have to become a product of the product and love what you do, don’t let network marketing define you or become your life. Actually, don’t let any job, career, or label define your life. The moment a label becomes your life is the moment you start living in fear that it will be taken away from you and that you’ll be nothing without it, and that’s simply not true. Get out there and join other groups, have hobbies and spend time with people outside of your networking marketing bubble. It will make you even better than you already are and keep your mind open to learning new things.

5. Understand That Success in a Network Marketing Business Is Just Like Success in Any Business

Achieving success in network marketing is just like achieving success in any type of business. Y’all it takes work. The whole idea that you can build a networking marketing business “so you never have to work again” is complete and utter crap.

All money and revenue (even royalties and investments) take some level of monitoring. Same with with your network marketing business. The benefit to network marketing, however, is that it can allow you to work fewer hours once you’ve built a solid business and may allow you to retire early. Those benefits make it worth it. So yes, network marketing is a fantastic business option, but no, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to work again.

Achieving success in any business, including network marketing takes:

  1. Commitment to personal mastery (this is ongoing as personal mastery is a process, not a destination),
  2. focused, strategic action (this goes back to finding your own way) and,
  3. time (the one thing that none of us can control).

Those three things are the winning formula to success in any business, including network marketing. Which leads me to #6…

6. Focus on Self-Awareness & Self-Mastery Instead of Changing People Around You

This is general life advice and will help you in your business, too. You cannot make another person change and you cannot control what happens to you. Write those two statements down and tape it to your mirror or tattoo them on your forehead.

The only thing you have control over is yourself and your reactions to people and situations.

Here are some ideas to continue to evolve on your personal mastery journey: learn to meditate, learn to be happy while spending time alone, read every personal transformation and growth book you can get your hands on, listen to personal development podcasts and audiobooks, learn to observe your own emotions without judgment, stop judging other people, attend a retreat, go to therapy.

Continue to grow and focus on how you react to people and situations, not who or what the situation entails. If you don’t like something about your life, then change it. Shift from victimhood (why is this happening to me) to becoming a creator. A victim blames people and situations for circumstances. A creator takes action and responsibility for self.

7. Understand You’ll Have Ups and Downs with Your Company

I liken being in a network marketing company to being in a relationship: the longer you’re there the more issues will be revealed, and at some point, you will become disenchanted. And that’s OK! Don’t jump ship just because the company does something you don’t like. As in relationships, the same problems might show up in another company. Keep a pleasant relationship with the company higher-ups and weather the storms. There have definitely been times that I haven’t agreed with USANA, and that’s expected in a 10-year relationship.

From a big-picture perspective, I have never wavered from believing that the USANA Cellsentials Multivitamin is the best multivitamin available on the market today. I still take mine every single morning and every single night and rarely miss a dose. Regardless of not always loving some business things that the company chooses, I’ve never wavered from loving the product—which is being a true “product of the product.”

8. Learn the Art of Attraction Marketing

You might be surprised to hear that I’ve never gone out and “prospected” for my network marketing business, nor have I ever done any cold calling.

I didn’t realize what this was called until a few years into my business (and I can’t remember where I originally heard the term). Attraction marketing is just what it sounds like, you attract people to you (pull interest in), instead of chasing prospects. I did this through consistently blogging every week for years. There are many ways to engage in attraction marketing, but the biggest tip I can give you is to find a way to make your voice heard and be consistent (In my opinion, a consistent blog is the best way to do this.) I love social media and use it, but it’s a side-kick to my business. You don’t own the social media algorithm and it can change at any time. If you spend 5 years building 50k fans, the company that owns that can either go away (remember MySpace?!) or make one tweak to the algorithm and boom—no one sees your posts ever again. It might not feel as sexy, but your own blog (you own it) and your email list (you own that, too!) are hands-down the most important things in any business, including network marketing.

If you really want sales, focus on building your email list over social media. An overwhelming amount of sales come from email over social media. Seriously, if you take one thing from this post, make it this. If you want to learn my entire method, you can watch my Wellness Business Masterclass here—it’s only available for a limited time, so if you want it, register now.

9. Use Network Marketing to Build Long-Term Wealth

I could go on and on about my love for online business and network marketing but this blog post is getting a little long and I have two new pieces of training to record for a course I’m teaching.

