The Mint Wellness Circle is HERE!

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Hi friends!

I have BIG NEWS to share today. My new online community, The Mint Wellness Circle® is here.

The Mint Wellness Circle is a first-of-its-kind online wellness membership community designed to be your master nutrition & wellness plan. You get foundational nutrition & wellness education, a comprehensive nutrition plan, new monthly video & downloads bundles every month, and access to our huge list of member bonuses when you join.

Get your full wellness circle access, comprehensive nutrition plan, and all wellness bundles.

Enrollment for The Mint is currently closed and will re-open later this year. Join the waitlist here for updates:

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The Mint Wellness Circle Elizabeth Rider

Here’s the deal — I love teaching about health & wellness. You probably know that about me.

I love helping people like you create wellness-based lifestyles that fuel your best life.

However, I saw a HUGE GAP.

A need that wasn’t being met by the thousands and thousands of health & wellness sites out there.

The biggest gap? Ongoing support and guidance that covers the most effective health & wellness education you need to change your life for the better.

Here’s the thing—creating good health and wellness that you enjoy doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a one and done thing. While I love the idea of 7, 14, and 21-day challenges, too, the biggest gap out there is that people simply don’t know what to do after the program is done.

So, what if the program doesn’t end?

You can sign up for a nutrition course, and it may be GREAT… But, health isn’t just a one time thing.

Even more, good health isn’t just about what you eat…

Things like your beauty products, your home environment, your social circle and the way you fuel your purpose and passion in life all have huge affects on your overall state of wellbeing.

So I thought to myself:

What if I taught it ALL?

And what if I made it all available online in ONE beautiful online hub?

And WHAT IF I gave it an accessible price point?? One that doesn’t break the bank or give anyone debit card anxiety?

(Are you excited yet? Because you really should be.)

The Mint Wellness Circle Elizabeth Rider

As a Mint Member, you get access to:

  1. The Mint Nutrition Plan with all future releases
  2. The Signature Collection to set the right foundation for your total wellness (this collection of videos alone is worth over $3,000, no joke!)
  3. New Monthly Mint Bundles of health & wellness teachings. We have a new theme and bundle every month! Give The Mint a year and you will be the healthiest person you know, and you’ll never look back.
  4. Our private Members-Only Facebook Group so you can connect with other women just like you. Your community is here to motivate, inspire, and support you.
  5. Access to a quarterly live web chat to ask me anything.
  6. Free access to Season 1 of Elizabeth Eats with printable recipes. Season 2 is queued up for you and will be released soon, too.
  7. Our request form, so you can let us know what you’re struggling with and what you want to learn so we can add it to upcoming Monthly Mint Bundles.
  8. Your low monthly price. As a new Mint Member, your price is always grandfathered in at the price you became a member. The price will go up the next time the Mint opens, but your price will remain $24/month as long as you’re a continuous member. However, you can cancel anytime if the Mint isn’t for you. Easy-peasy.
  9. Most of all, monthly education, motivation, and inspiration to live your healthiest life yet.


The Mint Wellness Circle Elizabeth Rider

Enrollment for The Mint opens twice per year.

The Mint is currently closed and will re-open later this year. Join the waitlist here for updates:

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