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How To Make Delicious Healthy Trail Mix

Raise your hand if you stopped eating trail mix because you had way too much of it as a kid? Yeah, me too. Between eating too much of it and the bad wrap it has in the health community I took a long break from trail mix. But I’m so happy to say it’s back!…

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Delicious 3-Ingredient Vegan Caramel Recipe

Sometimes recipes turn out better than I can even imagine. This vegan caramel recipe is one of those recipes! Growing up I watched my mom make homemade caramel every year at Christmastime. She would combine white sugar with water and let it brown on the stove, then add butter, heavy cream, a pinch of salt, and…

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Delicious Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing Recipe

I recently posted this recipe on mindbodygreen, and wanted to share it here with you, too. I never really liked ranch dressing until I had the homemade version—now I’m in love. This tangy dressing is full of flavor and goes with just about anything. Store-bought ranch dressing is full of processed ingredients and chemical preservatives,…

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Easy Paleo Blueberry Muffin Recipe

I loooove these muffins. I’ve been playing around with this recipe for quite awhile and finally nailed it down well enough to share it with you. Paleo is one of the biggest nutrition buzzwords lately. I don’t use the term a lot because I don’t want to focus on fad dieting or picking a diet…

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Easy Cherry Chia Seed Jam Recipe

Chia seed jam seems too good to be true, but it’s real! I’ve read recipes over the years and heard of chia seed jam, and I can’t believe it took me this long to try it. It’s seriously so easy to make and so good for you. The best part is that you can control…

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Healthy Homemade Coffee Creamer (Replaces Coffeemate)

There’s only one time and place for store-bought coffee creamer: never and in the trash. Seriously though, starting your day by drinking nasty chemical-filled coffee creamer sets you up for a terrible day. The sugar in store-bought coffee creamer will spike your blood sugar leaving you hungry all day, and the artificial ingredients can cause…

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