I’ll wrap it up with letting you in on a part of my personal financial life that I don’t talk about a lot, and that’s what I do with my money. I like to think I keep a pretty healthy balance between celebrating success and conservatively thinking about the future. I love to travel and share experiences with friends & family (you know this if you watch my Instagram stories!) but I don’t value high-priced designer clothes and mostly shop at places like Madewell and Athleta. I like nice things and believe in “buy nice, not twice,” but I’m generally a conservative spender because I value experiences over things. As I mentioned above, network marketing was a stepping stone that allowed me to venture into other areas of online business where I’ve been able to achieve even higher levels of success. Once my online courses started to take off and became my primary source of income, I began to redirect my network marketing income to my retirement and brokerage account (index funds).

That might not sound as sexy as buying flashy handbags or diamonds, but this is where it gets good. Really good! I’m not a financial planner and can’t answer your financial planning questions, but I can tell you that index funds generally return 7-8% over time, and by depositing my recurring network marketing checks into my investment accounts I’ll be able to retire by living off the interest of those accounts before the age of 50. I add additional funds from other ventures, but my network marketing checks are a big part of the deposits. Think about that, living off the interest, not just the checks from the company when you invest your recurring checks.

And that my friends, makes network marketing worth it.

If you’re interested, you can join my USANA team or become a Preferred Customer here.

I’d love to hear from you: what was your biggest takeaway from this post? Promos are no-no’s in the comments here ( e.g., no promoting your teams or products) but I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions below!

[Legal: USANA Income + Average Earnings Statement]

Wishing you loads of success in all of your business ventures!

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  1. Danea says:

    Thank you for this! I love your honesty about building your network marketing business. I am intrigued by the bit about building an email list over a social media profile! I have been struggling to “do” social media for years–and it’s just not me! But that’s what we are being taught in the current network marketing world. Thank you for reminding me that it’s OK to discover my own way :o)

  2. Tiffany Keenan says:

    What an amazing post! I am just sinking my teeth into being a part of your team after being a preferred customer for just over a year. Hearing your story, and reflections, dissipate any anxiety and I am feeling confidence flow once again. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this marvelous milestone!

  3. Melissa Danielle says:

    YES! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Casper says:

    Just found out I have reactivated mono EBV. You mention some kind of treatment you got in Seattle. Can you tell me where? Also, can you recommend a good naturopath in the area?

  5. Sarah Pinches says:

    Thank you for this post!! I’m new in my network marketing journey and really want to build my business to a point that I can leave my full time job to spend more time with my new son. 🙂 —I would love to invest in the Business Bootcamp to help me accomplish this goal faster. I emailed some additional questions that I didn’t hear answered in the fantastic webinar. I may watch it again! 🙂 Is there anyone on your team available to connect with? Thank you!!

    • Hi Sarah! Happy to hear this post helped you. Thanks for emailing us—my team works Monday-Friday during normal business hours so you’ll receive a response soon. 🙂 Glad to have you in our online community. ~E

  6. Jessica says:

    Congratulations and thank you for this inspiring post! I love your unconventional wisdom and your point about making your business your own. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can use my strengths and personality to make my business stand out, and this affirms my vision. Thank you!

  7. Nancy Ross says:

    Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing with us. I have been a distributor for many years and have been up and down. Like you, we are very loyal to the products and truly believe that they have truly kept us in better health than many of our friends.
    God Bless and keep up the good work..
    Nancy M. Ross

  8. Karen Shumka says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth and welcome to the “club” 🙂 Such a brilliant blog loaded with truths that had me high fiving you all the way. I’ve always said NWM is like tofu, it can take on whatever flavour you like. You’ve built a beautiful brand that will pay you for life and inspires beyond measure❤️🙏🥂

  9. Sue Wappett says:

    I LOVED THAT POST! Thank you so much for sharing that. I am a business owner in a health and wellness network marketing business, that has led to me retraining in nutrition, I am just about to finish a 15 year homebased child care business (which served me while my children were young) and start my new nutrition business alongside my network marketing business. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the personal growth I have gained from network marketing. I love your outlook on doing things to your own rhythm and that is how I am going to move forward and encourage my new team members to work in this way too. I will continue to follow you for more inspiration 😉

  10. Jackie says:

    Wow! I feel SO affirmed by this post. Thank you SO much for sharing Elizabeth!!! I have been in my NWM company for a year now, so hearing your experience is incredibly helpful. I appreciate you more than you know for writing this post and for your transparency. I almost feel like you were writing it for me!

  11. Jolie says:

    Congrats on your milestone and happy belated!

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