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Elizabeth is one of those people that lights up a room—her vibrant and energetic natures transcends the screen in her series ‘Elizabeth Eats’ on Food Matters TV (FMTV). We love having Elizabeth share her no fuss approach to healthy eating and cooking with our community. Her dishes are both nourishing and delicious, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

– James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch, filmmakers and founders of FoodMatters & FMTV


Receiving Elizabeth’s business training for the past year and a half has completely transformed my leadership skills, my income, and my view of what’s possible to achieve. Thanks to her coaching, I’ve been able to design my life how I want it: low-stress, flexible, and extremely fulfilling.

– Josie Bouchier L.Ac., Fertility Expert & Online Course Teacher

Elizabeth Rider is a leader in the wellness space. Her passion and commitment shine through her work.

– Gabby Bernstein
#1 New York Times bestselling author, The Universe Has Your Back

I cannot say enough about Elizabeth’s Wellness Business Bootcamp. The content of this bootcamp completely dispelled my fears and anxiety over setting up my online presence. Thank you!

– Karen Dettloff

Elizabeth’s expert knowledge and willingness to share her business secrets coupled with her down-to earth charm and honesty made participation in The Wellness Business Bootcamp a real pleasure. The material is presented in a fun, fast paced yet easy to follow way- your business will be up and running in no time!

– Nathalie Kersten

I knew I wanted to create an online business, but I just had no idea where to start. The Wellness Business Bootcamp gave me the exact framework I was searching for! I cannot say enough about how amazing the entire process has been. I’ve learned so much during the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to start an online wellness business. As an added bonus, I now clearly see a way to use online programs to grow my network marketing business.

– Ebonee Williams, Online Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Rider’s Clean Up Your Diet program just makes sense. The information she shares is easy to understand, well organized and full of practical, real-life, doable suggestions. Her passion for health shines through everything she teaches. As a health coach, I encourage all my clients to sign up not only for this 10 step program, but most anything Elizabeth offers. Her blog, fb page and other health programs are always beneficial.

– Tracy Bristow

There have been too many good things to name! The guidance and support that Elizabeth has provided me with, with the encouragement to spread my wings and fly on my own as a leader in this industry, has been so invaluable to me both personally and in my business. I’m forever grateful that the universe brought me to her for mentoring.

– Elizabeth Finch



I graduated from Elizabeth’s Wellness Business Bootcamp feeling like I can do anything! Look out world!

– Dr. Cori Cooper, Pharm.D

Before I started the Wellness Business Bootcamp, I was overwhelmed, more than a little afraid, and entirely intimidated by all of the aspects of entrepreneurship, creating programs, and actually selling without feeling slimy. After Elizabeth’s Wellness Business Bootcamp, I’m so READY to hit the ground running. My confidence is soaring with the certainty that I now have all of the tools I need to create a stellar wellness business and can make a good living, all while helping women lose weight and regain their health.

– Cate Beauman, Published Novelist, Author and Certified Health Coach


I absolutely love your Newsletters – they are filled with wonderful, nutritious recipes. SO happy I found your site.

– Trish De Vellis

I can’t tell you how far my life has come in one year since your purpose to profit course! I’ve run 4 highly successful programs in my field (over 100 participants internationally), I went to B-school, moved to a new city, started my own fitness studio, and will be starting IIN in March. Best thing everything has been paid in cash! God is good and thank you for telling your story so I could learn how to tell mine! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Grateful!

– Nathalie Kersten

The Internet is full of strangers, that’s for sure, but choosing to put your trust in Elizabeth isn’t a gamble—it’s a guarantee. This woman is on fire, and rightfully so. She’s one of the few who understands that the future belongs to those who create, and what she’s created? Simply phenomenal.

– Ash Ambirge,
The Middle Finger Project

Oh my! I have just made [your Thai Peanut Superfood Slaw] and it would have to honestly be the tastiest salad I have had. The dressing is unbelievable, I have to now make a second bowl as I have managed to demolish the first one! Thank you so much.

– Danielle

Elizabeth not only knows her stuff, she knows HOW TO TEACH people what she knows in a fun, interesting and supportive way. That’s a unique skill that doesn’t come along often! Anyone looking to improve their online business can definitely make it happen with Elizabeth’s programs.

– Emily M. Anderson

Elizabeth is a total business powerhouse. When faced with a business quandry I often think to myself: “How would Elizabeth do this?” I am so inspired by the way she structures and systematizes her life and business for optimal results plus I’m grateful to call her a dear friend.

– Kate Northrup, creator of Origin

I’ve been able to triple the amount of clients I serve since working with Elizabeth; I love working with her and her team!

– Vanessa Janke
Founder & General Manager of Pure Gym & Juicery

One of Elizabeth’s zones of genius is systems. Her way of breaking things down into do-able and easy-to-understand steps—whether creating healthy meals or successful online programs—has helped me both in the kitchen and in my business. Before receiving her business training, I felt paralyzed. Since working with her I have created & launched a very successful online program. I am grateful!

– Deb Kern, Health Scientist, PranaShakti Founder and Yoga Teacher

Elizabeth’s Clean Up Your Diet is the A to Z of a healthy diet. Because I had already read many health books over the years I didn’t think I would learn a great deal to improve my diet, but boy was I wrong!

Elizabeth helped me fill in all the missing gaps to having a healthy diet and also taught me so much more. I am really impressed with her knowledge on health and her ability to present the information in a clear manner. And I am also impressed with all of the PDFs of useful health information she provided in the course. I will continue to use it to refer back to in the future!

– Tony

I gained so much clarity in Elizabeth’s Wellness Business Bootcamp. Before the program I was STUCK. Just one module in and I was UNSTUCK! And motivated to keep moving and grow my business. The content is very clear and easy to implement; everything Elizabeth shares with us is extremely useful.

–  Dacia Verdugo, Holistic Health Practitioner

The Wellness Business Bootcamp provided a pretty major shift in my thinking. It’s full of practical guidance and specific tools and direction that I could use right away. There isn’t any superfluous content, and the “meta-example” of the actual course makes everything just crystal-clear. I loved how much specific information was provided regarding exact tools. It felt like a very practical, nuts-and-bolts direction that’s immediately applicable and targeted to eliminate option overload. I will be revisiting this valuable content often as I move forward on my business journey! I absolutely recommend it to everyone; it’s chock-full of valuable information!

– Brandi Hart, Musician, Educator, Bus Driver

Elizabeth is my go-to healthy eating resource; her food is simple, delicious, and best of all, healthy! I love indulging in her guilt-free recipes.

– Linda Sivertsen, The Book Mama


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