Elizabeth’s 2018 Sanoviv Retreat

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Delicious organic meals prepared by expert chefs, spa treatments, cooking classes, pool time, wellness classes and in-person sessions with me will leave you feeling like an entirely new person by the time you leave. You will also attend daily nutrition lectures to receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certificate. This is a self-care retreat and educational seminar all wrapped into one.

Sanoviv Health & Education Retreat
April 14-19, 2018

All-Inclusive, $1997 single occupancy, $1797 double occupancy
(Normally $3800)

Sanoviv is a world-renowned Functional Medicine hospital located about an hour south of San Diego in Baja California. They give my group a deep discount on this retreat–you don’t want to miss this!

This retreat is all-inclusive including your ocean-view room, all delicious organic meals & snacks, spa, massage, facial, reflexology, all sessions, and transport to and from the San Diego airport. Your only other expense will be your airfare. You can also add on extra services at Sanoviv’s hospital or beautiful spa if you’d like.

We are encouraging people to share rooms to allow more people can come. Book the double if that’s ok with you. The rooms are big and you’ll have your own bed.

You’ll be nourished with amazing healthy food, participate in fun classes, indulge in included spa services and rest, recharge & renew in Sanoviv’s toxin-free environment. They even give you organic cotton clothes to wear while you are there so you can fully experience the toxin-free environment (and, it’s so nice to pack light!).

Elizabeth Rider Sanoviv

You’ll also receive your Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor Certificate for participating in Sanoviv nutrition classes (which are optional).

What’s Included:

Health Assessments

  • Bioimpedance Analysis & Review
  • Stress & Relaxation Measurement
  • Microscopic Blood Analysis

Individual Spa & Therapies

  • Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sense Facial
  • Bioenergy Therapy

Group Classes

  • Meditation
  • Uncook Your Lunch – Raw Food Prep
  • Evening Presentations & Lectures Energy Medicine
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Water Fitness
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Dental Lecture
  • Breathing & Relaxation Lecture
  • Additional Lectures & Cooking Classes TBD

Educational Training

  • Group Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Product Training
  • Personal & Business Growth Seminars with Elizabeth
  • Nutrition Advisor Training (5-hours)
  • Actionable Tips You Can Implement Immediately
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Sanoviv

Incredible Organic Food

  • All meals are prepared by Sanoviv’s gourmet chefs, and all food choices are optional
  • All of the food at Sanoviv is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious
  • Any specialty diets, allergies, or food sensitivities can be accommodated to make your stay more comfortable
  • Unlimited organic tea
  • 2x daily green juice and wheat grass
  • Evening fresh coconut water
  • Additional meals and snacks (this is a gentle detox and you will not be hungry; you will be filled with nourishing delicious food your entire stay)

Book Now

To book, contact Sergio.Sotelo@sanoviv.com and he will get you set up. Please only book through Sergio as he is our retreat contact.

Location & Travel

Sanoviv is safely located in Baja California (Mexico) about an hour south of San Diego. Sanoviv sits on a beautiful cliff right on the ocean; while we have incredible views and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean there is no beach access. There are beautiful pools throughout the campus to enjoy. A passport is required for travel.

Plan on flying in and out of the San Diego airport (transport to and from the airport is included once you’re in San Diego). Arrive early in the day on the 14th if you can, leave anytime on the 19th. Again, one of Sanoviv’s reliable and safe drivers picks you up and takes you back to the San Diego airport at no additional cost so you don’t have to think about additional transportation. The drive is about 45 minutes to one hour each way.

What Previous Participants Are Saying:

“My trip to Sanoviv surpassed what I expected and was very special.  I am truly thankful & grateful I said ‘YES'” Venita G

The retreat, led by Elizabeth, went beyond my expectations.  The Sanoviv Medical Institute is a serene, toxin free environment staffed by incredibly knowledgeable and loving practitioners that teach you everything you need to know about your individual needs to be a healthier and happier human being.  I was nourished and recharged mind, body and spirit!  Furthermore, the people that Elizabeth attracted to this retreat were some of the most amazing people I have ever met! ” Lorie W

“A relaxing retreat with all-about-me moments. You’re lead through an amazing detox with incredible food made by love! Shared with the most genuine beautiful women which created such magical moments! Highly recommended to take time for yourself, yet surrounded by powerful women who lift each other up! Magical!” Tammy G

“My experience at Sanoviv has been as close to a life-changing experience as I’ve ever had.  I felt truly amazing by the end of the trip and was energized to sustain the healthy improvements in my daily life at home.  I was able to detox physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was exactly the “re-set” I needed!” Jennifer E

“I felt extremely well taken care of the entire time. Worth every penny.” Carmen E

“Going to Sanoviv was a life changing experience. Prior to attending the retreat, I was in a race with myself day-in and day-out. I was attached to my electronics, with a fear that I wasn’t answering emails quick enough or that I was missing something on social media. I really needed a few days to detach, get centered and re-prioritize my life a little bit. During the retreat, you are really forced to be still, reflect and nourish your mind, body and soul. You get treated like a queen! You literally spend your day bouncing between meals, green juices, turmeric milk shots, spa treatments, educational seminars and personal development talks. Simply incredible. I wish everyone could have this experience. It was my first time there and won’t be my last.” Vanessa J

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