Ready to start or grow
your online business?

We’ve got you.

Ready to start or grow
your online business?

We’ve got you.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Rider.

I’m a Certified Health Coach, blogger, and TV host.

I help women like you create online businesses by:

01. Revealing the mindset shifts you need—which were never taught in school or by most parents—to create the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

02. Teaching online workshops & seminars with the exact how-to’s, logistics, and strategies that create profitable, magnetic businesses. Most are free, some are paid.


03. Living what I teach. The reason what I teach works is because I teach from experience. I’ve made over $2m in my online business in the last six years.

It’s more possible than ever to leverage the internet to create your own income by teaching other people about your favorite hobbies and skills.

Let’s say you’re really good at teaching people how to love healthy food. Or you’re a fitness trainer. Or you love to design spaces. Or everyone comes to you to learn how to put together an outfit. Or you just happen to be really good at taking high-quality videos on your iPhone.

If you happen to be good at anything (which I know you are!) then I’ve got news for you:


You can turn anything into an online course or online business and customers will go gaga for not only WHAT you teach them, but for HOW you teach them too.

It’s 2018, which means that it’s easier than ever for heart-centered people like you and me to create income online.

As my friend Marie Forleo says, “What if Bruno Mars or Adele thought, ‘Nah, music has already been created and it’s over done’?” Then we wouldn’t have their amazing talents!

Here’s the deal. No industry is saturated. I’ll say it again: NO INDUSTRY IS SATURATED. No one will teach or create like you do, so why not tap into the billions (yes billions with a B) of people who are already on the internet and create a business you love?

I’ve been able to do it and I know that you can do it, too. One of the questions I’m asked most often is how I’ve been able to create such a wildly successful online business.

My answer is super simple:  Marie Forleo’s B-School.


In the beginning, I didn’t know anything. I was at square one. All I knew is that I wanted to create something big and I wanted to work for myself.

B-School (short for business school) is the one program you need in order to create massive online success. This program only comes around once per year and is the most highly sought-after online business training in the world.

For real.

This program taught me everything (and I really mean everything) that I needed to know with regards to marketing, branding and content to create my online empire.


Since graduating from BSchool I’ve Created:
  • An online business that generates income 24/7, whether I’m sleeping, on vacation, or working away in my home office (because, hey, an online business still takes effort, but it’s work that you love and on your own terms).
  • My own TV show. Elizabeth Eats is now available on FMTV (Season 4 debuts in April!)
  • A health & wellness membership site called The Mint Wellness Circle® with hundreds of happy members all over the world.
  • A TedX talk where I share my most personal stories and worthiness and success.
  • A 6-figure recurring income with my direct sales business. I took my entire network marketing business online and now have a network of over 500 distributors and 2,000+ customers.
  • A 10-step online nutrition program, called Clean Up Your Diet™, with over 1,500 graduates in eight countries. I’m in awe of my client’s results! They inspire me every single day.
  • A digital wellness-based business training program that I sold for $500 a pop. More than 250 joined (Read this entire page to learn how you can get this for free – my gift to you).
  • Over 5,000 referrals to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training program.
  • Speaking gigs all over the world.
  • Guest blog posts on popular websites like Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Thrive Global.
  • A website with more than 2 million views per year. I love to cook and I love to eat. Sharing good food through my blog is at the top of my life’s purpose list.
  • Time, space and freedom to create a life I truly love that allows me to give back to the greater community.

Some people like to keep their “secrets” to success to themselves. I think that’s absurd.

I’m a ‘the-more-the-merrier’ kind of of lady and like to share everything I know so that you can take it and create what you want, too. To me, that scarcity mentality feels so icky. Instead, I choose abundance (ie spilling the success beans) because it feels so liberating.

Free 3-Video Workshop For You

This free video training series is PACKED with value and doesn’t cost a dime. However, it’s only available for the next few weeks, so cozy up and watch it asap if you want the training at no cost. You’ll learn exactly what you need to build a profitable, purpose-driven business from scratch.

