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Well hello!

So glad you’re joining me here. I’m Elizabeth Rider. I’m a Certified Health Coach, blogger, entrepreneur and lover of food.

The purpose of my blog is to give you as many free resources possible to help you get started feeling and looking your best. I’m a firm believer that living a healthy lifestyle should be fun & easy, and never (ever!) hard or filled with deprivation.

My food philosophies include:

  • The core concept of bioindividuality; there isn’t one best way of eating for everyone. No prescribed diets here. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, carnivore, Paleo, pescatarian — the list goes on and on, and what works for your best friend may not work for you. One person’s food is another person’s poison. I’ll teach you how to figure out which way is best for you, with the underlying concepts that make every human body thrive
  • What works for me: mostly plants, including veggies, fruits, beans, seeds & nuts with a little animal protein once in a while
  • Eat mostly whole foods, a lot of which should be plants
  • Choose organic when possible
  • Skip highly processed foods, life is too short to eat junk
  • Skip white sugar and other processed “white” foods (e.g. white flour, white rice, white bread)
  • Stick to low sugar foods, and choose natural sweeteners like raw honey and dates to sweeten things up when needed
  • When eating animal protein, choose lean, organic, non-processed meat and fish from ethical & sustainable farming methods
  • Treats should still be made with wholesome ingredients (high-fructose corn syrup & food coloring are not treats; they’re poison)
  • Focus on getting enough protein to prevent hunger-induced mood swings
  • Healthy fat is your friend
  • Greatly limit breads, pastas and other processed carbs
  • Red wine is ok (and lovely) in moderation
  • Live an 80/20 lifestyle; 80% healthy-as-possible, 20% not obsessing over whether or not the restaurant has an organic kale salad. If you can up it to 90/10 that’s even better

Here’s a list of things you can do to get started on this site:

  1. clean diet getting started guideFirst things first, join my email list (below this post) to get practical nutrition advice, recipes, shopping lists and tons more. I take extra special care of my email list and only send the good stuff.
  2. Next, browse my healthy recipe archive to get your creative (green) juices flowing. You’ll notice that I’m a bit of a green smoothie fanatic. Green drinks are one of the best things you can put into your body – I promise you can’t even taste the greens in these yummy concoctions, so drink up. I also have a ton of snack, salad, main course and dessert recipes to set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. My goal is always to keep each recipe relatively easy to make with easy-to-find ingredients. And check back often, I’m always posting new ideas.
  3. Check out my Online Nutrition & Business Programs to see if one of them is right for you.
  4. If you’re ready to take your healthy eating to the next level, register for my 10-Step Clean Up Your Diet™ Program. This is my non-diet, non-detox, non-cleanse program that will teach you everything you need to know about eating well and properly nourishing your body. You’ll be a whole new person in just 21 short days, side-effects may include higher energy, happier thoughts, better sleep and shedding that pesky weight that won’t seem to budge.
  5. If you’re interested in studying holistic health with the world’s leading nutrition experts and becoming a certified health coach, check out the online program that I completed (and loved!) and download the course catalog here. I’m a huge supporter of the school, and I have an exclusive program scholarship to give to my blog readers & friends (that’s you!).
  6. If you want to work with me and create a business similar to mine, click here to learn about my community of heart-centered, go-getting, talented partners, and learn how you can join, too. We’d love to welcome you into our group.
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  8. And, if you simply want to get to know me more, check out my Meet Elizabeth page & Mind, Body, Spirit blog category. I spill all of my secrets and life musings in those two places for inquiring minds.

Thanks for joining me here – you’ll hear from me soon.



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  1. rachel kensinger says:

    Needing a change from juicing or smoothies, and doing away with sodas, I started using seltzer water or club soda waters. I add lemon, lime or other essential oils for flavors. I have been searching to understand if these waters that say sodium free are alkaline or does the carbonation not make any difference? I was wondering if you have ever done any articles on the affects of different kinds of waters on our bodies.

    • I tell my clients that one seltzer water a day is ok, but they will dehydrate you if you have too much (sodium is added for carbonation). Stick to purified water, and it’s ok to add a squeeze of lemon or lime for flavor.

  2. Tyece Wofford says:

    I joined the email list and confirmed but where do I download the free copy of the getting started guide?