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B-School Decision Guide: Program Tour, Reviews & FAQs

BSchool Review

I’m overjoyed with all of your amazing energy around the free B-School video series!

Hearing about your shifts and aha! moments totally makes my week. I had the same shifts and ahas a few years back which led me to the life and business that I have today.

Business owners who know how to leverage the internet and online marketing have the highest profits, best customers, and a business that makes money 24/7.

If you haven’t seen the free videos yet, be sure to grab them asap as they’re only available for a few weeks.

  • Video #1: 6 Pillar Roadmap For Online Success
  • Video #2: 13 Key Strategies To Create A Business That Works
  • Video #3: No Excuses (Available 2/15)

I also did a free 45-minute online business training on Facebook Live, check out the recording over on my Facebook page under videos (from February 13th at 8pm ET.)

I know some of you are already ready to get started. Sit tight–the full program opens next week and I’ll be announcing my bonus program that you get when you join my B-School group. You get the full program, all of Marie’s team’s mentoring and support, PLUS my weekly group mentoring and bonus programs. This is my favorite time of year because we give you everything we’ve got to create a life and business you love.

B-School Enrollment is now open through March 2nd. Click here for details and to join.

Your B-School Decision Guide

I have 4 new resources today to help answer any questions that you might have. Most of all, is B-School right for you?

#1 Live Mindset Workshop With Marie & Me!

This is a one-time only event. Join me live with Marie Forleo to ask us anything. We’ll dive into key mindset strategies that will help you create the lifestyle and business you desire. We’ll also stay on for a live Q&A.

Next Thursday, February 23rd at 4pm ET 
That’s 1pm PT, 2pm MT, 3pm CT

Join us to learn the key mindset tips & tricks to start and grow a successful online business.

We’ll go over:

  • What it takes to start and grow a profitable & purposeful online business
  • What holds people back the most (and how to prevent it)
  • Key steps to take to create the lifestyle and business you desire

Stay on live for the open Q&A, too. Everyone registered will get a link to the replay as well.

Click here to register.

#2 Program Tour

Get the details of the 6-module course and learn what’s included (it’s A LOT). B-School is the most comprehensive online business program I’ve seen, that’s the #1 reason I partner with Marie and mentor a group through the course each year.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the materials each week as they’re released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

So if you’re working a full time job, several part-time jobs, getting married, having a baby, traveling around the world, or dealing with any big life events during the live 8 week program, don’t worry about falling behind.

You can revisit and review the training materials any time. Remember, building a business that matters is not an 8 week, linear event.

#3 New Frequently Asked Questions Page

Check out this new FAQ page to read:

  • B-School Overview
    Quick answers to the most common questions.
  • Hesitations & Concerns
    Clear answers to help you make the best choice.
  • Tuition & Guarantee
    The cost, scholarships and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Who It’s Right For
    Find out if B-School is right for you and your business.

#4 B-School Reviews & Case Studies

Check out this awesome tool! Plus read reviews & case studies to learn if this is right for you.

Marie and her team have added this fantastic tool to choose if you’re a:

  1. Total Beginner
  2. New Business, or
  3. Evolving Business

You can then add what you’re looking for: Clarity on My Vision & Action Plan, Time For Myself, Kids or Family, Doing What I Love, Successfully, Financial Security & Freedom, Increased Revenue & Reach, Location Freedom & Working from Anywhere, Way Better Results in Less Time, and Support & Guidance. You’ll be directed to case studies and reviews that will help you make the best decision for you.

B-School Enrollment is now open through March 2nd. Click here for details and to join.

I am a proud alum and affiliate partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School. I don’t recommend anything lightly. In fact, I rarely recommend any kind of paid programs. But just a heads up, I fully believe in the power of this work and may earn a referral fee if you take the course on my recommendation.

If you have any questions contact me here and we’ll get back to you asap.


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