The 3 Women I Couldn't Live Without

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I have to give a huge shout out of gratitude to these three lovely ladies; each of them were instrumental in bringing to life.

In the beginning stages of developing this site I could feel in my heart what I wanted, but had a hard time getting it out of my head into something concrete.

These three fantastically talented women helped me bring it to life!

A huge THANKS to….

Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

For kick-ass copy and helping me find my authentic voice. Ash is pure genius and helped me say what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it. I’ve learned so much from her and am SO grateful I took her copywriting workshop last Fall.

About: Ash Ambirge is the go-to copywriter + online marketing genuis for businesses + brands who want PERSONALITY. Having written for everyone from big (football) players like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and the Demi + Ashton Foundation, to small biz owners and creative solopreneurs, she gets around. And usually gracefully, unless she’s wearing high heels, in which case all bets are off. Also: Licorice, coffee + thigh highs. Unrelated.


Marta Spendowska / Design + Art

For getting into my brain and showing me a design that’s so perfect I didn’t even know I wanted it. I could describe in words what I wanted when the project initially started, but couldn’t see it – she brought it to life. And I bow to her her crazy-good web/technical skills.

About: Marta Spendowska is a hybrid web designer and developer, illustrator and licensed surface pattern designer working under her name (illustration) and PolishLab (design). She works with women-owned business who need to infuse personality and dynamic presence into the online world, are not afraid of color and boldness. She accepts a limited number of projects each year with those who are a good match in terms of mindset and personal chemistry. You don’t have to be vegan, but hey, she appreciates not calling her an oddball. She takes a 6 week travel hiatus each year in search of inspiration, the best chocolate and vintage fountain pens.


Tami Wilson Photography

For her mad photography skills and being the kind of pro that can capture photos of a personality and not just take stale boring headshots. I normally just look plain scared when getting my photo taken, but Tami gives excellent direction and know’s how to shoot just right. She’s so nice and upbeat that you just can’t help but smile and feel relaxed around her.

About: Tami Wilson is a portrait photographer best known for her expert ability to capture her clients’ unique personalities. In addition to providing fun, fresh and modern lifestyle portraits to entrepreneurs and business-minded people, she also focuses on newborn, baby, and family photography. Based in Denver, Colorado, Tami guarantees an exceptional custom photography experience.


If you’re looking for any of these services, I highly suggest working with these lovelies. You’ll be so glad you did.


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  • Thank you so much Liz for this lovely post! It’s a pleasure to work with you and I simply can’t imagine my design life without you anymore :)

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