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10 Delicious Ways To Use Chives

10 Ways To Use Chives-Elizabeth Rider

If you’re not growing your own chive plant yet, then you’re totally missing out.

Chives are one of the easiest edible plants to grow. It produces beautiful and delicious stalks and flowers for months (in some places, year round). A perennial, the plant comes back every year, too.

You can grab an organic chive start (small herb plant) at most hardware stores or farmer’s markets for about $3. Plant it in a container or right in the ground and water it every few days. I put my chive plant right in the ground next to my garden at the foot of the mountains in Bozeman, Montana, and it started to sprout out of the soil the following year in March, snow and all. They are hearty to say the least.

Your chive plant will bloom with beautiful purple flowers in early summer; the flowers are edible so use them for decoration or pull the purple leaves off and use them just like the stems.

Chives are easily cut with kitchen shears or a sharp knife. If your chive plant it mature, look for the thinner, more delicate stems to eat as they’ll be softer and have a little bit of a better texture. I reserve the thick mature stems to make chive oil.

Just like all green herbs, chives not only add extra flavor to your food, they add extra fiber and nutrients, too.

10 Delicious Ways To Use Chives

1. On eggs.

Eggs and chives go together like PB & J. Chives are great in an omelet, in a frittata, with scrambled eggs, or added to just about any egg dish.

2. On potatoes.

There’s a reason fancy restraints serve chives on baked potatoes. But the real secret that chives are really inexpensive and easy to grow! Similar to eggs, chives are great on just about any kind of potato dish. Mashed, baked, potato salad, etc.

3. In soups & stews.

Sprinkle some chives on your soups and stews for a pretty and tasty garnish.

4. Make your own chive-infused olive oil.

Once your plant is in full bloom you’ll have chives for dayzzzz. Grab a big handful of the thicker stalks, cut into 1-inch pieces, and steep in olive oil for a few days. I fill about 1/4 of the container with chives, then fill to the top with a good quality extra virgin olive oil. You’ll have a delicious chive oil in a few short days that’s great on salads or as a dipper.

5. On roasted chicken breast.

Sprinkle chives on your roasted chicken or fish for a pretty and yummy garnish.

6. On tacos.

Onions are awesome on tacos. If you can’t hang with the big flavor of raw onion on tacos, try chives instead.

7. On a salad in place of onions.

If your salad calls for onion substitute a handful of chopped chives.

8. In Healthy Homemade Ranch Dressing.

Once you make your own you’ll never go back. Here’s my recipe for Health Homemade Ranch.

9. Mixed with almond milk cream cheese.

This is delicious! I don’t generally do dairy but I love the Kitehill almond milk cream cheese. Whichever kind you get, try mixing some fresh chopped chives in. Delish.

10. As decoration.

Chives in full bloom are absolutely beautiful! Use the big purple flowers as decoration on a salad or dinner plate. Cut them within a day of using them and give them a good rinse. The entire flower and stem is edible, so feel free to use them anywhere. A big handful of cut chive flowers in a mason jar with water also makes great table decor. Add a few tea lights with 3-5 jars with chives and you have a great natural tablescape.



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