Watch now to learn:

  • The Six Pillars to building a highly profitable business online, why big-hearted nice people like us are wired to succeed in this digital era and why it’s critical that you get the online aspect of your business handled right now.
  • The major changes happening online over the next 5 -10 years that are important to know about now, before these changes happen.
  • What you must know, what you must understand, and the sequence you should follow to do what you love and get paid for it.

Watch Video 1

You will learn:

  • The single most important factor to making an income, and an impact online (this is a must watch if you have any resistance to marketing)
  • What Marie calls her “dirty little secret” to making millions. Listen for the trojan horse part – super smart
  • 13 simple, but on-point strategies for making your business work online. Most people miss these because they’re chasing “shiny objects”

Watch Video 2

You will learn:

  • Learn the 7 common excuses that hold entrepreneurs back—and how to overcome them
  • If you struggle with “everything’s-been-done-already” syndrome, this video will is especially for you
  • You’ll also hear from real entrepreneurs who created powerful results—spiritually, emotionally and financially—for themselves and their families.

Watch Video 3

Once you’re in, you’re IN.

One of the benefits of this program is that all members of B-School get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program. You can go through as many times as you want, and you get all annual updates – for free.

I have personally done the program six years in a row, and each time it exceeds my expectations.

B-School is different than anything else out there. Marie’s curriculum is incredibly comprehensive, but in addition to that B-School has something that is essential for any thriving business owner – a hugely supportive community

B-School comes with a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who are committed to growing themselves and their businesses for all the right reasons. If you’ve ever felt alone in your pursuit for awesomeness, the B-School community will change your life.


You Will Get
  • The full 8 week online training program, designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose. The core curriculum is based on the six pillars of growing an online business:
    • Module 1: Profit Clarity
    • Module 2: Websites That Don’t Suck
    • Module 3: Your Communication Plan
    • Module 4: Building an Engaged Email List
    • Module 5: Creating an Offer Your Customers Can’t Wait To Buy
    • Module 6: Marketing, the Feel-Good Way
  • You also get Marie’s advanced trainings and bonuses in social media, PR, tech, and much more.
  • My additional B-School Bonuses (see below!) on top of all of Marie’s teaching and bonuses when you join my group.

One of my favorite aspects of B-School is that it’s not just a bunch of theory. It’s a proven system that works. Thousands of reviews from around the world show it.

B-School covers the methodology and how-to’s of online business, and also in-depth, real time exercises to actually implement your new knowledge. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping what you have, you’ll leave with real, tangible results that will grow your business and increase your profits.

Between Marie’s B-School six-module course, my bonus resources, and your brilliant idea, you’ll have exactly what you need to create a highly profitable business that impacts the world fuels the lifestyle you desire.

Stefanie Myers, Health Coach and Mom of 2

"Starting a business can be overwhelming with so many areas to put a top focus on. Doing B-school with Marie & Elizabeth puts your nerves at ease while getting tasks completed with encouragement. B-school provides the necessary tools to do the work and not just all the talk. You get your work done during school to continue the momentum while using real life examples. Since B-school and Elizabeth's bonuses I have a website that I built from ground up, a mailing list, monthly newsletter with content to target the right customers for me and soooo much more! There is no more confusion where to start or where to keep going."

My 2018 B-School Bonuses!

When you join B-School with my link, in addition to the full 8-week B-School program plus all of Marie’s bonuses, you also get my bonuses, too. Since I make a commission, I like to give all of that back to you in extra education and value.

1. Wellness Lifestyle Business Strategy Workbook and Workshop

($299 value)

I’ll walk you through the exact same strategy I use to run my online wellness business, and I’ll strategize with you live and feed you ideas when you join the first day the cart opens. You get the full workbook to lay out your plan. Think of this workbook as your “what” and B-School as your “how.”

2. Wellness Business Bootcamp

($499 value)

My full one-stop-shop to learn everything you need to know about running an online wellness business. The program includes my exclusive Cash Map Exercise, how to create your signature program, lifestyle marketing, creating your brand, organizing your business, writing effective copy and so much more. You get the full 4-week course all at once so you can go through it at your own pace.

