This “Six Pillars” Video Changed My Life

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I’m writing this post from my cozy little beach spot in Bali.

I’m spending the next few weeks here working and exploring this side of the world. I’m getting some major recipe inspo while I’m here (the food is spectacular!) and can’t wait to come home and whip up some new recipes for you.

But it wasn’t that long ago that I was still working in a regular job for someone else, trying to make ends meet.

I remember the exact moment I realized I could have an online business. It’s the moment that everything clicked or me.

7 years ago: It was a beautiful sunny day in Denver, but I was sitting inside in my yoga pants and high-ponytail desperately trying to devour free bites of business advice. I had seen some women create online businesses, and I wanted to do that too, but I wasn’t sure how I would make it work. I came across a program by my now business mentor and was instantly enthralled. She knew exactly what she was doing, and laid it out in an exact plan to teach me to do the same.

Instead of taking the weekend to ski or go out to the bars with my friends, I signed up for the course she described.

Two hours in, it HIT me.

In a good way, like Online Business Angels were signing to me.

It wasn’t even what she was teaching (though, I needed that too), it was how she was teaching it. I was sitting there at home drinking a homemade banana smoothie listening to her teach me the exact steps to create a website, email list, program, marketing plan, and happy customers.

Again, I needed those things (and to this day it’s still how I run my business) but I realized—almost on a meta-level—that I could teach other women the healthy lifestyle information I knew by recording slides with audio and making them available for payment online. Marie was talking to me through my computer, so I could talk to other women through my computer. Ding-ding-ding!

My next realization was that I could create a value-added bonus for the product I was selling, and the rest—as they say—was history.

Within 12 months I was generating a stable six-figure income.

I wholly attribute my understanding of online business to taking Marie’s course. It wasn’t that I was special or had insider connections. I just sat down and learned the process from scratch.

You are driven and hard-working just like me, so there’s no reason that you can’t do the exact same thing.

It’s an absolute pleasure and delight to partner with Marie every year to bring you the same (massively updated and current) B-School program with my mentoring and free workshop series.

I can’t emphasize what a massive shift this program was for me. I want to share it with you because I genuinely believe that you will have the shifts that you need right now. You definitely need the information and formula that Marie teaches if you want to succeed online today, but you’ll also get something more. That intangible a-ha! moment that will change your life forever.

This first free video alone is worth hundreds, so don’t miss it!

In this 1st free video you will learn:

  • The Six Pillars to building a highly profitable business online, why big-hearted nice people like us are wired to succeed in this digital era and why it’s critical that you get the online aspect of your business handled right now.
  • The major changes happening online over the next 5 -10 years that are important to know about now, before these changes happen.
  • What you must know, what you must understand, and the sequence you should follow to do what you love and get paid for it.

Get the Free Workshop

And just in case no one has told you today, I want you to know that I believe in you. You might think, “Nah, I’m just another anonymous blog reader to her.” But trust me, that’s not how I view these posts.

I speak to thousands of entrepreneurs on stages around the world every year and host many more on live webinars and other training events. I don’t keep supporting events and programs like this because I can or because I need to, I do it because I want to.

I look into the eyes of everyone in those rooms—in-person and online—and I want to shake your shoulders and shout, “Success is not like pie. There isn’t a limited amount. The (raw, vegan, organic) pie is never-ending. We can all just make a bigger pie together.” Industries constantly shift, and demands and needs for marketing continuously change. If you have an idea, product, or service you can turn it into an online business starting now. I’ve done it and so have tens of thousands of others. All you have to do is decide. #endrant

Pop on over and listen to the first of three videos in the free workshop. They expire next week so grab them asap so you don’t miss them.

Get the Free Workshop

I have a big package of free bonuses for you too along with this free workshop and business program. Learn more about B-School and my bonuses here.

Sending you tons of love from Bali,


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