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How I Got Started As A Health Coach: A Podcast Interview

Elizabeth Rider podcast

Hi friends!

I recently sat down with Amanda Cook on the Wellpreneur Podcast. We had a great chat, went deep into my story, and gave a ton of advice for anyone who wants to create an online business.

We covered:

  • how I got started as a health coach
  • the progression of my first blog that I started for free, to my DIY website, to my current design to my brand new design launching fall 2017
  • what I think about blogging and whether SEO matters
  • my current recommendations for getting started
  • misconceptions that prevent people from attaining the success they desire
  • the details of my journey from the beginning
  • and more…

From Wellpreneur: Start where you are. That’s the overarching message I took away from today’s conversation with health coach Elizabeth Rider. Although now Elizabeth has led more than 10,000 people through online courses and has a show on FMTV she started with a blogger site and zero audience – and it took time to grow. During our conversation today we talk about how Elizabeth’s business has evolved (including the first products she sold and her first website!), how she’s continued to build a community through blogging, whether it’s worth it to invest in SEO, and the advice she’d give herself just starting out.

Direct Podcast Link: Start Where You Are with Elizabeth Rider

Download the Podcast mp3 directly: Start Where You Are with Elizabeth Rider

On iTunes: {e170} Start Where You Are with Elizabeth Rider

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a health coach, click here to grab the catalog and learn more.

I really enjoyed this conversation; I hope you love it, too.



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