3. Business from the Inside Out Course

($299 value)

One of the biggest hurdles is overcoming your own fears and abundance blocks. I walk you through how to overcome each abundance block one at a time in short, simple steps.

4. My 10-Step Clean Up Your Diet™ Program

($199 value)

You get full access to my signature program so you can see how I teach my health coaching clients.

5. My Business Resources Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder how organize an email list, how to make videos, and how the tech side of online business works? As one of my B-Schoolers you’ll also get a full list of my recommended online business resources including what email system I use with my best tips for segmenting, and my recommendations for website hosting, video hosting, graphic designers and more.

6. Access to my B-Schooler private Facebook group with over 500 members.

Connect with other ladies just like you who are here to cheer you on. ​I also host private group-only Facebook lives so you can ask me anything during the live course.

7. Weekly updates and business love notes from me during the live course.

You’ll hear from me ​every week with new tips, strategies, stories, and motivation to keep going. Because we all need a little extra love when we’re learning new things.

The B-School cart opens on Tuesday, February 20th and it only comes around once each year. Get the free workshop and sign up for updates here.

Bonus Value: $1296

Questions? Contact me here.

Ready to Roll?!

Enter your name and email here to be first in line when B-School opens. I’ll send you my link the morning the cart opens so you can get started right away.

Fast-Action Bonus

Everyone who joins the day B-School opens (February 20th) also gets my fast-action bonus, a live workshop where I take you through the Wellness Lifestyle Business Strategy Workbook and brainstorm live with you. I will help you find your niche, come up with more ideas, and get ready to implement everything you learn in B-School.

Catalina Aristizabal, Functional Health Coach and Mom 
Bschool review elizabeth rider

"Doing B-School with Marie and Elizabeth was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made in my entire life. After doing B-School, my businesses skyrocketed, and it gets better and better each year."

Julia Jackson, founder of MomBod 
bschool elizabeth rider

"B-School was the first big money I spent in my business and it was scary to hit that purchase button, but I'm so glad I did! I loved being part of Elizabeth's group and having access to ask her questions. If you're on the fence, get off the fence! It's the best money you will spend on your business."

Stefanie Myers, Health Coach and Mom of 2 
b-school review Elizabeth Rider

"Starting a business can be overwhelming with so many areas to put a top focus on. Doing B-school with Marie & Elizabeth puts your nerves at ease while getting tasks completed with encouragement. B-school provides the necessary tools to do the work and not just all the talk. You get your work done during school to continue the momentum while using real life examples. Since B-school and Elizabeth's bonuses I have a website that I built from ground up, a mailing list, monthly newsletter with content to target the right customers for me and soooo much more! There is no more confusion where to start or where to keep going."

Professional Bio

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rider is a leading nutrition & whole living expert teaching women around the world how to become the healthiest, most successful people they know. In a world flooded with diet information, Elizabeth’s healthy recipes and straight-forward nutrition advice draw millions of inspired readers to her popular blog. Best known for her fun and accessible approach to food & healthy living, she’s built an online wellness empire from scratch on her iPhone and laptop. The Psychology Of Eating named her website as a Top Health Coach Blog, and List Nutrition called her site a Top 20 Nutrition Blog. Thousands have had success using her online programs, which include Clean Up Your Diet™, Purpose To Profit™ and The Wellness Business Bootcamp™.

As host of Elizabeth Eats on Food Matters TV, Elizabeth is delightfully changing the way the world views healthy home cooking. She speaks on stages around the world and mentors scores of ambitious people each year to seek and live life on their own terms. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Integrative Nutrition) and accomplished online entrepreneur, cultivating a lifestyle of freedom and health is her religion. Elizabeth is a graduate of Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program, a TEDx speaker, and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Her recipes have been featured on, MSN, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Greatist and POPSUGAR among others.

I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content. I’m proud to partner with Marie and may earn a referral fee if you take the full course at my recommendation.